random thoughts for thursday august 9th, 2012


1.  here are your thursday funnies….

i can use this one because i have A.D.D.

man, that mars rover is doing some incredible work….


and one for the ladies….(and the men who are victims of this horrible event!!)

2.  we’re going to salute a couple of 80’s movie stars today…first up is ANDREW MCCARTHY…he starred in movies like “WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S,” “MANNEQUIN”, “PRETTY IN PINK” and many more…

ANDREW MCCARTHY is now 49 years old…here he is today….

3.  how about the pair of MOLLY RINGWALD and ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL?  they starred together in great movies like “THE BREAKFAST CLUB” and “SIXTEEN CANDLES.”

MOLLY RINGWALD is 44 years old…and still gorgeous….


4.  one of my favorite characters in “SIXTEEN CANDLES” is LONG DUCK DONG, played by actor GEDDE WATANBE…he is 57 years old…i had NO IDEA that he was that much older than MOLLY and ANTHONY MICHAEL…..here he is in the classic movie, and what he looks like today….

5.  there was a recent poll where people had to choose the “MOST UNFORTUNATE” names for town around our beautiful country….some of these are incredible….i want to go the number one town…ha ha…

1. Toad Suck, Arkansas

2. Climax, Georgia

3. Boring, Oregon

4. Hooker, Oklahoma

5. Assawoman, Maryland

6. Belchertown, Massachusetts

7. Roachtown, Illinois

8. Loveladies, New Jersey

9. Squabbletown, California

10. Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky


6.  IT’S NFL PRE-SEASON FOOTBALL BABY…tonight is the night…i was really hoping to watch the debut of RGIII on my beloved WASHINGTON REDSKINS tonight, but i don’t see it on tv…which can only mean one thing….i’m going to have my butt glued to my chair in front of my computer tonight….hope JEANNIE doesn’t mind buttered popcorn and diet pepsi in the computer room….

7.  a new study shows that chronic “butter flavoring” on popcorn at the theaters could be harmful to your brain, including alzheimers….actually, it’s not the popcorn…it’s sitting thru any movies by ROB SCHNEIDER or ADAM SANDLER….

 8. a new study suggests that obese drivers are more likely to have car accidents….it’s from sudden braking when they notice a pie special at a local restaurant.

9.  KANYE WEST has written another song about KIM KARDASHIAN…this one took a little more time to write…he had a tough time finding words that rhymed with “NUMBSKULL.”

10.  MILEY CYRUS is claiming that her dog ate her diamonds…she hasn’t sifted thru this much crap since she helped her dad find songs for his next album…..

11.  BRIGITTE NIELSEN wants her fans to know that there’s “no cause for alarm” after pictures were posted online of her drinking vodka and passing out in a park…..know what the biggest shock was?  the fact that she still had fans….

12.  country singer RANDY TRAVIS  was arrested in TEXAS on a DWI charge for verbally threatening a police officer…he was completely naked when he made the threats…my question is this?  if he was completely naked and threatening to shoot them, what kind of weapon was he going to use?


A phone call came to a school.

Caller: My daughter can’t come to school today.

School Secretary: Alright, but what’s the relation between you and the student?

Caller: This is my mother speaking.




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