random thoughts for thursday august 16th, 2012


1.  here come your thursday funnies….

this one is hilarious…

i almost wet my pants laughing at the next one..ha ha…

and finally, there might be some truth to the next one….

2.  we have a few celebrity birthdays today…did you know that a famous husband and wife celebrate the same birthdays?  it’s true…guess who it is?

that’s right, FRANK GIFFORD turns 82 today, and his much younger wife KATHIE LEE turns 59 today…..

3.  also, do you remember STEVE AND EYDIE?  i’m talking about STEVE LAWRENCE and his wife EYDIE GORME….well, EYDIE turns 81 today….

here they are in their younger days….

here’s EYDIE GORME today at 81…this was taken a couple of years ago…

her hubby STEVE LAWRENCE is 77…here he is recently…

4.  and finally, the original “CATWOMAN” is 79 today…we’re talking about JULIE NEWMAR…she was CATWOMAN on the best BATMAN tv series ever, starring ADAM WEST…..

here’s JULIE NEWMAR today at 79……


***i was in line to get a corn dog yesterday at TAULELLE CONCESSIONS….i was visiting with the guys and they informed me that they have SIX of the food booths at the fair….they have the ones that have corn dogs, fresh cut fries, onion rings, and steak sandwiches…great food, by the way….

***going to have my TUBBY BURGER today around 1:00…my good radio friend DENNY PITMAN is going to join me in our annual pilgrimage to the red trailer….

***met lots of nice people yesterday, including a couple of ladies in the booth for TASHA’S SCRAPBOOKING…in fact, i’ll be broadcasting from there today…..

***spent two hours yesterday with DEANNA and LISA at CENTSABLE FASHION’S booth…great ladies…..lots of fun…

***i love it when i see my business professional friends taking a day off to spend it with their kids….yesterday i found my good friend FALLON HELM from REVIVE DAY SPA taking the kiddies on the midway……saw many other friends on the midway as well.

***the older i get, the harder it is to ride the rides….which is sad, because all my life i have been a HUGE fan of carnival rides….i can ride like three of them, and then i’m done…..dang it….

***TRAVIS TRITT and HUNTER HAYES at the grandstand tonight….TRAVIS TRITT kicks total butt on stage….and did you know that i had HUNTER HAYES on the radio with me when he was five years old?  i did…he was a cajun music star when he was 4 and 5 years old…he’s now 20 and is a huge country star….

check this video out…..this is HUNTER HAYES with HANK WILLIAMS, JR., back when HUNTER was very very young…watch how talented this kid is….


i’m sure that HUNTER will never remember being on my show with TANEA on PHEASANT COUNTRY 103 many years ago….

6.  my families NFL fantasy football draft is a week from this sunday…i’m almost wetting myself because i’m so so so excited for the draft….i cannot wait for the NFL season…..

7.  a new GALLUP poll says that AMERICAN’S approval of CONGRESS is 9 percent…NINE PERCENT!!!  that’s right, that means that only ONCE before has their approval been as high as 9 percent….

8.  AL QAEDA is running an ad on an internet jobs site, looking for SUICIDE BOMBERS…seriously, they are….the ideal candidate must be willing to relocate…VERY SUDDENLY…..(and by the way, it’s only a part time, temporary job)

9.  a woman from PENNSYLVANIA is facing a long prison sentence after admitting that she repeatedly poisoned her boyfriend with VISINE eye drops….apparently she did it a few times, but he never saw it coming….

10.  BOBBY BROWN has entered rehab for alcohol…damn, i didn’t even know he had ever left rehab….

11.  NFL star CHAD JOHNSON’S wife has filed for divorce after just six weeks of marriage, following his domestic violence arrest…their marriage lasted just 41 days…in a related story, KIM KARDASHIAN said, ” oh well, records are made to be broken.”

12.  crocs footwear co-founder GEORGE BOEDECKER has been arrested for D.U.I….he became verbally abusive to police, and blamed the situation on TAYLOR SWIFT, who he said was his girlfriend….sounds like he really put his clunky, plastic, fluorescent-colored foot in his mouth…..


A man walked into a bar, sat down, ordered 3 shots of whiskey, drank them, then left. This continued daily for several weeks. Curious, the bartender asked him one day, “Why do you always order three shots of whiskey?” The man answered, “Because my two brothers and I always used to have one shot each, and since they’ve both passed on, I’ve continued to order the three shots in their honor.” The bartender thought that this was a very noble thing to do, and welcomed the man every time he visited the bar. Two weeks later, the man walked into the bar for his daily visit and ordered two shots of whiskey. Surprised, the bartender asked him why he only ordered two when had had always been ordering three. The man answered, “Oh, I’ve decided to stop drinking.”




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