random thoughts for monday november 5th, 2012

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okay…this first one cracked me up BIG TIME yesterday….

the answer to the next one is …”POINT WELL TAKEN.”

and here’s a little “TITANIC” humor…

hhmmmm..i can relate to the next one….

and finally….another funny one….


2.  the legendary actor/singer/cowboy ROY ROGERS would have been 101 today…how about that?  this man was one of the classiest individuals that you could find anywhere…..good good man…

ROY ROGERS was married to DALE EVANS for 51 years, if my math is correct….which is highly questionable…ha ha..

and, ROY ROGERS had a famous horse named TRIGGER…and a famous dog named BULLET….

and believe it or not, i saw both TRIGGER and BULLET…how?  because they were both stuffed and place in the ROY ROGERS MUSEUM…..(rumor had it that ROY ROGERS wanted to be stuffed and place on TRIGGER after he died…..apparently, DALE EVANS put a stop to it…thankfully…)

here are a couple of later year pictures of ROY ROGERS and DALE EVANS….


3.  his loving wife DALE EVANS died in 2001 at the age of 88…here she is in her last few years….

4.  i have always thought that CLINT BLACK and ROY ROGERS could pass for father and son….and i’m not alone….many many people have thought the same thing…you be the judge…..

they had the exact same “eye squint”…….plus they did a video together called “HOLD ON PARTNER.”  check it out….



5.  half of the pair of “SIMON AND GARFUNKEL” has a birthday today….ART GARFUNKEL turns 71 today……remember him?

here’s ART GARFUNKEL today on his 71st birthday…plus some recent pictures of him with his singing partner PAUL SIMON…PAUL SIMON, by the way is also 71 years old….


6.  i need to play my favorite SIMON AND GARFUNKEL songs today…




i also love “THE BOXER.”



but, i do believe that my favorite SIMON AND GARFUNKEL song is “HOMEWARD BOUND.”



7.  by the way, if you love the music of SIMON AND GARFUNKEL like i do, i encourage you to go see JIM WITTER in ABERDEEN on november 13th.  he is doing a tribute to SIMON AND GARFUNKEL…it’s brought to you by the ABERDEEN AREA ARTS COUNCIL…for tickets and more information call 605-226-1557…TICKETS WILL GO FAST…


8.  my WASHINGTON REDSKINS sucked it up again yesterday…AT HOME…to the CAROLINA PANTHERS…i only bring that up for one reason……it’s called the “REDSKINS RULE.”  since 1940 this has happened every election except one…..if the REDSKINS win at home the sunday before the election, the incumbent wins…..if the REDSKINS lose at home the sunday before the election, the challenger wins….so, if you believe in this theory, MITT ROMNEY will win on tuesday…..i’m not being political here, i’m just throwing out a fun fact….we’ll see this year if the “REDSKINS RULE” is right again or not…

9. speaking of elections, i think i speak for the entire country when i say….GET THIS DAMN THING OVER WITH…..geez…i’m so tired of the backstabbing, mean ads that are running…..here’s the deal…TELL ME WHAT YOU WILL DO AND NOT WHAT THE OTHER PERSON WON’T DO…..

many people i know have become very upset with our government…i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard the following statement…”IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO GETS IN, NOTHING WILL GET DONE, AND THEY WILL HAVE NO CONTROL TO DO ANYTHING.”   we’ll see….



this man and woman were married, and after a year the wife noticed that he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore……she asked her husband why he wasn’t wearing his ring, and he said, “because it cuts off my circulation.”  and the wife said, “THAT’S WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO DO.”

and one more wedding joke…….

a man and his wife were in marriage counseling because they felt like they were growing apart…..the wife said to the therapist, “my husband doesn’t even know me anymore…he has no idea what i like and what i don’t like…heck, he doesn’t even know what my favorite flower is….do you honey?”   the man thought for a moment and said, “umm..it’s pillsbury, isn’t it?”






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