random thoughts for monday august 13th, 2012


  it’s BROWN COUNTY FAIR WEEK…if you need me just look around the TUBBY BURGER booth…..

1.  it’s your monday funnies!!

2. happy birthday wishes are going out to “SCHNEIDER” from “ONE DAY AT A TIME.”  the actor’s name is PAT HARRINGTON, JR., and believe it or not, he turns 83 today…wow…

PAT HARRINGTON, JR. has been around for a lot longer time than the hit tv show….

but, of course, he’s best known as the pesky superintendent of the building on “ONE DAY AT A TIME.”

here’s PAT HARRINGTON today at 83…this is with the rest of the “ONE DAY AT A TIME” cast…


3.  have you ever wondered what happened to the young girls who played “ANNIE” on the movie and the broadway production?  we’re about to find out….

“LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE” debuted in the comic strips back in 1924 and ran until 2012….that’s right…LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE RAN IN THE NEWSPAPERS FOR 86 YEARS….

the broadway production of “ANNIE” was first, and she was played by ANDREA MCCARDLE….

ANDREA MCCARDLE is now 48 years old….

and the movie version of “ANNIE” had actress AILEEN QUINN playing the title role….she is now 41 and is GORGEOUS…

4.  i haven’t talked too much about country star RANDY TRAVIS…he was arrested the other day for being drunk in public, plus being totally naked on the road……

i made one of my church guys laugh yesterday…he asked me about my opinion of RANDY TRAVIS and i told him, “ya know, it’s a sad day when a guy can’t get drunk and naked and lay in the middle of the road.”  he loved that, and then i told him, “brown county fair week is this week…i have to keep my options open.”  of course, i was joking, but it made for a good laugh….

5.  well, we had our family weekend at RICHMOND LAKE…didn’t even hit the water, except for some of my crazy relatives who swam in the rain yesterday……even though we didn’t get to pontoon, we still had a wonderful weekend….


dear mail trucks,

even though it’s 4:50 in the morning, that doesn’t mean that somebody might not be traveling on the roads with you…..i was that “somebody” this morning as you pulled out of the post office right in front of me….i slammed my brakes on, and then had to follow you 10 miles an hour to the corner…..and then when i headed back the other way to the radio station, ANOTHER mail truck pulled out in front of me going the other way……i understand that the mail needs to be delivered as soon as possible, but really, an extra two seconds won’t make that much of a difference…heck, i spend more time than that visiting with the WARNER postmaster….


a local patron

7.  a deaf 21 year old man was able to hear music for the first time after he was fitted with a special hearing aid….unfortunately the first music he heard was “THE SPICE GIRLS”,  so, he decided to go back to the old way….

8.  police in ROMEOVILLE, ILLINOIS, are searching for someone who stole a truck loaded with $24,000 dollars worth of FROSTED FLAKES…..that doggone TRIX RABBIT must be getting desperate for a sugar fix….

9.  a family of bears broke into a cabin in NORWAY and drank more then 100 cans of beer…that’s true….the bears said the beers were JUST RIGHT…..

10.  the OCTOMOM NADYA SULEMAN is auctioning off a date with herself at whatsyourprice.com……she asking for $500 dollars….why so much?  that’s what a babysitter costs her when she goes out for one night….

11.  excitment is building for WHITNEY HOUSTON’S final movie “SPARKLE” which opens this weekend….you’ll be able to see a few stars…WHITNEY HOUSTON, plus AMERICAN IDOL winner JORDIN SPARKS makes her movie debut….the other person you could see is IDOL singer TAYLOR HICKS, who will give you your ticket and say “second theater on the left.”


a beautiful lady had just gotten out of the shower and was completely naked when the doorbell rang…she ran to the door and asked who it was and the guy said, “blind guy”….she said, “what do you want?” he said, “i have something for you.”  so, the lady figured being the guy was blind she wouldn’t be embarrassed…so, completely naked she opens the door, the guy looks her up and down and says, “hi, i’m here to install your new blinds.”




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