random thoughts for tuesday october 9th, 2012


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my darling friend, SUE, decided to send this to me this morning, knowing full well that i am TERRIFIED of clowns…..but, i have to admit, it’s funny…yet creepy…..

ah, yes, another night at TACO BELL and TACO JOHNS….ha ha…

i know the real refs are back in the NFL, but this was too good to pass up….

sorry about this next one ladies…but, seriously, there’s so much man bashing out there, that this one seems mild…ha ha…

2.  happy birthday wishes today are going out to a WASHINGTON REDSKINS legend…quarterback DOUG WILLIAMS…he turns 57 today…DOUG WILLIAMS came in to the qb position for my SKINS, when JAY SCHROEDER was injured….i absolutely do not want ANYONE to get hurt, but in this case it worked out incredibly….DOUG WILLIAMS came in as the backup quarterback and led my beloved WASHINGTON REDSKINS to a SUPER BOWL win over JOHN ELWAY and the DENVER BRONCOS…..my team won 42-10…listen to what DOUG WILLIAMS did…he set an NFL record by having FIVE TOUCHDOWNS IN THE SECOND QUARTER ALONE…..and, of course, he was named the SUPER BOWL MVP…..

here’s “the man”…DOUG WILLIAMS….

DOUG’S been very busy in recent years, including coaching at GRAMBLING…here’s DOUG WILLIAMS today on birthday number 57….

3.  believe it or not, JOHN LENNON would have been 72 today…..yep, 72……crazy, huh?  what i did not know is that JOHN LENNON shared his birthday wish his son, SEAN LENNON…i probably knew that, but just forgot….anyway, SEAN LENNON is 37 today…and of course, his dad was gunned down by an insane gunman back in 1980 at the age of 40…..

do you think JOHN AND SEAN look alike?  you be the judge….

i think the answer is a resounding “YES.”

4.  all of our entertainment favorites are getting older…..as we all are…today we salute JACKSON BROWNE who is 64 today….wow…i wouldn’t have guessed that……JACKSON BROWNE is known for such songs as “RUNNING ON EMPTY”, “SOMEBODY’S BABY”, “DOWN ON THE BOULEVARD”, “DOCTOR MY EYES” and many more…here is JACKSON BROWNE years ago…

and here’s JACKSON BROWNE in recent years….

5.  you didn’t think we could celebrate his birthday without hearing some music did you?

here’s “DOCTOR MY EYES.”


this one is my favorite JACKSON BROWNE song…it’s the remake of “STAY.”


and here’s “SOMEBODY’S BABY”, from the hit movie “FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.”


6.  yesterday it was the shock heard round the world…one of HOLLYWOOD’S longest marriages is coming to an end…..DANNY DEVITO and RHEA PERLMAN are separating after THIRTY YEARS of marriage….no official reason is given, but the tabloids are reporting that DANNY has had a “wandering eye” for years….still, sad sad news…..

7.  KELLY, LEE and I were having a deep talk this morning at work about the horrible killings in the world, specifically the shooting in the theater in COLORADO…what would we do if we were there?  well, our instincts say that we would try to tackle the gunman, and choke the life out of him….but would we really?  the first time that JEANNIE AND I went to a movie in ABERDEEN after the shooting, we talked about that….what would we do if that backdoor flew open and shots started?  ISN’T IT PATHETIC THAT WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS?  FROM GOING TO A SIMPLE NIGHT ON THE TOWN AND SEEING A MOVIE?  as i reported before, one of my beautiful nieces was in that theater the night before….that’s way too close…

8.  wow…how tragic is this?  a FLORIDA man was in an “cockroach eating contest” the other day…why?  i will never understand that…anyway, after eating dozens of roaches and worms, the 32 year old man COLLAPSED AND DIED….DIED!!!!  how horrible……doctors expect to give us details as to why he died after they work the bugs out…..(okay, that was low even for me.)

9.  my son MITCHELL goes to college in MOORHEAD, MINNESOTA, and he said the other day somebody  drove by him on the campus very fast, splashed my son with water, and then crashed thier car and ran away on foot…later apprehended by the way……WHO KNEW THAT LINDSAY LOHAN WAS GOING TO MINNESOTA STATE MOORHEAD?


Two elderly gentlemen from a retirement center were
sitting on a bench under a tree when one turns to the other and says: “John, I’m
83 years old now and I’m just full of aches and pains. I know you’re about my
age. How do you feel?”

John says, “I feel just like a newborn baby.”

“Really!? Like a newborn baby!?”

“Yep. No hair, no teeth, and I
think I just pooped my pants.”




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