random thoughts for “HUMP DAY” wednesday august 15th, 2012


1.  we start out our day with sad news…another “SWEATHOG” from “WELCOME BACK KOTTER” is dead….actor RON PALILLO died yesterday of an apparent heart attack at the age of 63…..he played “HORSESHACK” on the show….

one of my nicknames in high school was “HORSESHACK” because of my wild, sexy, curly afro…ha ha…

here’s RON PALILLO recently….

he’s the second “SWEATHOG” to die in recent months…ROBERT HEGYES who played “EPSTEIN” died at the age of 60 a few months back…he was 60 years old…..

here’s a cast photo of the “WELCOME BACK KOTTER” crew….ROBERT HEGYES is in the middle with RON PALILLO standing to his right…..the other ones are at the left LAWRENCE HILTON-JACOBS who played “BOOM BOOM”, JOHN TRAVOLTA is next to him…he played “VINNIE BARBARINO” and of course, GABE KAPLAN is on the far right…he played “MR. KOTTER.”

2.  here come your wednesday funnies…..

this one is HILARIOUS…

a “CHARLIE BROWN” classic….

“SNOOKI” from “JERSEY SHORE” is having a baby…here’s a recent photo of the baby in her belly…i’ll be damned, she’s having an OOMPA LOOMPA….

and finally, one more funny….i like this one….this could pertain to me sometimes….

3.  happy birthday wishes are going out to “DICK VAN DYKE” show star ROSE MARIE…she also was on the “HOLLYWOOD SQUARES.”  she turns 89 years old today…..

here’s  a recent picture of ROSE MARIE, and a reunion picture of the “DICK VAN DYKE SHOW” from 2003….

4.  speaking of the “DICK VAN DYKE SHOW”, ROSE MARIE isn’t the only star celebrating a birthday today…..LARRY MATHEWS, who played the son “RICHIE” turns 57 today…..

here he is today….with DICK VAN DYKE….

5.  i absolutely LOVED the tv show “MANNIX.”  remember the opening credits?


well, today is “MANNIX” star MIKE CONNORS birthday…he played JOE MANNIX, and is celebrating birthday number 87 today…..here he is back on the classic show….

i absolutely MUST pick up a “MANNIX” dvd box set…

here’s MIKE CONNORS today at 87……

6.  as i reported yesterday, JEANNIE AND I have never ever been to a rodeo since we were married 25 years ago…..last night we attended the DACOTAH STAMPEDE RODEO at the BROWN COUNTY FAIR…we really enjoyed it….i have a feeling it won’t be the last time we go……

7.  unfortunately, the rodeo wasn’t the big crowd pleaser last night….a few stupid morons decided to get into a fight right in front of our section…..they were pounding each other until police arrived….the ABERDEEN POLICE had one of the guys on the ground and handcuffed faster than any of the cowboys did at tying up the calves……

after the police handcuffed the guy after throwing him to the ground, they were rewarded with a standing ovation…the sad thing is, the two who were originally fighting got away…one of them was sitting in our section and people were pointing to them, but he didn’t get arrested as far as i know….

i have a message for those clowns…IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE YOUR LIQUOR, STAY THE HELL HOME……MORONS….

8.  GRAB THE DEFIBULATOR…IT’S TUBBY BURGER TIME TODAY…yep…my first one is going down the chute today around 1:00…cannot wait….

9.  a COLOMBIAN clothing designer has created a men’s bulletproof golf shirt…it’s perfect for times when a man’s wife doesn’t believe he was really golfing….

10.  reaction continues to actor ROBERT PATTINSON’S appearance on “THE DAILY SHOW” with JON STEWART…it was very exciting to see ROB with JON…it marked the first time since his breakup with KRISTIN STEWART that someone over 16 actually gave a crap….

11.  VH1 has canceled a reality show starring the NFL’S CHAD JOHNSON after he was arrested for domestic assault….geez…how does VH1 expect to make any money if they’re going to allow decency to get in the way of ratings?  (i say this with heavy saracasm.)


Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman’s sex drive by 90% It’s called a Wedding Cake.


“It’s just too hot to wear clothes today,” Jack says as he stepped out of the shower, “Honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?” To which she replied “Probably that I married you for your money.”




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