country music legend JACK GREENE has died at the age of 83…..he had been suffering from alzheimers in recent months.  JACK GREENE, also known as “the jolly green giant”, became a member of the GRAND OLE OPRY back in 1967 while his songs were climbing the country charts…..JACK GREENE got his start as the drummer for the great ERNEST TUBB…..yep, he was one of the “TEXAS TROUBADOURS.”

you probably know his massive number one hits….




JACK GREENE had a monster year in 1967, as his album and song of the same name “THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING”, swept the very first COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION, or “CMA AWARDS” back in 1967…..JACK GREENE was male vocalist of the year, and “THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING” won song and album of the year…..that particular song has been covered by more than 100 artists including ELVIS PRESLEY…’s JACK GREENE in his big years…




and here’s JACK GREENE a couple of years ago….


i had the dinstinct pleasure of talking with JACK GREENE a few times….one year he played out at CRAVEN CORNER near IPSWICH…..JACK was a very very kind man…..great big heart on him…..always took care of the fans…..i saw his show one time in NASHVILLE, and went to talk to him after the show…i told him that, obviously, i was in love with “THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING” and “STATUE OF A FOOL”, but i told him i was a huge fan of a hit called “NO ONE’S GONNA HURT YOU ANYMORE.”  he said to me, “oh my goodness…i haven’t thought about or played that song in over 20 years….man, you must have a great country music history mind.”  GOD BLESS HIM…actually, he is right…my favorite music in the world is country music from the 50’s thru 80’s………

NOW LET’S FOCUS ON THE MUSIC…..please watch these and enjoy these…..

here’s the blockbuster hit “THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING.”

here’s the classic “STATUE OF A FOOL.”  (this is cool…he’s singing in front of other country stars….)

and see if you remember “ALL THE TIME.”

JACK GREENE is gone…but i’m sure his music will live on for decades to come…..terrific songs like these don’t just go away…….



  1. Hi Jay

    Thanks for notifying the passing of Jack Greene, a favorite of my dad.

    Keep up the great work with your post’s

    The race team here looks forward to each of your posts along with the great jokes

    Take care, stay well and happy

    Gary Pollard

    Nwsw Racing Specialties

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