random thoughts for tuesday september 4th, 2012

counting today, only SIX daily blogs left before i end this….sadness sets in…….but, it’s been a great ride…..

1.  we begin today with some very sad news…actor MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN died suddenly yesterday at the age of 54….he was  tremendous actor who played in great roles like “THE GREEN MILE” with TOM HANKS…

my favorite role by MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN was in the awesome movie “SIN CITY.”

another cool role was an ape in a remake of “PLANET OF THE APES.”

MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN’S deep voice has been silenced, but his movie magic will live on forever….

2.  here are your tuesday funnies….

this absolutely cracked me up yesterday….

how about a little more computer humor?

so…what did you do on labor day weekend?  here’s what i did…

hmmm…never thought about the next one…sounds true, though…


3.  when i was younger, like back in the 70’s, i used to always confuse GLADYS KNIGHT with LESLIE UGGAMS…don’t know why, but i did…..so, let’s give them a tribute this morning….

first of all, GLADYS KNIGHT….she had a big music group called “GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS.”  great songs like “MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA,”  “I HEARD IT THRU THE GRAPEVINE”, and many more…very pretty girl…

GLADYS KNIGHT is now 68 years old…here she is recently…

4.  and now LESLIE UGGAMS….she was not only a singer, but an actress on tv and movies, and on broadway…..she is also a very beautiful woman….

LESLIE UGGAMS is now 69 years old…here she is recently…

5.  saw a couple of movies this weekend……on saturday, MITCHELL and I went to see the horror movie we’ve been waiting to see…”THE POSSESSION.”  my other son TYLER had to work and couldn’t go….anyway, here’s my thoughts….BEST HORROR MOVIE I’VE SEEN IN YEARS….the horror movie genre has really sucked in recent years… movies that looked good were horrible…other than the “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY” series, movies haven’t been that good…..the movie “THE POSSESSION” had us interested from start to finish…we jumped out of our chairs a couple of times, and it actually had a story AND a good ending…highly recommended, IF YOU LIKE HORROR MOVIES….if you don’t, you might want to avoid this one…..

6.  and, last night my beautiful wife and i FINALLY watched the movie about MARGARET THATCHER called “THE IRON LADY.”  of course, one of the finest actresses EVER played the former prime minister….i’m talking about MERYL STREEP….

how did we like it?  it was good…not great, but good….we’ve wanted to see it for so long, that i think it lost some of it’s luster in the process……MERYL was dead on as THATCHER…the problem we had was that it jumped all over from today to yesterday…later years then early childhood…….my biggest disappointment was that it hardly at all featured her years with RONALD REAGAN….very important years…..

but, if you are a history buff, it’s recommended to see….and if nothing else, just watch another earth shattering performance by a legendary actress……here’s MERYL STREEP as MARGARET THATCHER…..

7.  this “empty nest” syndrome is turning out to be not so bad after all…i love spending time with my beautiful wife…we have so much fun together…..MITCHELL was home from college for two days, but i hardly saw him, other than going to a movie with him, and some miniature golfing….

however, the “competition” between me and my wife continues….we played miniature golf…SHE KICKED MY BUTT….we played a card game called “golf.”  SHE KICKED MY BUTT….we played ping pong…I KICKED HER BUTT…well, as MEATLOAF said, “TWO OUT OF THREE AIN’T BAD.”

8.  there is now waffle-flavored vodka on the market….sales are expected to be slow since the cast of “JERSEY SHORE” won’t be around to promote it….

9.  the REV. MOON died over the weekend at the age of 92….which reminds me…remember the good old days when the only ones that bugged you at the airport were “THE MOONIES?”

10.  PIPPA MIDDLETON wrote a book about party planning….hmm..and you thought that PRINCE HARRY wrote the book on partying!!!!

11.  a new study finds that conservatives and liberals have two different type of brains….now only if they could put them both together and make one that actually works….

12.  this is true…in VIETNAM, a new species of fish has been found that has their genitals on thier heads……dating must be tough…everyone can see your intentions….


Cletus is passing by Billy Bob’s hay barn one day when, through a gap in the door, he sees Billy Bob doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old green John Deere.

Buttocks clenched, he performs a slow pirouette, and gently slides off first the right strap of his overalls, followed by the left. He then hunches his shoulders forward and in a classic striptease move, lets his overalls fall down to his hips, revealing a torn and frayed plaid shirt. Then, grabbing both sides of his shirt, he rips it apart to reveal his stained T-shirt underneath. With a final flourish, he tears the T-shirt from his body, and
hurls his baseball cap onto a pile of hay.

Having seen enough, Cletus rushes in and says,”What the heck are you doing, Billy Bob?”

“Jeez, Cletus, ya scared the bejeezers out of me,” says an
embarrassed Billy Bob. “But me’n the Ol’ Lady been havin trouble lately in the bedroom d’partment, and the therapist
suggested I do ‘something sexy to a tractor’.”





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