random thoughts for monday june 18th, 2012

HEY HEY HEY…IT’S JAY DEAN BACK FROM VACATION…had a great time…will talk about it later on in the blog….

first of all, happy birthday wishes today to my papa, DEAN HAALAND of PIERPONT…LOVE YOU DAD!!!

1.  here are your monday funnies….

i would agree…this next one WAS a great  musical instrument….

i always wondered about flies….

older people…ha ha…gotta love them….

2.  sad news…..remember RODNEY KING?  he was the guy in the middle of the L.A. riots back in 1992,  after he said that LOS ANGELES police beat him silly…..since then, RODNEY KING has had a troubled life….

well, RODNEY KING died yesterday at the age of 47….he was found by his girlfriend in the bottom of his pool….how sad….

3.  this is going to make lots of people FEEL OLD today…SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY turns 70 today….SEVENTY…

almost all of the world knows PAUL MCCARTNEY as part of, quite possibly, the best band ever in the history of music…THE BEATLES….

he also was the lead singer of the 70’s group PAUL MCCARTNEY AND WINGS…

PAUL MCCARTNEY lost the love of his life in 1998, when his wife LINDA EASTMAN MCCARTNEY died at the age of 56…..

and here’s PAUL MCCARTNEY today on birthday number SEVENTY….

4.  we also have 70th birthday wishes for movie critic ROGER EBERT….remember him from SISKEL AND EBERT?

by the way, his tv partner GENE SISKEL died back in 1993 at the age of only 53….

ROGER EBERT had a much publicized battle with cancer in recent years…but he’s still going strong at 70…here he is recently…

5.  i was deeply saddened during my vacation to find out that my LANGFORD superintendent died…LARRY WATTIER was the superintendent for 40 years….yep…FOURTY YEARS…i had him in school, and so did my uncle back in the 60’s……

MR. WATTIER was an incredible man…very very nice….he used to walk into the school gym and challenge us in a basketball shot with the loser having to buy cans of pop…

but my greatest memory of him was during my senior year….he came into one of my classes about 2:30 in the afternoon and told me that he had tried everything to find someone to drive the school bus to PIERPONT to drop the kids off after school…and then he said, “can you drive the bus home?”  so, as a senior in high school, i drove my PIERPONT friends home from school…man, that wouldn’t happen nowdays..ha ha.

thank you MR. WATTIER for your incredible service to the LANGFORD school and LANGFORD community….you will be missed greatly….

6.  now on to our vacation…as you know, my wife and boys and i went to COLORADO last week…..

our vacation started out in COLORADO SPRINGS, where we saw a couple of great things like the “GARDEN OF THE GODS.”  very cool place…beautiful scenery, including the “balancing boulder.”

that same afternoon, we took a cog railroad ride to the TOP of PIKE’S PEAK…yes, the TOP…i was terrified during the ride, and really terrified at the top…it’s over 14,000 feet up, and i had a lot of trouble breathing at the top…..and guess what?  there’s a convenience store at the top…..ha ha…..

by the way, it was sunny and 74 when we hopped on the train at the bottom, and ELEVEN ABOVE WIND CHILL AT THE TOP…yikes…

after that it was a couple of very very relaxing days in BUENA VISTA, COLORADO…we stayed at a pastor’s retreat called “THE SANCTUARY.”  our hosts, KEVIN AND JULIE are incredible christians….we had such a blast with them…here’s the place we stayed at….

after that it was a day in DENVER, COLORADO, where we spent the day at ELITCH GARDENS THEME PARK…. had a very nice time there….not VALLEYFAIR, but a nice place….not many rides, but some pretty good ones…

this ride was, by far, our favorite ride…it was EXTREMELY FAST AND FURIOUS…..

we all put it in our top five rides of all time…

and on the way home, we came back a different way…thru RAPID CITY…why?  my son TYLER wanted a sandwich…that’s right, a sandwich…ha ha….he had eaten a couple of times at PHILLY TED’S in RAPID CITY, and said they were one of the best sandwiches he had ever had….

it was a very good sandwich….probably worth the few extra miles we put on…..

and then it was home friday night….we drove basically straight thru all day friday from DENVER….good to get home, but i miss COLORADO….

7.  we saw a few good movies this weekend…..when we came home from COLORADO, we went out with friends to see “ROCK OF AGES.”

GREAT GREAT MOVIE…really enjoyed it…if you want to see it, you’ll want to know it’s a musical….it’s not “GREASE”, but it’s very enjoyable…TOM CRUISE plays a great rocker legend….and as always, ALEC BALDWIN is hilarious….

while  we were in BUENA VISTA, my son TYLER  bought five movies….and we couldn’t decide which one to watch…so, all four of us went downstairs at the SANCTUARY, and played a game of darts…the winner got to choose the movie…I WON…i was WAY behind, and came back to win….

so, i chose a movie called “LARS AND THE REAL GIRL”, starring RYAN GOSLING…love love loved it…was a suprisingly funny movie….RYAN’S character gets a girlfriend…a blowup doll….but it has a great message to it, in addition to being very funny….

highly highly recommended…

and then on the way home, my wife and i watched a movie that my kids absolutely love…it’s called “GOON” starring SEAN WILLIAM SCOTT…it’s about a guy who becomes the “hitman” for a hockey team….really funny movie….

8.  NASA says the world will not come to an end for another four billion years…or 1000 more “TWILIGHT” sequels….(of course, they can make that prediction…they won’t be around to be proven wrong.”

9.  on her current tour, MADONNA is reportedly traveling with an entourage of 200 people…..30 of them are body guards, the other 170 are there to try and help her keep her clothes on….

10.  LINDSAY LOHAN is reportedly suffering from exhaustion due to her so called “workload.”  it’s like a KARDASHIAN suffering from exhaustion due to a long marriage…..(aaahhh…feels good to get in another KARDASHIAN slam….)

11.  bad weekend for movies… the TOM CRUISE movie “ROCK OF AGES” bombed…and so did the ADAM SANDLER/ANDY SAMBERG movie “THAT’S MY BOY.”  “THAT’S MY BOY” is expected to go straight to dvd, while ANDY SAMBERG is expected to go straight to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE to ask for his job back…..

12.  this past friday, tightrope walker NIK WALLENDA crossed NIAGRA FALLS….hey, i just had a great idea on how to change the election process for congress and president….


A man left his cat with his brother while he went on vacation for a week. When he came back, the man called his brother to see when he could pick the cat up. The brother hesitated, then said, “I’m so sorry, but while you were away, the cat died.”
    The man was very upset and yelled, “You know, you could have broken the news to me better than that. When I called today, you could have said he was on the roof and wouldn’t come down. Then when I called the next day, you could have said that he had fallen off and the vet was working on patching him up. Then when I called the third day, you could have said he had passed away.”
    The brother thought about it and apologized.
    “So how’s Mom?” asked the man.
    “She’s on the roof and won’t come down.”







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