random thoughts for monday december 3rd, 2012

GOOD MONDAY EVERYBODY!!!  HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT WEEKEND….it sure went quick, didn’t it?


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this one is GROSS…but HILARIOUS…it’s something that would have happened to me and my brother TROY when we were small…ha ha….


a little snowman humor….


i know a lot of people would agree with the next one…..


sorry VIKINGS fans…couldn’t resist this one…..


and finally,  a solution to a big problem……


2.  i noticed that actor RAY WALSTON would have been 98 today, if he were still around…he died back in 2001….do you know the name RAY WALSTON?  i bet you’ll remember him….

his most famous early role was on the hit tv show “MY FAVORITE MARTIAN.”


to my generation he will always be known as “MR. HAND” from “FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.”  he always had to battle with JEFF SPICOLI, played by SEAN PENN……



here’s a later year picture of RAY WALSTON…..

Picket Fences (CBS) 1992-1996<br /><br />
Shown: Ray Walston

3.  what a horrific day in the NFL on saturday…. a player from the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS shot and killed his girlfriend, and then went to the CHIEFS facilities and killed himself in front of their coach ROMEO CRENELL and their general manager SCOTT PIOLI……tragic…horrible…very sad…….i feel sorry for everyone involved, but especially for the coach and general manager to have to witness something like that, especially when they were trying to talk him into not doing it…..

what was kind of hidden in the news saturday, is that, apparently, an employee of the CLEVELAND BROWNS killed himself at the BROWN’S facilities…….i don’t quite understand why they both felt they needed to go to work to do this awful deed……..

4.  alright some happy NFL NEWS…..let’s recap a couple of games from sunday…..

***the MINNESOTA VIKINGS, for the most part, looked horrible yesterday…other than ADRIAN PETERSON, who rushed for over 200 yards…..and yes, i had him in for my fantasy team…more on that later…anyway, the VIKINGS had like 334 yards passing at halftime, and it wasn’t until 2 and a half minutes left in the game until an actual WIDE RECEIVER caught a pass….their tight end KYLE RUDOLPH had caught some before….here’s the thing…..I’M OVERWEIGHT…I’M OLD….I’M WAY WAY WAY OUT OF SHAPE….EVEN I COULD HAVE THROWN FOR MORE THAN 35 YARDS IN A HALF….GEEZ….

***i was thrilled to see the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS win at home yesterday, one day after that horrible tragedy……BRADY QUINN finally had a good game in the NFL…..as bad as the team is playing this year, i can’t see them firing coach ROMEO CRENELL after the season….especially after what he went thru saturday…….

***i was sick to see the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS beat the CHICAGO BEARS and the DALLAS COWBOYS beat the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES…..i needed both those teams to lose to help my REDSKINS out…..i was angry watching SEAHAWKS coach PETE CARROLL dance around the sidelines after their overtime win while their wide receiver SIDNEY RICE laid motionless in the end zone after catching the winning touchdown….i’ve never been a fan of coach CARROLL, and still am not…….

5.  the college football national championship game is set…NOTRE DAME vs. ALABAMA….and guess what?  I’M NOT WATCHING ONE SECOND OF IT…..i’m not a fan of NICK SABAN of the ALABAMA team, and NOTRE DAME is my most despised college football team…..awesome…i’ll have a night open to not do anything……

6.  my son TYLER is manhandling me in fantasy football….i’m down something like 45 points going into tonight…i have the REDSKINS running back, defense, and kicker, while he has the GIANTS defense…i think my  winning streak is OVER…..


Little Johnny asks his mother her age.

She replies, “Gentlemen don’t ask ladies that question.”

Johnny then asks his mother how much she weighs.

Again his mother replies, “Gentlemen don’t ask ladies that question.”

The boy then asks, “Why did Daddy leave you?”

To this, the mother says, “You shouldn’t ask that,” and sends him to his room.

On the way, Johnny trips over his mother’s purse. When he picks it up, her driver’s license falls out.

Johnny runs back into the room. “I know all about you now. You are 36 years old, weigh 127 pounds and Daddy left you because you got an ‘F’ in sex!”




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