random thoughts for tuesday october 2nd, 2012


it’s so good to be back with the blog….it’s my intention to do one daily, however, with my hectic new schedule, i might miss a day or two.  here’s what’s going on right now.

i left hub city radio two weeks ago…my DAD died after my first week of my two week notice.  so, i never got to say goodbye to my listeners….that hurts me….i really wanted a day of saying “thanks” to the thousands who listened every single morning…but hey, that’s life…..

anyway, i am now at PIERSON FORD in ABERDEEN….i am helping out with some of the marketing, and selling vehicles….i’m having a pretty good time so far, although, i am COMPLETELY overwhelmed…..test after test to take…..new vehicle options to learn…..

***with these new vehicles, you don’t just start the car, turn on the headlights and take off….man, are they complex!!!

during the next few hundred blogs, i will be sharing the stories of PIERSON FORD and the gang that works there…..awfully nice group of people…..

on to other things….

i want to say thank you to all of you who sent cards, sent e-mails, texted me, and mostly prayed for me and my family during the loss of my dad…..i knew losing dad would be hard, but i wasn’t planning on this hard…wow….

i am so so so so so blessed, in the fact that my family is SUPER SUPER CLOSE….i feel sorry for families who are not close….they have no idea what they are missing…….our families closeness will get us thru this, and will build character and faith in all of us.

here are some moments from the week surrounding dad’s death.

this was the last picture taken of dad…..he did what he loved right up til the end…he was in ANDOVER, SOUTH DAKOTA driving tractor in the shreshing parade.  numerous people have told me that they saw him and he flashed that famous smile to them…..here is the very last picture……i cherish this so much….

after dad’s death, we had a “group shot” in memory of DENO….this is my entire family saluting dad with a “CHUCK NORRIS SHOT”…and no, the underaged did not drink…ha ha…

while we were hanging out at dad and mom’s house in PIERPONT, SOUTH DAKOTA, we went thru some old stuff….here is my brothers TROY AND TREVOR, with me sandwiched in the middle…we are wearing dad’s army helmets, and holding his cherished cans of “M*A*S*H” beer…remember that stuff?

my mother is one of the most beautiful creations that GOD made…i’m not afraid or ashamed to admit, that i am a HUGE MAMA’S BOY…always have been, always will be…

here’s my awesome mother, and my gorgeous niece ERIN…

i’m also not ashamed to admit that i married well…ha ha…i went WAY BEYOND what i should have received when i married JEANNIE…here we are my the greatest gift that GOD ever gave us, TYLER AND MITCHELL…pretty good lookin’ family, if i do say so myself!!

here’s my mama and my family…..from left  to right, TROY, JAY, LISA, KRISTA, MAMA, and my brother TREVOR….

here’s a great picture of all of mom and dad’s grandkids…

here’s my beautiful bride, my brother TROY, and some other weirdo…oh wait…IT’S ME…if i could have made a more stupid smile, i would have hated to see it…

probably the coolest thing we did at dad’s funeral, was that his kids sang to him one last time…..our lives have always been about music….dad played guitar and sang to us from when we were very small up until a few years ago…..

this is all of the siblings singing one last song to papa…..to be honest, it was a pretty off color song, but it was perfect for dad….everybody there LOVED IT….it’s a song called “THREE IRISHMEN.”

and finally, a picture that my niece ERIN took…..look at how beautiful this picture is…..

so that’s it….a great man is gone, but his legacy lives on….thank you for indulging me on this project…..i promise that more “uplifting” blogs are coming……




5 thoughts on “random thoughts for tuesday october 2nd, 2012

  1. So great reading this blog… such a pleasure seeing all those pictures. You have an awesome family.. Great picture Of your dad on that good old John Deere Tractor.. a treasure for always.. Miss you so much on the radio but definitely did understand.. and some day, who knows. Anyway, enjoy Pierson’s.. give them guys heck.. especially one.. ha ha later

  2. Thanks for sharing about your Dad, Jay. It made me cry, but it’s important to “keep it real” with the people in your life, and I know we all appreciate that. You’re a good example to others, minus that cheesy smile picture!! LOL!! We all have photos like that where we wonder what on earth we were doing with our face! Appreciated that comic relief! 🙂 Heading toward Mayo Clinic in Rochester this evening for what will hopefully be Alison’s last appt there tomorrow with the pediatric rheumatologist. She’s doing great!! Have a super day! Colleen

  3. Hang in there my friend… Thoughts and prayers are always with you… Love you have the blog back… We’ll be a follower fo sho…

  4. Hang in there brother… We are thinking of and praying for you and family… Glad the blog is back… we will be continued followers…

  5. ounds like your dad was a great guy to know! By the way i not only remember the M*A*S*H* beer, i have an original six pack put together right here in Vancouver Wash, at the now gone lucky brewery. (i don’t dare drink the beer after all these years!! WOW) any Prayers and good hopes for you and your family in the future. Great Blog look forward to reading it each month’ take care Roger Walker

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