random thoughts for FRIDAY THE 13TH of july, 2012


today is also “EMBRACE YOUR GEEKNESS DAY.”  and, as you probably know,  there was probably no bigger geek in high school than yours truly…..

so, embrace me today…and if you’re a geek, celebrate..ha ha…

1.  here come your friday funnies…

first of all, PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

this one cracked me up….


have you ever wondered what is on ADAM AND EVE’S tombstones?  i have the answer for you…ha ha…

2.  we are all getting older, but sometimes i have a birthday on the blog that shocks me…today’s one of them…


we know and love HARRISON FORD from “STAR WARS” when he played HANS SOLO…


here’s HARRISON FORD today at 70, including a picture with his wife, the love of his life, CALISTA FLOCKHART…big age difference between the two, but they are madly in love, and their relationship is going strong….

3.  remember the character “FRENCHY” on the classic movie “GREASE?”  the actress that played her is having a birthday today…DIDI CONN is 61 today…..here she is in “GREASE”…

here’s DIDI CONN today at 61…..

4.  actor JAN MICHAEL VINCENT will turn 68 on sunday….i remember him from one of my favorite WALT DISNEY movies when i was growing up..it was called “THE WORLD’S GREATEST ATHLETE.”

he’s probably best known for the tv show “AIRWOLF.”

JAN MICHAEL VINCENT has had many issues in the past few years….including alcoholism…..here he is from a tv interview a few years back….

5.  my wife and i don’t make a habit of going to “kid’s movies”, but we’ll make an exception this weekend…”ICE AGE 4″ comes out…we’ve loved the entire series and this one looks great as well….our favorite character is the crazy animal that’s always chasing the walnut…..or acorn…whatever it is…..

6.  should JOE PATERNO’S statue come down at PENN STATE?  that’s the big issue now….this abuse scandal at PENN STATE continues to get worse, with investigators now saying that officials knew about it and did nothing…….as someone who endured such problems, i was happy to see SANDUSKY go to prison…he faces a minimum of 60 years, which basically is “life.”

but this statue thing will be a big issue…..JOE PATERNO was PENN STATE…he put the college on the map…and did amazing things for the school and for the students for decades….but, if the report is true, his actions were inexcusable…..

the debate continues……but i hope it’s over soon…..the healing needs to begin….

and i pray that the kids and adults who were abused get some closure on this……

7.  a poll says that couples who argue have happier relationships…geez..we must be the happiest couple in the world!!

8.  STARBUCKS is opening a store inside a FUNERAL HOME in SOUTH CAROLINA…yep..it’s true…but, this will be the first time that somebody else goes in the hole when you buy a drink at STARBUCKS…..

9.  yesterday the ROLLING STONES celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first public concert…what was it?  it was PEBBLE FLINTSTONES’ graduation party….

10.  there’s controversy over who owns the historic electric guitar that BOB DYLAN played at a legendary festival….BOB DYLAN knows the story, but nobody can understand what he’s saying…

11.  a woman in MICHIGAN kept her dead boyfriend propped up in his chair for months as she watched tv…why didn’t she report his death? because she was excited that it was the first time she used the remote…..


A man returns from Africa feeling very ill. He visits his doctor, who immediately rushes the guy to the Mayo Clinic.
     The man wakes up to the ringing of a telephone in a stark room at the hospital and answers it.
     “We’ve received the results from your tests,” says the doctor on the other end of the line. “Bad news, you have Ebola.”
     “Oh, my God,” cries the man. “Doc! What am I going to do?”
     “Don’t worry. First, we’re going to put you on a diet of pizza, pancakes, and pita bread,” says the doctor.
     “Will that cure me?”
     “No, but it’s the only food that’ll fit under the door.”





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