random thoughts for thursday july 19th, 2012

i’ve heard of “TGIF” before, but never “THANK GOODNESS IT’S THURSDAY.”

1. here come your thursday funnies…

this one cracked me up this morning….

i think this next lady just doesn’t get it…ha ha

we need more parents like the next guy…of course, the boy may never forgive him….

and finally, a very PUNNY joke….

2.  actor ANTHONY EDWARDS hits a milestone today…he turns 50 years old….you probably remember him as DR. GREENE  on “E.R.”, but i remember him mostly as GILBERT on “REVENGE OF THE NERDS.”

here’s ANTHONY EDWARDS today on his big day….

3.  what about some of the other members of the hit movie “REVENGE OF THE NERDS?”  do you remember some of the cast?

actor ROBERT CARRADINE played the lead role of “LEWIS.”  he is now 58 years old…

TIMOTHY BUSFIELD is known for the shows “THIRTY SOMETHING”, and “THE WEST WING”, but he also was a main character in “REVENGE OF THE NERDS.”  he played the super nerd POINDEXTER….TIMOTHY is now 55 years old….

the GROSS character on the hit movie from 1984 was “BOOGER,” played by actor CURTIS ARMSTRONG…he also played HERBERT on the hit tv show “MOONLIGHTING.” he is now 58 years old….

and finally, the jock turned nerd named “OGRE”, was played by DONALD GIBB…he is now 57…..

4.  nowdays you can get just about anything from a vending machine…BUT MASHED POTATOES?  yep…7-eleven stores in SINGAPORE are trying this weird machine out….

this is actually a good idea…i mean, how many times have you been walking around the mall and said to yourself, “man, i could sure go for a bowl of mashed potatoes!!!”  (umm…probably never)

5.  obviously, when i get up between 3:30am and 4:00am most every day, i go to bed by 9:00 or 10pm….but, last night i just couldn’t sleep, so i got up and made some toast and sat down to watch latenight tv….

i haven’t watched it for quite a while, but i’ll say this….CRAIG FERGUSON IS STILL THE KING…

i absolutely LOVE his show and his sense of humor…and he has a ROBOT as his sidekick…here’s CRAIG and his robot, JEFFREY PETERSON….

6.  HOT HOT HOT….they’re talking mid to upper 90’s all the way thru AT LEAST next wednesday…..sounds like we’ll be spending some time at the aquatic center this weekend…however, i may get smart and use some sunscreen…..i’m getting tired of looking like a big old bear standing in door corners scratching my back with the walls…..

7.  a study finds that people who are consistently online may develop mental disorders…you can read all about it on the internet….

8.  a new study says that SEVENTY PERCENT of women think that “they’re fat” at least THREE times a day…meanwhile, men have to say “YOUR BUTT DOESN’T LOOK BIG IN THOSE JEANS” at least TEN times a day….

9.  a woman from OKRON, OHIO, is panhandling by the side of the road to raise money for breast implants…seriously, she is…i just wonder what the heck her sign says…maybe this…”WILL WORK FOR  “D” CUPS…”

10.  actress HALLE BERRY was released from a LOS ANGELES hospital after suffering a minor head injury while filming her new movie “THE HIVE.”  she was saved on the set, because hundreds of men ran to her aid to give her mouth to mouth and chest compressions….


A rabbi, a priest and a minister have their houses of worship side by side, so they decide to carpool.
     On the first day, the other two are surprised to see the pastor lay hands on the hood and pray silently.
     “What are you doing?” the priest asks.
     The pastor looks up. “I’m just dedicating the car to the Lord’s service.”
     “Good idea! Be right back!” the priest exclaims, running into his church. He emerges with a bulb on a short stick, shaking water out of it onto the car.
     The rabbi stares. “What are you doing?” he asks.
     “I’m consecrating it with holy water,” the priest replies.
     “Great idea!” the rabbi says, and runs into his synagogue’s tool shed. He emerges with a hacksaw and takes an inch off the tailpipe.

(did you have to think about that one? ha ha)




One thought on “random thoughts for thursday july 19th, 2012

  1. Revenge of the Nerds is my favorite movie of all time! I named my car Poindexter and my father went to the video store, in 86, and banned me from renting the Nerds! I was a cheerleader and our colors were red and white, my nickname was Betty. Lewis and Gilbert were so funny, but I loved Poindexter.

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