random thoughts for EASTER WEEKEND 2013





the bunny is fine….the eggs are fine…but let’s not forget the REAL REASON FOR EASTER…






i apologize for not getting more blogs done this week…it has been INSANELY busy…..”HOLY WEEK” is always super busy for pastors, and it’s even harder when you have a full time job in addition to preaching…..i had confirmation and youth group wednesday, maundy thursday services on thursday, a funeral friday afternoon and good friday services friday night, and three, count em’ THREE services on EASTER morning……but, the good LORD has blessed me with some powerful messages this week…and he’s giving me energy to make it thru……..i realize that the messages i deliver are just my voice….they truly come from above…….


your blog is sponsored by PIERSON FORD in ABERDEEN….well, we’re at the end of march…april is shaping up to be an incredible month at PIERSON FORD…keep watching here for all the details….wow, i cannot believe the number of FORD F-150’S on the road today……in three months, i have taken in almost a half dozen other brands of pickups and gotten people into FORD’S for the first time in their lives….that’s exciting….and the other sales people are doing it every week, too……it’s great to see people switch to FORD and love the product….actually, the F-150’S sell themselves…..check out all of our vehicles at:  http://piersonford.com/ or call us toll free at 1-800-627-1237……






what the heck is MICKEY MOUSE DOING?




yeah, this following one would DEFINETLY be me….




ummm…i hope this next one never happens to me in old age….




i need to try this next one…although, it’s amazing how much less i hear from them taking our home phone…..




I MAKE A TOAST TO THE FOLLOWING….(just make sure it’s a glass of wine for me)




and finally, one dedicated to the big stars of HOLLYWOOD who name their kids ridiculous names….




2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor JOHN ASTIN…he turns 83 today…and still looking good….JOHN ASTIN starred as “GOMEZ ADDAMS” on “THE ADDAMS FAMILY.” 






he also had a HILARIOUS role for a short time on “NIGHT COURT”….he played a mental case by the name of BUDDY, who turns out to be the father of the lead judge HARRY STONE…his signature line was “BUT I’M FEELING MUCH BETTER NOW.”  his role was wonderful…..




here’s JOHN ASTIN today at 83……..as i mentioned, still looking great!!






JOHN ASTIN has a few children, and a couple of actors in his family…..one of his sons is MACKENZIE ASTIN…




and one of his other sons is actor SEAN ASTIN…


Astin, Sean


3.  i know that funerals are generally meant to be sad…but many times they are celebrations….and sometimes things happen that will make you never forget that funeral…such was the case yesterday for a funeral i did at my church in HOUGHTON….the young man who was digging the grave told us that his trip to HOUGHTON from ABERDEEN was 130 miles….keep in mind, it’s normally about 45…we asked him what happened and he said, “i confused HOUGHTON with HOSMER.”  for those of you not from this area, HOSMER is quite a ways west of ABERDEEN, and HOUGHTON is northeast of ABERDEEN…he said he had the “needle buried” on his vehicle all the way to HOUGHTON…that’s pretty hilarious…..


4.  well, i’m kind of sad today….the cinderella NCAA men’s basketball team FLORIDA GULF COAST was defeated by instate rival FLORIDA last night…..i can’t stand when FLORIDA wins…you see, i’m a diehard TENNESSEE VOLS fan, so any team from FLORIDA that wins that are from the SEC i don’t root for…..anyway, it was a nice run for them…i just wish they could have gone further….i love cinderella teams that are going places they are not supposed to……….


5.  i saw some interesting baby pictures of HOLLYWOOD stars…i thought i would share some with you….


here’s actress KATHERINE HEIGL…








i’m pretty sure that i could have figured out that the next one is actor JONAH HILL….




here’s “MR. PLAYBOY” himself…HUGH HEFNER….




and what would a baby salute be without cutie JUSTIN BIEBER….




6.  i think one of the saddest things in the world is when parents outlive their children…..when a child dies, no matter what age they are, it kills the parents a little inside……our sympathy today is going out to legendary wrestler RIC FLAIR…his son, REID FLAIR, died suddenly at the age of 25 yesterday…no cause of death yet……..




7.  also, the man who played “UNCLE VERNON” on the “HARRY POTTER” movies has died….actor RICHARD GRIFFITHS died this week in central ENGLAND from complications of heart surgery…he was only 65……….from what i was reading this morning, he was quite an accomplished actor in ENGLAND…..






8.  i doubt that my beautiful bride and myself will be able to attend a movie this weekend because of our busy EASTER weekend, but i do know that our next movie we will see is “THE HOST.”




the plot is about an unseen entity that takes over people’s bodies and removes their memories……..umm..isn’t that what massive quantities of beer does?  anyway, the movie looks pretty good and my girl wants to see it badly, so we will go……


9.  my wife and i am in mouring…out two favorite tv shows have thier season finales this weekend…i’m not into the “WALKING DEAD”, but my wife is insanely into it……she’s pretty sad that it’s ending for the season…..she even texts her family members during the show talking about what’s going on…..




but JEANNIE AND I do agree that “JUSTIFIED” is probably our favorite show on tv…this coming tuesday night will mark the season finale…..it’s been a crazy good year on the show……and i cannot wait until the new season starts….by the way, i turned my friend SCOTT onto the show…he’s watching season one and says he’s “completely hooked.”







Signs the Easter Bunny is Nuts

10. Neighbors describing him as “a quiet loner.”

9. Removed from a department store last December after screaming at Santa, “You’re going to die up there, fat man!”

8. Can’t stop washing his paws.

7. Colorful eggs now filled with Prozac.

6. Apartment walls covered with photos of Sharon Stone.

5. Met with Dr. Kevorkian about the possibility of a “suicide egg.”

4. Rotting corpse of Energizer bunny recently discovered in his crawl space.

3. Won’t come out of his compound in Waco, Texas.

2. He’s hippity-hopped up on crack.

1. Keeps rubbing himself for good luck.







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