random thoughts for FRIDAY november 2nd, 2012



without PIERSON FORD, this blog would not continue…so i think you need to thank them…….if you are ever in, make sure to tell the boss thanks……if you want to call, just dial 1-800-627-1237.  i seriously would not be doing the blog anymore without their help……..PIERSON FORD is the home of the best vehicles around…FORD…..plus they carry a full line of pre-owned vehicles of every make and model.



this one makes sense, i guess….

TAYLOR SWIFT seems to write about heartbreak and breakups, so i guess this one makes sense….





this one is dedicated to a few people that i know…..




i always thought of writing a letter like this….




and, in honor of the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON, here’s a couple of “running jokes.”

this one is SO ME….


2.  well, we keep getting older and older, and so do our favorite celebrities…this one shocked me just a little bit…..yet it didn’t…..beautiful actress STEFANIE POWERS turns 70 today…you probably remember her for starring with ROBERT WAGNER on “HART TO HART.”

here’s STEFANIE POWERS today at 70….still looking pretty doggone good…..


3.  and speaking of her co-star ROBERT WAGNER, let’s feature him too….i was shocked to find out that ROBERT WAGNER IS 82 YEARS OLD….that just doesn’t seem right…..he was great on “HART TO HART”, but my favorite show of his was “SWITCH” with EDDIE ALBERT and SHARON GLESS……


ROBERT WAGNER was married to beautiful actress NATALIE WOOD…she apparently drowned back in 1981 at the age of 43……i say “apparently” because there are still weird circumstances surrounding her death.  she was on a boat with ROBERT WAGNER and CHRISTOPHER WALKEN when this happened…all kinds of rumors swirled around this deal, but the fact of the matter is, a beautiful actress, wife, and mother lost her life…here she is with her then hubby, ROBERT WAGNER….

i have always thought that ROBERT WAGNER was an incredibly good looking man…and he still is at 82…..

4.  now i know why NATALIE gave herself the stage name of NATALIE WOOD….do you know what her real name was?  i’m not joking about this…you can look it up…


NATALIA NIKOLAEVNA ZACHARENKO…..wow……try saying that three times…i can’t even say it ONCE…..

5.  well, another halloween is history…..we had a pretty good time handing out candy, except for a few kids that had the guts to COME BACK TWICE and ask for more candy…wow…i would have never done that as a child……one thing i hate about halloween being so late, is spending all that time on the kids costume and makeup, and then having to wear a coat over it……

6.  the big rukus today is the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON….they are still planning on doing it this sunday, even though it’s taking some people four hours to travel around the city because of damage from HURRICANE SANDY…..people are really divided over this…..bars and stores are in favor of it, of course, but a lot of average citizens are just shocked that it’s still continuing….

i find it odd that the PITTSBURGH STEELERS can’t find hotel rooms to stay in NEW YORK CITY after they play the GIANTS, yet the marathon is still going ahead…….i’m kind of mixed about it…..first of all, i don’t care about it.  never have, never will…unless i know of someone personally running in it…otherwise, it just doesn’t interest me…..but i do feel for the citizens of NEW YORK CITY…..all that damage…all that death…all that destruction…..yet thousands and thousands of people are going to crowd the streets for this event………

7.  it’s a good year for our school WARNER HIGH SCHOOL…the WARNER girls volleyball team haven’t lost all season…they’re 27-0 and number one in the state…they play tonight against their arch rival NORTHWESTERN for the district title….tomorrow night, our undefeated WARNER MONARCHS football team will host HERREID-SELBY for the right to head to the dome in VERMILLION for the state championship game………HERREID-SELBY is also undefeated…should be one heck of a game…..

8.  JOKE OF THE DAY:  (one of my all time favorites…)

this man decided to join the monastery to become a monk.  the head guy tells him that he must take the vow of silence, but is allowed to say TWO WORDS at the end of every year he is there….so, one year rolls around, the monk is brought into the head man’s office, and is told he can say two words…the monk says “FOOD COLD.”  the head guy apologizes and says he will look into it…..at the end of the second year, the monk is brought back in and is told he can say two words…he says, “BED HARD.”  so, the boss decides he will look into that as well…….it gets to the end of the third year, the monk is brought back in for his annual two words, and he yells, “I QUIT.”

the head guy looks at him and says, “I’M NOT SURPRISED….ALL YOU’VE DONE IS BITCH SINCE YOU’VE BEEN HERE.”






Author: jaydeanhcr

Jay Dean spent 30 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. Jay is now the host/creator of a very popular radio show called “Country Legends Jukebox.” Jay also helps out ministering at two churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, and Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.

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