random thoughts for thursday january 17th, 2013

OH YEAH, IT’S THURSDAY….couple more days till the weekend….which really doesn’t matter to me anymore being i work on saturdays and sundays…ha ha…


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hmm…seems dad is smarter than the kids think!!




and now a new spin on a classic joke!! HA HA




and all of a sudden i LOVE SOUP…




the next one is SO TRUE…




and finally, yes, i’ve fallen victim to the next one….




2.  we begin today wish sad news……actor CONRAD BAIN died this week at the age of 89…….most people remember him as MR. DRUMMOND on “DIFFERENT STROKES”, but did you know that he had an earlier role on “MAUDE?”  that’s where i remember him from….




but, it’s MR. DRUMMOND that people remember him most….here he is with co-stars, and his tv kids, GARY COLEMAN and TODD BRIDGES….TODD released a statement saying that he was devastated by CONRAD’S death, and that he was truly a father figure, not only on the show, but up until he died….


Coleman Bain Bridges




sadly, two of his tv children beat him to the grave……GARY COLEMAN died in 2010 at the age of 42, and DANA PLATO who played his daughter “KIMBERLY” died in 1999 at the age of 34….

i couldn’t find any recent photos of CONRAD BAIN, but here are a couple from a few years ago, including one with the boys…..






3.  happy birthday wishes are going out to a legendary, beautiful woman, BETTY WHITE….this spry actress is now 91 and still working all the time…..here’s an early photo of BETTY…






BETTY WHITE is keeping busy starring in the hilarious tv show “HOT IN CLEVELAND.”  love that show…here is BETTY today at 91……




4.  actor JAMES EARL JONES turns 82 today…..he starred in “ROOTS”, the KEVIN COSTNER movie “FIELD OF DREAMS”, and many more……..

but he is mostly known for one line….”LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER”…that’s right, JAMES EARL JONES was the voice of DARTH VADER in “STAR WARS.”




here’s an early picture of JAMES EARL JONES and one from the set of “FIELD OF DREAMS.”






JAMES EARL JONES is currently starring with ANGELA LANSBURY in a play production of the hit movie “DRIVING MISS DAISY.”  here he is today at 82…..






5.  everybody knows that i LOVE MY MUSIC, BABY….yep…the last 24 hours have been good to me music wise……

first of all, i’ve been waiting patiently for the last few days for this next one to arrive….it’s a box set of “ELO” or “THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA”, featuring 11 of their biggest albums…it just came in this morning, and i cannot WAIT to get going on it….even my son MITCHELL is excited about it….


ELO_classic albums_us1


ELO_classic albums_3


and, i am thrilled that WARNER BROTHERS is now releasing box sets of their best artists called “ORIGINAL ALBUM SERIES” which features five of the artist’s best albums….yesterday, i picked up a set by DWIGHT YOAKAM…and i’m loving it….




6.  how about a little music by these two?

here’s ELO with “TURN TO STONE.”



how about this ELO classic “SHINE A LITTLE LOVE”….



here’s DWIGHT YOAKAM with my favorite by him…”GUITARS, CADILLACS”….



and here’s DWIGHT YOAKAM with one of my musical heroes BUCK OWENS with “STREETS OF BAKERSFIELD.”  DWIGHT is credited for bringing BUCK out of retirement….



7.  yesterday my wife and i had to go to SIOUX FALLS for some doctor’s appointments, and while there we ate at a couple of good places…..

i had never heard of “CHARLEY’S SUBS” before, but MAN OH MAN ARE THEY GOOD….here’s what we had yesterday…a philly cheese sub and bacon cheddar fries….mmmmm…..




and, of course we made our pilgrimage to RED LOBSTER….




they had something relatively new on their appetizer’s menu called “southwest chicken pizza”…we decided to try it and…IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST APPETIZERS WE HAD EVER TRIED BEFORE….





8.  yuck…i turned on tv when we got home last night and saw the KARDASHIAN sisters on late night tv….ISN’T THEIR FIFTEEN MINUTES UP YET?


9.  JOKES OF THE DAY:  (good ones, too)


why are there so many alcoholic lawyers?  because they have trouble passing the bar……


and one of my favorites:

this old man and old lady in their 80’s are walking thru the park when all of a sudden a pigeon flies over and poops on the guys forehead….his wife says “oh, honey, i wish i had some toilet paper with me right now.”  and the old guy yells, “WHAT THE HELL FOR?  HE MUST BE A HALF MILE AWAY BY NOW.”





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