random thoughts for wednesday HUMP DAY june 20th, 2012

THAT’S RIGHT BABY…ONE DAY CLOSER TO THE WEEKEND…and nobody is more excited than GARFIELD…well, maybe not….

1.  here are your wednesday funnies…

this one really got me EGGCITED this morning….wow….can’t believe i went there….

okay, i seriously just about split a gut with the next one…..

lots of truth with the next one…

hey, BOB BARKER would be proud of the next one….umm..i THINK he would….

2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to the great actor MARTIN LANDAU….he turns 81 today….you probably remember him starring in the early episodes of “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”, with PETER GRAVES, and his former wife BARBARA BAIN….

MARTIN LANDAU also starred in “SPACE 1999” with his former wife, BARBARA BAIN….

my favorite role for MARTIN LANDAU was in the JOHNNY DEPP movie “ED WOOD.”

here is MARTIN LANDAU today at 81……

MARTIN LANDAU was married to BARBARA BAIN from 1957-1993..here is BARBARA BAIN today..she’s 80 years old….

3.  BRIAN WILSON of the BEACH BOYS turns 70 today…SEVENTY…wow…how about that?  here’s BRIAN WILSON back in the band’s best years….

BRIAN WILSON is back with the BEACH BOYS, believe it or not…and the band is now on their 50th anniversary tour…..

here’s BRIAN WILSON today at 70, and you can see a recent picture of THE BEACH BOYS….

how about a BEACH BOYS song?  here’s “SURFIN’ U.S.A.”


and here’s my favorite BEACH BOY’S song, “SLOOP JOHN B.”


4.  also, singer LIONEL RICHIE has a birthday today…he turns 63…you probably already know that LIONEL was a founding member of “THE COMMODORES.”

here’s the album cover of LIONEL RICHIE’S big 80’s album….

he is, of course, the papa of tabloid star NICOLE RICHIE…

here’s LIONEL RICHIE today at 63…..

and how about a LIONEL RICHIE song or two…

here’s the song with kind of a cool video…”HELLO.”


and here’s one of my FAVES… “STUCK ON YOU.”


5.  it’s hard to believe, but the FOURTH OF JULY is two weeks from today…i’m excited, because that’s the day we take our church kids to NASHVILLE for our LCMC  kid’s church convention…we have all kinds of plans including the GRAND OLE OPRY, COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME, and more…..

the only thing i’m not looking forward to is the incredibly hot and humid NASHVILLE weather….

6.  man oh man, i CANNOT catch up on sleep from our vacation…i think a person needs two days of vacation AFTER you get back…i know you can’t “catch up on sleep”, but i’m sure trying….

7.  STUPID MIAMI HEAT….the NBA team is one win away from winning the NBA championship…i really really really want OKLAHOMA CITY to win….i love KEVIN DURANT and RUSSELL WESTBROOK, and i’m not even close to being a fan of LEBRON JAMES….when he had that one hour interview to say he was going to MIAMI, that pretty much sealed the deal for me….seriously, as far as i know, no other superstar has ever done something like that…ridiculous….


8.  ADIDAS canceled plans for a shoe with “shackle-like” ankle cuffs that some say resemble a symbol of slavery….or marriage…..

9.  according to a new report, DETROIT will go broke by the end of the month…what happens then?  if they can’t pay the rent do they get evicted out of MICHIGAN?

10.  a wildlife expert caught an AUSTRIAN politician having sex in a forest…how did he know the guy was a politician? he was  on a fence….

11.  “TWILIGHT”  star KRISTEN STEWART has bumped ANGELINA JOLIE from the number one spot on FORBE’S list of HOLLYWOOD’S highest payed actresses…sources say that KRISTEN STEWART made an estimated $34.5 million dollars last year…geez…imagine what she could have made if she had a second facial expression….

12.  singer FIONA APPLE released her first album in seven years…are you ready for the title?  this is real…the title is….


why did it take so long for the new album?  it took her SEVEN YEARS just to write the title!!!

13.  a woman flying from LAS VEGAS to NEW YORK CITY was told by southwest airlines that she couldn’t board the airplane unless she covered up her CLEAVAGE….yep….why?  it was because of MAYOR BLOOMBERG’S new laws in N.Y.C…her cups were more than 32 ounces….


A Golfer accidentally overturned his cart. 

Elizabeth, a “beautiful” real golfer who lived in a villa on the 
golf course heard the noise and yelled over to him.

“Hey, are you okay, what’s your name?”
“Willis,” he replied.
“Willis forget your troubles. Come to my villa, 
rest up and I’ll help you get the cart up later.” 

“That’s mighty nice of you,” Willis answered, 
“but I don’t think my wife would like it.” 

“Aw come on,” Elizabeth insisted.

She was very pretty and persuasive.
 “Well okay,” Willis finally agreed, 
And added, “but my wife won’t like it.” After a hearty drink AND sexy driving and putting lessons, Willis thanked his host. 
“I feel a lot better now, but I know my wife is going to be real upset.” “Don’t be foolish!” Elizabeth said with a smile , she wont know any thing. By the way, where is she?” “Under the cart!”


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