random thoughts for FRIDAY august 10th, 2012


1.  here come your weekend funnies….

this one is HILARIOUS…


and now a little “HOLY HUMOR.”  these are really good….


this weekend is the one weekend that my family gets together at my brother and sister in law’s place at RICHMOND LAKE…we spend the whole weekend out there, grill out, suntan, ride the pontoon….it’s always fun….well, all summer long we’ve had 90’s and 100’s all weekend long, but just because we’re having our special weekend, IT’S GOING TO BE COOLER…yep…chance of rain with highs in the low 70’s this weekend….i could have predicted this….

3.  don’t ask me why, but yesterday i was thinking about the tv show “CHICO AND THE MAN.”  it ran from 1974-1978 and starred FREDDIE PRINZE and JACK ALBERTSON….

JACK ALBERTSON played a cranky old garage owner who hires a young energetic worker played by FREDDIE PRINZE….pretty funny show……it also started a saying that everybody said…”LOOKING GOOD.”  FREDDIE’S character always said that…

do you remember the theme song?


the theme song was performed by the legendary blind singer JOSE FELICIANO, one of the most talented guitar players ever…..

JACK ALBERTSON also played “GRANDPA JOE” on the movie “WILLIE WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.”  he died in 1981 at the age of 74….

FREDDIE PRINZE’S life took a very tragic turn….he suffered from severe depression, and one day in 1977 he took his own life…he was only 22 years old….

FREDDIE PRINZE left behind a son, FREDDIE PRINZE, JR., who is a huge star in HOLLYWOOD…here he is with his wife SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR…

4.  happy birthday wishes are going out on saturday to singer/songwriter ERIC CARMEN….ERIC started out as lead singer of the band “THE RASPERRIES.”  he’s in the bottom left corner…

ERIC CARMEN would leave the band and have many hits including “ALL BY MYSELF”, “NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN”, “HUNGRY EYES,” and many more….

ERIC CARMEN will be 63 years old on saturday…..here he is recently, including a photo with ELVIS impersonator WALT SANDERS….

5.  here comes some ERIC CARMEN music…

here’s his big “RASPBERRIES” hit “GO ALL THE WAY.”


and here’s my favorite ERIC CARMEN hit “NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN.”


6.  also, singer JOE JACKSON has a birthday saturday…he turns 58…no, not MICHAEL’S dad, i’m talking about the singer who had great hits like “IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM?”, “STEPPIN’ OUT” and more….remember this guy?

here’s JOE JACKSON today at 58…..

7.  and now some JOE JACKSON music to entertain you…

here’s one of my faves….”BREAKING US IN TWO.”


and here’s “STEPPIN’ OUT.”


8.  two good movies coming out this weekend…one i will not miss, the other i’m 50-50 on….

the one i will not miss is the new TOMMY LEE JONES and MERYL STREEP movie “HOPE SPRINGS.”

the one i’m 50-50 on is “THE CAMPAIGN” starring WILL FERRELL and ZACH GALIFIANAKIS….it looks like it has promise, but i’ll wait and see what others think….

9.  last night was the kickoff to preseason NFL action…and i couldn’t be happier….i watched the WASHINGTON REDSKINS/BUFFALO BILLS game on my computer…crappy video, but still watched it…i’ll say this, and remember, THIS IS ONLY PRESEASON…however, our rookie quarterback RGIII, looks outstanding and i think will be the future of our team…my only concern is getting REX GROSSMAN off the team…horrible quarterback….our fourth round rookie KIRK COUSINS played most of the game and looked sharp…hopefully he’s the second string quarterback, and the mop bucket in the closet becomes our third string quarterback….

10.  a teenager from WISCONSIN won $50,000 dollars in a national texting contest…he plans on using the money to pay next month’s phone bill….

11.   the 911 call from country singer RANDY TRAVIS’S  drunken driving arrest has been released….he was lying naked on the road, and threatened to kill a trooper….UH-OH…I SMELL A NUMBER ONE COUNTRY SONG COMING SOON…..

12.  KRISTEN STEWART has pulled out of a LONDON premiere of her new movie “ON THE ROAD” because she’s “too embarrassed” to appear….it’s a road movie where the characters drive around the country…and of course, KRISTEN’S character is always in the backseat….

13.  the “COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST OF ROSEANNE BARR” is this sunday night on that channel…..there will be a lot of very nasty humor…in fact, there will be more blood in the water than the SHARK WEEK premiere on DISCOVERY CHANNEL…


A man on his deathbed calls over his wife of 60 years. “Alice” he gasps “my
dying wish is that after six months of my passing, you marry Bert from next door”.
“But you said that you have always hated Bert” said Alice.
“O I do dear, I do”.

My wife greeted me as I entered the house. I had been drinking so there was the
smell of lager on my breath and unknown to me, also some lipstick on my shirt
collar. “I hope that you have an extremely good reason for rolling in at seven in
the morning” she bellowed. “Of course I do “I replied “I want some breakfast”.




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