random thoughts for monday april 29th, 2013

WELL, I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF....     just want to remind you that if you ever want to get ahold of me and chat, or give me comments on the blog, you can contact me at the following e-mail: jayhaaland64@yahoo.com   BIG NEWS FROM PIERSON FORD!!!!  our "9th annual all out blowout" [...]


random thoughts for friday april 26th, 2013

I'M SAD...VERY SAD TODAY....one of my favorite singers has left this world....GEORGE JONES died at the age of 81......."THE POSSUM", as he was called, has had health problems for recent years, but it didn't stop him from going on the road...he was set to play his final concert this fall in NASHVILLE, with dozens of [...]

random thoughts for wednesday april 24th, 2013

TWO THINGS TO START OUT WITH....   just in case i don't get a chance to do a blog thursday morning, i want to take this time to wish my beautiful wife a happy 26th anniversary.......26 years ago thursday we were married in ROSLYN, SOUTH DAKOTA......     i honestly never thought that someone like [...]


remember "LUMPY" on "LEAVE IT TO BEAVER?"  actually, it was CLARENCE "LUMPY" RUTHERFORD...he was played by actor FRANK BANK....(i have always loved that name.) FRANK BANK died this past saturday at  the age of 71, ONE DAY after his birthday...how about that?  no reason was given for his death. remember him?     here are [...]