random thoughts for thursday august 30th, 2012


1.  here come your thursday funnies…..

i’ll bet these truckers never even thought of this…ha ha….

remind me to stay the hell away from this next guy’s house….

these next people’s marriage was DOOMED from the start….

and finally, some days i feel exactly like this next guy….

2.  today we’re going to check out some former child stars…we’re starting out with TATUM O’NEAL….she is, of course, the daughter of RYAN O’NEAL…she starred in the movie “PAPER MOON” among many others…..she’s had a heck of a life in the past 30 years, but now has it together, as far as i know….TATUM is now 48….same age as me!!!

here she is years ago, and today….

FRED SAVAGE is best known for playing KEVIN on the hit tv show “THE WONDER YEARS.”  he is now 36 years old….

SEAN ASTIN is best known for movie roles in “THE GOONIES”, and “LORD OF THE RINGS”…did you know that he is the son of legendary actress PATTY DUKE?  yep..it’s true…SEAN ASTIN is now 41…here he is back then and recently…..

and last, but certainly not least, we’ll feature RICKY SCHROEDER…he starred in the movie “THE CHAMP”, and on the tv show “SILVER SPOONS.”  he also has been on many tv shows in the past couple of decades….RICKY SCHROEDER is now 42…here he is…

3.  i don’t think i’m going to do SQUAT this labor day weekend….it sounds like a lounge around the house, go to a movie, sleep on the couch type weekend….sometimes us old, fat guys need that….

4.  i wouldn’t mind going to HURON and walking around the state fair for a day……that’s right, i lost my yardstick at home….need another 43 of them…..

5.  i know what i would like to do this weekend, but i have a better chance of building a snowman in my backyard this weekend….there’s a new horror movie coming to CARMIKE called “THE POSSESSION.”  supposedly based on a true story…..but, a few movies have ruined that “based on true story” theme….anyway, there is NO WAY ON EARTH that JEANNIE will go with me….i miss MITCHELL…he loved going to these with me…maybe he’ll sneak home from college this weekend…i’ll also try my son TYLER…he may just suprise me and go with me…..

doesn’t it look good?

6.  i do know one thing i will be doing this weekend….catching up on older episodes of our two favorite shows on tv……i have two episodes left to catch up on HBO’S awesome show “THE NEWSROOM.”

and, my beautiful wife and i have never seen season one of “JUSTIFIED.”  it’s on the FX channel, and is an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME show……

maybe some miniature golfing and ping pong this weekend too…if i want to humiliate myself and lose to my wife…ha ha….

7.  a new book by an anomymous member of the SEAL TEAM SIX has sparked a big controversy by claiming that OSAMA BIN LADEN didn’t fight back, but instead, they found him unarmed and nearly dead in his bedroom. and they reportedly just finished him off…my question is this…..WHAT THE HECK IS THE DIFFERENCE? EITHER WAY IS FINE…..

8.  i told you yesterday about the oldest living woman in the world turning 116 this week….found out yesterday that BESSE COOPER was sharing memories with family and friends yesterday, including the time that JOAN RIVERS was her babysitter…..

9.  an auction next month in ENGLAND will offer ELVIS PRESLEY’S personal home items like home movies, a family bible, and, are you ready for this?  A PAIR OF HIS STAINED UNDERWEAR THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN WASHED……gross…..the last one should have been marked “RETURN TO SENDER.”  maybe you could use it as a “GOOD LUCK CHARM.”  don’t put them on or they may get “STUCK ON YOU.”  okay…i think that’s enough…..i could keep going, though, because this blog is mine…yep…i do it “MY WAY.”

10.  there’s a new novel that focuses on BATMAN’S father….he’s similar to BATMAN, only he wears bermuda shorts, and black socks and dress shoes…and he refuses to answer the bat-signal after 9pm….

11.  THIS IS UNREAL..BUT TRUE….a school district in NEBRASKA has asked a THREE AND A HALF YEAR OLD deaf boy to change the way he signs his name because the gesture resembles a gun…..are you kidding me?  by the way, his family has responded to the school district with a gesture that resembles a middle finger….


 was explaining to my wife last night that when you die you get reincarnated but must come back as a different creature. She said she would like to come back as a cow. I said, “You’re obviously not listening”.



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