random thoughts for monday july 2nd, 2012



***it’s going to ridiculously hot today…temps near or above 100, with heat index of 105…BE CAREFUL…..

1. here are your monday funnies……


FAIL!!!!(part two)

i think i knew this next guy in college!!

this next one made me smile this morning…..i’m not sure which way i want to go today!!

and two more quick ones…..

and an oldie but a goodie……..(sounds right to me!!)

2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to the “KISS MY GRITS” girl from the tv show “ALICE.”  it’s actress POLLY HOLLIDAY who played “FLO.”  she turns 75 today….

remember her?

and here she is recently….

3.  and what about the rest of the cast of “ALICE?”

LINDA LAVIN played the title role of “ALICE.”  she is now 74…here she is today……

PHILIP MCKEON played her son “TOMMY”….he is now 47…..here he is today……(by the way, he has a famous sister…..who is she?  NANCY MCKEON, who played “JO” on “THE FACTS OF LIFE.”

BETH HOWLAND played the wild and zany “VERA” on the show….you don’t see much of her anymore…but apparently one of the tabloids found her….she is now 71 years old….

and VIC TAYBACK played the grumpy cook “MEL”…he died in 1990 at the age of only 60…….here’s an ad he did in his later years….

4.  remember JIMMY MCNICHOL?  he’s the singer/actor brother of KRISTY MCNICHOL…he turns 51 today……

here’s JIMMY recently…..

KRISTY is now 49…here she is today….

5.  i had a great honor yesterday…i got to baptize my niece….my beautiful niece BRICELYN was baptized yesterday at ST. JOHN’S in HECLA….

isn’t she GORGEOUS?

i’ve had the pleasure of marrying a few nieces and nephews, but never a baptism…as far as i can remember…..

***and another awesome thing?  BRICELYN’S dad had his mom and brother here from SOUTH AFRICA….how neat, huh? it was incredible meeting them….

6.  didn’t get the opportunity to see the movie “TED” this weekend…

JEANNIE and I went to the theater yesterday afternoon, but the theater was pretty full…i think i’m going late this afternoon, because starting today until we leave for NASHVILLE, i’m a bachelor….so, a movie, tons of popcorn and pop sounds GREAT….  i heard from some people that the movie “TED” is hilarious, but very dirty…..

speaking of movie news, i heard a funny story this weekend….a good friends of ours, who are in their 70’s talked to us in WALMART this weekend…we had to laugh because she said this…”last night we went to see the movie “MAGIC MIKE”, and it was like a PORNO MOVIE.”  ha ha ha…..had a good laugh about that one……..why? because it’s a stripper movie……..she said there were like four men in the studio…all sliding down into thier seats…ha ha

7.  an anonymous MCDONALD’S employee posted some secrets online saying that at his restaurant, employees would be dealing marijuana out of the parking lot….THE REAL “HAPPY MEAL.”

8.  doctors in INDIA are studying a man who gets headaches when he watches porn….gee…it probably has nothing to do with the fact that his wife is standing behind him with a frying pan…..

9.  the movie i talked about a while ago called “TED” was number one at the box office over the weekend…it’s about a foul mouthed teddy bear that comes to life……..

this bear has gone hollywood already….he’s going to parties, going to rehab and dating a KARDASHIAN….

10.  ALEC BALDWIN, age 54, married his fiancee HILARIA THOMAS, age 28, this past saturday in NEW YORK CITY…..the ceremony was beautiful and the wedding photographer only suffered minor injuries……

11.  KANYE WEST reportedly gave his touring partner, JAY-Z a $34,000 dollar golden skull as a gift…..KANYE AND KIM KARDASHIAN saw it in a store….it’s gold, so, out of habit, KIM started to dig it…..

12.  are you looking forward to the new “SPIDERMAN” movie?  it has a great plot…SPIDERMAN comes to the aid of hundreds of people trapped in a theater showing the ADAM SANDLER movie “THAT’S MY BOY.”


a little girl from MINNEAPOLIS came home from sunday school one day and told her mom, “i am NEVER going to sunday school ever again!!”  the mom couldn’t believe what she heard, so she hugged her daughter and asked her why?  and the daughter said, “because, all they talk about is ST. PAUL, and they never even mention MINNEAPOLIS!!!”

have a terrific monday!!




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