random thoughts for monday february 4th, 2013

IT’S THE MONDAY AFTER THE SUPER BOWL….or “hangover monday” for many…not for me…i’m just exhausted because i ate too much, got up at midnight because i couldn’t sleep, and then stayed up until 2am….oh well, back to the daily grind!!!

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first of all, a couple of football ones….

i laughed out loud when i saw this first one…..


the big news in the SUPER BOWL was the fact that the lights went out for over a half hour…..so, we found a couple of funnies about that…..



and now, our favorite old lady….


remember that marriage vow “TILL DEATH DO US PART?”  well, here it is….in today’s terms…ha ha…


and finally……


2.  YOUR SUPER BOWL RECAP……unless you’re living under a rock, you probably already know that the BALTIMORE RAVENS are the world champs after beating the SAN FRANCISCO 49’ERS in the SUPER BOWL last night in NEW ORLEANS….the final score was 34-31….although, the game wasn’t that close the first half….the RAVENS dominated the 49’ERS during the first half…..here are some notes from the game….

great…i have to start crying before the game even begins….the singing of “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” was touching as singer JENNIFER HUDSON led a chorus of kids from SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, where the horrific shootings took place…..all i could think of was that some of these kids singing probably lost brothers and sisters, and for sure friends……very emotional……


HALFTIME SHOW:  listen…BEYONCE is one absolutely stunningly beautiful woman….she has a great voice…her music just isn’t for me…….i would have much rather rocked out with FOREIGNER, or STYX, or REO SPEEDWAGON……a lot of my facebook friends agreed that the halftime show wasn’t that great……and unless you know the music of her group “DESTINY’S CHILD”, the so called “reunion” didn’t mean much to you…..


that had to be heartbreaking for the HARBAUGH brothers, knowing that one would win and one would lose….makes for interesting talk at the THANKSGIVING table, doesn’t it?  well, brother JOHN bested brother JIM…..


the RAVENS were rocking in the first half……


the 49’ERS made it a game in the second half….



******i’m super super super sick of watching RAY LEWIS cry…..i’m so glad he is retiring so i don’t have to watch his pregame warmup rants anymore……the bad thing is, i hear he’s either joining ESPN or NFL NETWORK, so we’ll have to look at his mug again…with him being in the limelight again, it brings back all the memories and talk about the double murder debacle back in the early 2000’s where he was found not guilty….meanwhile, he testified against a couple of other guys….oh well…i guess it’s all history now….

*****HOW IN THE WORLD DID CARY WILLIAMS NOT GET KICKED OUT OF THE GAME FOR SHOVING A REFEREE?  man oh man..it was clear on tv that he pushed a ref, and the ref never threw the flag…when you touched a referee, it’s an automatic ejection from the game….

*****HOW IN THE WORLD DID THE REFS NOT CALL HOLDING OR PASS INTERFERENCE ON THE FINAL PLAY OF THE GAME?  as my good friend VAUGHN KARY said this morning, if you call that penalty during the rest of the game, you have to call it at the end of the game……wow….

*****this is quite amazing….49’ERS quarterback COLIN KAPERNICK became the first 49’ERS quarterback to throw an interception in a SUPER BOWL in six different SUPER BOWLS….which means STEVE YOUNG and JOE MONTANA didn’t in the previous five…that’s a pretty amazing feat…..

*****that power outage was awesome……it’s weird though, because i have actually been in the SUPERDOME…..and when the game started last night i almost said to my wife “i wonder what would happen if that big rack of lights went out during the game?”  i really wish i had asked her that, because then i would have looked like a genius…..now i just look like a fool claiming that i was GOING to ask her….i seriously was though……..

*****lots of testy players in the game…fights breaking out all over…loved it……


i thought that overall, the commercials were a bit down this year….they should have each been incredibly awesome being companies spent 3.3 MILLION DOLLARS PER 30 SECOND AD….wow……must be seat cushion change for some companies……..

what commercials did you like?  here are my top two……

NUMBER TWO:  loved the M AND M’S commercial……very funny…very creative….


and my favorite commercial?  hands down…the DORITO’S commercial with the screaming goat…..


now THAT’S a fun commercial……

4.  we usually entertain or go to other friends and family’s houses during the SUPER BOWL but it was incredibly awesome staying home with my wife yesterday…..we made some bacon wrapped water chestnuts and some nachos…..great snacks….of course, i went back for more and more and felt like crap most of the second half…….I BLAME THE POWER OUTAGE FOR MY FINAL OUTING OF FOOD…..i was bored, so i grabbed more….big mistake…..

5.  MY EARS ARE BLEEDING…ha ha…i know progress is good, but we have a jackhammer being used in the service department today, and man oh man is it loud……luckily for me after 24 years in radio and many many years of loud headphones my hearing is diminished anyway…….i don’t know if “lucky” is the correct word or not….

6.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor BUG HALL…no “BUG” is not his real name…his real name is BRANDON…..he’s mostly known for playing “ALFALFA” in the remake movie of the “LITTLE RASCALS” back in 1994……..which by the way, as a huge fan of the original LITTLE RASCALS, i thought the movie was great……


BUG HALL is now 28 years old…you have probably seen him on many tv shows including “C.S.I.”, “THE O.C.”, “CRIMINAL MINDS” and more…he mostly made one show appearances in different tv shows…he was also in the TOM ARNOLD movie “THE STUPIDS”, which, as i remember, fit quite nicely with the title……

here is BUG HALL today at 28……



7.  we have to report a couple of deaths over the weekend…..

former NEW YORK CITY mayor ED KOCH died friday at the age of 88…..very well respected man…did lots of great things for NEW YORK CITY……


and, a man by the name of ANDRE CASSAGNES died in FRANCE at the age of 86…don’t know the name?  well, i bet that almost all of us have played with his creation…..


that’s right, he created the ETCH A SKETCH…..that thing drove me crazy as a kid when i tried to make a circle……..

8.  this is pretty amazing news….apparently the skull and skeleton of KING RICHARD III was found recently under a car park in ENGLAND….wow…..they said the skeleton had a metal arrowhead lodged in it’s spine, which fit right in with KING RICHARD III being killed in the “BATTLE OF BOSWORTH” back in 1485……wow…there’s some history, huh?




There was once a man who was in a bar, terribly  drunk. The bartender noticed this, and when he asked for another beer,   the bartender politely told him that he was too drunk to be served  another drink. The man leaves. He walks in the side door and asks the  bartender for a beer. A little frustrated, the bartender repeats the answer he said before. The man leaves. He then comes in the other side door, walks to the bartender and asks for a beer. The bartender is  annoyed, and tells the man he is too drunk and to get a ride home and  leave his bar. He leaves. He then comes in the BACK door,sees the  bartender, and before he can say a word, the bartender explodes at him.  “I told you already, you are way to drunk, you can not have another  beer! Get out of my bar!” Disgruntled, the man looks at the bartender   and asks, “Man, how many bars do you work at?”




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