random thoughts for monday october 15th, 2012


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even “SAM I AM” gets older….

here’s a little “trick or treat” humor….

the next one is WRONG…..funny, but WRONG…


and finally……YOU’VE BEEN WARNED….

2. it’s a milestone birthday today for actress/director/funnywoman PENNY MARSHALL….i’m sure most people remember her from “LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY.”

PENNY MARSHALL is 70 today….here she is today, and one with the cast of the show…..these picture were taken earlier this year…

3.  RICHARD CARPENTER of “THE CARPENTERS” turns 66 years old today…he, of course, if the brother of KAREN CARPENTER from the duo that had numerous hits in the 70’s and early 80’s…

you will probably remember that KAREN died in 1983 at the age of 32….

here’s a picture of the birthday boy RICHARD CARPENTER from a couple of years ago…

4.  GARY COLLINS died a couple of days ago…remember him? he was a daytime talk show host, and an actor, plus he hosted the “MISS AMERICA” pageant for about a decade…he was married to a former “MISS AMERICA” MARY ANN MOBLEY….

GARY COLLINS was 74 when he died the other day..here’s a recent picture of the couple…

5.  “HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

the long awaited MINNESOTA VIKINGS vs. WASHINGTON REDSKINS game finally came yesterday….great game…two good teams….my REDSKINS prevailed 38-26…..game was full of highlights…..

the best one, as far as REDSKINS fans are concerned was our amazing quarterback ROBERT GRIFFIN III, or “RG3” going 76 yards for a touchdown…

the VIKINGS star KYLE RUDOLPH had a great catch for a two point conversion late in the game…

DEANGELO HALL celebrates an interception of VIKINGS qb CHRISTIAN PONDER…

and PERCY HARVIN takes off to the races….

i was thrilled that my REDSKINS won the game, but here’s the deal..the MINNESOTA VIKINGS are my second favorite team…i cheer every week for them, unless they’re playing WASHINGTON…however, i am completely satisifed that my SKINS got a monkey off their back….know what that is?  THEY HAVEN’T WON A HOME GAME IN 8 TRIES…now that’s pathetic….

6.  my beautiful wife is an incredible cook….we had a bunch of family over yesterday to watch the game, and she created a table full of delicious items like chicken chili, bbq’s, and all kinds of dips…she also made a delicious pan of brownies yesterday…she set the pan outside WITH THE COVER ON, just to cool them, and then it happened….she looked outside and the cover was lying on the ground, and their were SQUIRREL TRACKS in the brownies…JEANNIE had just seen a squirrel go flying off our deck and didn’t know why…once we saw the footprints in the brownies, we knew who did it…my son MITCHELL wanted to put poison in them and put them back out there, but i told him there were too many kids running around the neighborhood…ha ha…

7.  ready for a good laugh?  CHECK OUT THIS COMMERCIAL..IT WILL CRACK YOU UP….



With their 30th wedding anniversary approaching, Ron asks his wife, Sylvia, what she wants to celebrate the occasion.

“Would you like to have a new mink coat?” Ron asks.

“No, not really,” Sylvia responds.

“Well, how about a new Porche?” asks Ron.

“No, thanks,” Sylvia replies.

“What about a new vacation home in the country?” Ron suggests.

“No,” says Sylvia.

“Well, what would you like for your anniversary?” Ron asks.

“I’d like a divorce, Ron,” answers Sylvia.

“Sorry, honey, I wasn’t planning on spending that much,” replies Ron.




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