random thoughts for TAX DAY monday april 15th, 2013

REALLY MOTHER NATURE?  SERIOUSLY?  YOU OLD BAT….(probably shouldn’t say that and anger her again…)….we got buried with over 10 inches of snow again this past weekend……here’s what it looked like in our area…


okay, maybe i stretched it a little…OKAY, MAYBE I STRETCHED IT ALOT…that’s not us…just feels like it…ha ha…..and the worst news?  we are already under a WINTER STORM WATCH for this wednesday and thursday……geez…i hope the weather clears up before our trip to COLORADO in june…(heavy sarcasm)

your blog is sponsored by PIERSON FORD in the auto plaza in ABERDEEN…


OKAY FOLKS…THE LOT IS CLEAR..COME AND GET IT….yep…we spent many hours today clearing off the lot so you can drive into our lot and find the vehicle of your dreams…..i checked the trade in board recently, and some really nice pickups and cars have come in during the past week.  we have sold a lot of new vehicles, and when we do, a trade usually comes with it….our awesome service department and detail department work hard to get these vehicles ready for the lot as soon as they can….check out our inventory at:  http://piersonford.com/   or call us at 1-800-627-1237.

1.  we begin our blog with….MY SOAPBOX….

this has been bothering me so much all weekend, so i need to get it off my chest…..

as you probably know, superstar CLINT BLACK appeared in ABERDEEN this past saturday night at the DAKOTA EVENTS CENTER in ABERDEEN….i have a critique of the show coming up next…but my soapbox is for the idiotic CROWD that was at the show saturday night…..not ALL of them…just SOME of them…..i have never in my life seen such a disrespectful crowd at a concert….when the artist stops and acknowledges the noisy crowd, that’s not good…….people were talking SO LOUD that it hampered the music…and even when CLINT BLACK made comments about it, nobody shut up…..we have a group of girls sitting right behind us that came within five seconds of getting a huge earfull from me, but luckily for them, the guy next to them told them to shut up….these girls got up from their chairs, and went to the back of the room to continue their talk……

here’s the deal…..they have places for all of your bullcrap talking while you’re drinking…THEY ARE CALLED “BARS.”  try going there next time…..

i cannot for the life of me figure out why people would pay upwards of $45 dollars per ticket to come and see a superstar, and then sit there and talk the entire show……if you were in that group, you should be embarrassed and ashamed……there is absolutely NO REASON for what happened……

and here’s the other deal….i spent 25 years in the radio business, and i’ve dealt with many different artists, managers and booking agents…and guess what?  THEY ALL TALK TOGETHER….that’s right, there’s a chance that CLINT BLACK or his manager will go back to NASHVILLE and tell the other managers, booking agents and stars that ABERDEEN has a loud, unruly crowd…….and guess what?  that will cut into the people that want to play here….all because of a few idiots who really had no reason being at a concert……and if you think that doesn’t happen, guess again…i have SEEN it happen….i have had friends in the music business ASK ME about places in this area, because “they heard things about them.” 

i’m not ripping the EVENTS CENTER staff, but security has to be beefed up……security needs to walk around and tell people to shut their yappers during the concert……..if people argue or get unruly, pull their butts out of the concert area and send them home……..many people paid BIG BUCKS to hear CLINT BLACK sing……we didn’t pay to hear the crap we heard………

2.  with that said, here’s my critique of CLINT BLACK….


OUTSTANDING…INCREDIBLE…..AWESOME…..UNREAL….are those words good enough?  CLINT BLACK and three of his band members who have been together for 30 years, did an “acoustic” show….it was absolutely dynamite….he played some deep album tracks along with a lot of his hits….he missed a bunch of hits, but nailed many of them….my wife was disappointed that he didn’t play “NOTHIN’ BUT THE TAILLIGHTS..”   so, she listened to it at home this weekend…ha ha….

if you are a CLINT BLACK fan and missed it, you missed a bundle…..i have seen CLINT emcee a couple of events in NASHVILLE over the past 20 years, and he absolutely KILLED it….he was so funny..so entertaining when he did that….he was the same way saturday night in ABERDEEN, especially when he told a funny story about ending up on WILLIE NELSON’S bus…you can probably imagine what that was about……

KUDOS to the staff and management of the DAKOTA EVENTS CENTER for bringing in this type of high quality entertainment….hopefully they will continue to bring in these legends of the business….unless word gets around about our disruptful crowds……

my beautiful wife and i had a great night out together with my brother and his wife….here we are at the concert….


3.  alright, back to the fun stuff…HERE COME YOUR FUNNIES…..

this one cracked me up this weekend….


oh, NOW i understand about our stupid weather…..



you’re going to LOVE this next one……


and finally……


4.  i was just reading a memo that productivity and morale is up at PIERSON FORD…i don’t know why……..


5.  sad news in the entertainment field….veteran funnyman JONATHAN WINTERS died a few days ago at the age of 87…….this guy has been around for decades, and always had great comedy, including great characters like MAUDE FRICKERT….


Orig12 71


i used to love watching JONATHAN WINTERS crack up the likes of DEAN MARTIN and JOHNNY CARSON…he was a master….

here’s JONATHAN WINTERS in the past few years…one picture is with ROBIN WILLIAMS, and one is with PAPA SMURF….that’s because MR. WINTERS was the voice of PAPA SMURF in the new “SMURFS” movie…..

jon winters

Jonathan Winters voices "Papa Smurf" in Columbia Pictures' THE SMURFS.


6.  we have a milestone birthday in the entertainment field……country great and HEE HAW co-host ROY CLARK is 80 today…yep…80….doesn’t seem right, does it?  ROY CLARK has blessed us with such great music, some of which we will play shortly…but he’s also a guitar genius…..masterful on the guitar…….here’s ROY CLARK a few years back….



here’s one of ROY CLARK with one of my musical idols, BUCK OWENS on the set of “HEE HAW.”  (TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD is in the middle.)


we wish the great ROY CLARK a very happy 80th birthday…here he is today….


here’s one of ROY CLARK last year with MRS. VINCE GILL…the beautiful AMY GRANT….



7.  forgot to mention…when we were out for the CLINT BLACK show, we started the night with a meal at THE FLAME in ABERDEEN…keep in mind, i haven’t been at THE FLAME for a year or two….don’t know why…always liked their food and service, just never made it down there…..well, i’ll be stopping a whole lot more…MAN, DID I HAVE A GREAT MEAL…i had a steak with “crab stuffed shrimp”…..someone at work told me to try those…glad they told me because they were INCREDIBLE…..my steak was awesome……everything was great…and we had a super duper waitress by the name of BECKY who took care of us like no other….and, i got to see my good friend SHERI who works there……great night……

8.  well, sunday morning i got up at 5am to check the weather….we had an “ice storm warning”, and i wasn’t sure that church was going to be held or not…..i didn’t hear anything, so i took off around 6am…the roads were horrendous….ice packed…very slippery…..my church council president in HECLA called me on the way up, and we decided that being i was 20 miles out of ABERDEEN that i would keep going….well, the good folks at TRINITY LUTHERAN in HOUGHTON, the second church that i preach at, wisely decided to call off their services for 11am……to my suprise, there was probably around 30-35 people at church in HECLA….and during our 9am service, the weather turned to CRAP….when i left around 10:15 to head home early, it was nasty…..heavy snow….lots of wind…icy roads….not a good mix….when you would get behind a shelterbelt of trees it would be calm, and the second you hit open country the wind about blew you into the ditch…..it took over an hour and a half to get home….like 55 miles…..oh well, the best part is, i got to share GOD’S message with at least one church, and i made it home safely….

9.  except for the people on my IDIOTS OF THE DAY award presentation……THREE PEOPLE passed me on the way home…that’s right, three idiots passed me on two lane highway during a winter storm….i made a decision that if they went in the ditch i wasn’t going to stop and help them if they were that stupid…but of course, i would have stopped….i was just coming from church…..the man upstairs would have “opened my heart” and asked me to stop…thankfully i didn’t have to…and thankfully they didn’t cause an accident that i would have been part of…it was very nerve wracking watching them go by at high speeds in that horrible weather……


An old man enters a confessional and proudly exclaims, “Father, I have to tell you what happened to me last night.  I’m 90 years old, and I made love to two 18-year-old women for eight hours!”

The stern priest replies, “That is a sin. I will have to give you a penance.”

“Father, you can’t give me a penance.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m Jewish.”

The perplexed Father asks, “Then why are you telling me?”

the old man shouted, “HECK, I’M TELLING EVERYONE!!”




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Jay Dean spent 25 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. He then turned his attention to working at Pierson Ford in Aberdeen in vehicle sales. Jay also helps out ministering at three different churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD, and Grace Covenant Lutheran in Aberdeen, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.

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