random thoughts for wednesday july 18th, 2012

the answer to the following is…UNFORTUNATELY NO….

1.  here are some funnies to tickle your funny bone…..

hmm…wish i had thought about this one when i was in school!!

this next one got me..umm…EGGCITED….

and finally, one that is SO TRUE….ha ha…

2.  we’re going to find out whatever happened to a couple of child stars today…first of all, it’s the cutie pie SOLEIL MOON FRYE, who played the loveable PUNKY BREWSTER…

she is now 35 years old and is a beauty!!!

3.  how about the kids from “WHO’S THE BOSS?”

let’s start out first with ALYSSA MILANO…she is now 39 years old…here she is today….she played the daughter “SAM” on the show..

DANNY PINTAURO played the son “JONATHAN” on the hit tv show…he is now 36 years old….

4.  hey, my naked rain dance yesterday helped!!!! unfortunately though, six of my neighbors are now blind….yep…NOBODY wants to see that!!!  it’s great waking up in the middle of the night to heavy rain coming down…we needed it so bad….hopefully more comes today, because 95-100 degree temps are coming back thursday thru tuesday….and possibly longer….

5.  i haven’t watched “ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT” for a long time…i’m here to report that it has turned in to total crap and junk….it’s just like a sleezy tabloid…

last night they had a piece on TOM CRUISE, and he was carrying his daughter into his apartment building…he hadn’t seen his daughter in about a month….the reporter stated that “TOM CRUISE APPEARED TO BE HAPPY TO HAVE HIS DAUGHTER WITH HIM.”  geez…NO KIDDING….any parent would be happy to be with their children….idiots….

and then, they had a story on SYLVESTER STALLONE’S son dying…his name was SAGE….they reported something like, SYLVESTER is taking it hard and looked  visibly upset…REALLY?  SERIOUSLY?  i would think that ANYONE who loses a child would be upset…..i think i have watched that show for the last time…

6.  maybe the winds of change are blowing at our ping pong table at home…i created a monster when i taught my wife how to play…she has been CREAMING me in the last couple of years, and i’m a pretty good ping pong player….well, last night i used a different paddle and beat her two games out of three…..i have to brag a little, because i’m sure my time at the top will be very short lived…..she’s just too tough for me….she excels at about every sport she plays, but i never thought it would be ping pong….

7.  former congressman ANTHONY WEINER wants to return to politics…at least i think that’s what was in his text…i’m afraid to open it……

8.  the world’s heaviest woman said she lost nearly 100 pounds by making love seven times a day…wow…her husband weighs 140 pounds….well, at least he did the last time anybody saw him….

9.  for the first time in IQ testing, psychologists have found that females are smarter than males….obivously they didn’t interview any KARDASHIANS….

10.  STEPHEN R. COVEY, author of “the seven habits of highly effective people” has died…apparently the missing 8th habit of effective people was to keep breathing….

11.  for 15 years, a town in ALASKA has elected the same CAT to be mayor…his constituents admire how he puts up with a lot of crap, but has the ability to cover it up….

12.  the OCTOMOM, NADYA SULEMAN, finally made her debut at a FLORIDA strip club recently, but she only dances topless, not bottomless…why?  because every time she takes her pants off another baby falls out….


in a local bar there was a magic mirror. if you told a lie, it would suck you in…

a brunette walked up to it and said, “i think i’m the most beautiful woman in the world” and the mirror sucked her in.

a redhead walks up and says “i think i’m the most beautiful woman in the world” and the mirror sucked her in.

and finally, a blonde walks up and says, “i think…” and the mirror sucked her in….





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