JAY’S SUPER BOWL PICK!!!! (as if you care, right?) ha ha

well, here we go…another SUPER BOWL coming up…….should be a good game….




this weekend’s game features the top team in the NFC against the top team in the AFC…




fans for both teams are going CRAZY….




here are some points for this year’s game, according to yours truly…..

***everybody is calling this the “HARBAUGH BOWL”, because both coaches are brothers…….they don’t like the idea because it takes away from the players and i admire both of them for that.

***i love both of the brothers, but i think i  like JIM of the 49’ERS a little bit better….i love his fire…i love his passion……i would LOVE to have him coach my REDSKINS…..

***i really like both quarterbacks…..KAPERNICK from the 49’ERS is exciting…young and exciting….he can run, he can throw….multi-functional quarterback……FLACCO from the RAVENS is a quarterback that i really enjoy as well…he has really come on at the end of the season…..he’s a very calm passing quarterback…doesn’t seem to get too rattled……

***both teams are rather “unassuming”.  they are just blue collar workers who go out and do their jobs…i like that….






why?  a couple of reasons…first of all, i’m sick and tired of the mouth of RAY LEWIS…..i just wish he would be quiet and play…..it’s not that he’s a trash talker, he just has a big mouth….i’m sick of watching his pregame rants as well….on the other hand, RANDY MOSS made an idiot of himself (AGAIN), when he proclaimed this week that he is the “greatest wide receiver of all time.”  first of all, RANDY, there’s a guy named JERRY RICE who is in the running, if not ahead of you….second of all RANDY, let the public decide who is the best….play the game and let your legacy be decided by your peers…….

***one of my best friends and his daughter, who happens to be my nephew’s wife are HUGE SAN FRANCISCO fans…..so, i am  cheering for their team to win the SUPER BOWL…..plus, i’m a big NFC fan….so, i have to stay in our conference…….


***on a personal note, i am enjoying the game quietly with my beautiful wife…..we’re going to make a couple of appetizers and just sit back and enjoy…..sounds like the perfect day….

ENJOY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “JAY’S SUPER BOWL PICK!!!! (as if you care, right?) ha ha

  1. Your blog rocks! Found it on accident and just enjoyed 20min perusing it (the history…ahhh the history) and laughed myself silly over your collection. Keep it up!

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