random thoughts for thursday april 18th, 2013







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1.  it’s a great day today….THE NFL SCHEDULES ARE RELEASED TODAY…….i do know one thing…my beloved WASHINGTON REDSKINS play at both MINNESOTA and GREEN BAY…and unfortunately for my pocketbook, they are both within driving distances….hopefully they’re not a week apart….but, i am planning on going to both…….(the feeling may not be mutual at home though..ha ha)



well, either way i’m going to this next event….




and speaking of a little potty talk….




i LOVE this next one…how romantic….








maybe this next one is what a lot of women are thinking……




i know a LOT of people that would fail the next one…..




3.  we said goodbye to a couple of great entertainers since we last talked…..the guy who is considered the greatest announcer in NFL history has died…PAT SUMMERALL was 82 years old…..he started his football career as an ARKANSAS RAZORBACK, plus played 9 seasons in the NFL with teams like the DETROIT LIONS, NEW YORK GIANTS, AND CHICAGO CARDINALS….


Pat Summerall


however, MR. SUMMERALL will best be known as “THE VOICE OF THE NFL”…..he did hundreds of games alongside broadcasting partner JOHN MADDEN….






PAT SUMMERALL died this week at the age of 82 due to cardiac arrest after a surgery…..here he is recently…..




4.  speaking of “the greatest”, the man considered one of the greatest gospel  singers of all time, if not THE GREATEST gospel singer of all time has died….GEORGE BEVERLY SHEA lived until the ripe old age of 104….he’s best known for his christian albums, and for entertaining an estimated 200 million people with BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADES……he also is a GRAMMY award winner for gospel music….






here’s GEORGE BEVERLY SHEA in his final years, including one with BILLY GRAHAM…






5.  and now on to HAPPIER NEWS….

actor RICK MORANIS is celebrating a milestone birthday today…he turns 60…..RICK is best known for roles in the movies “THE FLINTSTONES”, “HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS”, “SPACEBALLS”, “GHOSTBUSTERS”, and many more….here are a couple of photos from the movies “SPACEBALLS” and “GHOSTBUSTERS.”






however, most of us will cherish his role DOUG MCKENZIE in the duo “BOB AND DOUG MCKENZIE” on SCTV and in the awesome movie “STRANGE BREW.”






i admire RICK MORANIS….after his wife died from cancer, he quit show business to stay home and raise his kids….you just don’t see a lot of that dedication anymore….here’s another picture of RICK MORANIS in recent years….




6.  remember the movies “THE PARENT TRAP”, and “POLLYANNA?”  they starred the beautiful young actress HAYLEY MILLS….she has a birthday today…there will be 67 candles on her cake today…..an inferno…JUST KIDDING….she was such a cute little girl….




and here’s the birthday girl HAYLEY MILLS in the past few weeks…..




7.  and finally, actor JAMES DRURY has a birthday today…..remember him?  he played “THE VIRGINIAN” on the tv show of the same name…it’s one of the longest running tv shows of all time…it ran nine seasons……JAMES DRURY played a ranch foreman on the show….good looking young man, too….






JAMES DRURY turns 79 years old today…here he is recently…….




8.  this bombing in BOSTON brings out numerous emotions in me….i am so so so sad for the families of the victims…..it seems that we cannot even go do leisure activities anymore without facing the terror of bombings and shootings……the marathon….theaters….schools…..WHEN WILL IT END?  it makes me sick that people can do things like this to other people…….it also brings out anger in me…..we are told for decades that we are safe in this country, yet we get hit quite often…i realize that some of the incidents are “inside jobs”, but yet, they are terroristic in nature…..don’t get me wrong…I DO NOT BLAME AUTHORITIES AND THOSE IN CHARGE FOR LETTING THESE THINGS HAPPEN…those in charge are doing everything they can to thwart the acts of evil…..the bottom line is this…..

THERE IS SO MUCH EVIL IN THIS WORLD……and i don’t think we can ever switch it back….i think we’ve gone too far in the opposite direction of good to change things back to the quality of living from the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s…..i pray that the culprits are caughts and are swiftly brought to justice….and i’ll say it again….AND EYE FOR AN EYE SOUNDS GOOD….i know we cannot do that kind of punishment, but i believe that there would be a lot less rapists if the criminals got the same punishment…i think there would be a lot less murders if the culprits were taken care of in that manner….i think there would be a lot less bombings if those found guilty got that punishment……i know that doesn’t sound very christian, but i’m angry right now….and i’m scared….and i’m sick to my stomach that things can happen like this in the greatest country in the world…….


9.  we have a blu-ray player at home that also offers us other packages like NETFLIX, HULU, AMAZON and others…..last night we spent over an hour trying to find the movie “HOPE SPRINGS.”  we were in the mood to watch it, and couldn’t find it…it was on STARZ package, but we don’t have that….so, we tried NETFLIX…our subscription ran out…..it’s not on HULU…we signed up for AMAZON and some other fly by night crap, and they wanted between nine dollars and 15 dollars to BUY THE MOVIE….i don’t want to BUY it, i just want to RENT it………..that’s ridiculous….why would i want movies stuck on my DVR where i can’t share them with other people, and watch them where i want?  needless to say, we didn’t watch the movie…but it turned out great…i went to HULU and watched “WKRP IN CINCINNATI.”  it’s one of  my all time favorite shows and the reason i spent 24 years in radio……….i even watched my favorite episode about the thanksgiving live turkeys dropping from a helicopter.  it’s where MR. CARLSON delivers those unforgettable words….”AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I THOUGHT THAT TURKEY’S COULD FLY.”  good stuff….




A cowboy told his grandson the secret to a long life.

He said, “You gotta sprinkle a little gunpowder on your oatmeal, see. If you do, you’ll live to a nice ripe old age.”

So the cowboy did this religiously every day, and sure enough, lived to the nice ripe old age of 96.

When he died he left behind 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren

…and a 16 foot hole in the wall of the crematorium.











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