random thoughts for wednesday may 1st, 2013

IT’S “MAY DAY”….remember that?  when i was a kid we used to make “may baskets” and deliver them to the girls.  we would ring their doorbell and run…the girls had to catch us and kiss us….DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER THAT?  many people nowdays have never heard of it….(maybe it was just one of my sick games…ha ha)


here…i drew a picture for you….




okay maybe not, but my drawing WOULD look like that….




those “may flowers” in that picture are deceiving….we have winter storm warnings and other stupid weather warnings today across parts of SOUTH DAKOTA and MINNESOTA….are you kidding me?


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1.  HERE ARE TODAY’S FUNNIES…i thought we would do some ridiculous signs today…


ummm…to the next one, my answer would be…..NO….in fact, “NO WAY IN HELL”…..




i would totally agree with the next one….




we seem to have a general “theme” going with the first two, so, what the heck…ONE MORE…




well, this ONE WAY to get parents to the meetings……




i have seen random signs before, BUT THIS ONE IS REALLY RANDOM….




2.  we have a couple of superb female singers celebrating a birthday today….first of all, the legendary JUDY COLLINS….




JUDY COLLINS is known for a couple of huge huge hits….






you will hear those songs shortly……JUDY COLLINS is 74 today…how about that?  here she is just a couple of weeks ago…..




and here she is with singer/songwriter/producer PAUL WILLIAMS….




3.  alright…here comes some JUDY COLLINS music….this is by far, my favorite song by her…”BOTH SIDES NOW.”  i remember singing this song in chorus in VEBLEN back when i was in 5th or 6th grade….



and here is “SEND IN THE CLOWNS.” i remember this version…it was from “THE MUPPET SHOW.”



4.  also, the great RITA COOLIDGE has a birthday today….she turns 68……you might remember some of her music…including a number one song that was written by BOZ SCAGGS….this is by far, my favorite RITA COOLIDGE song…..












RITA COOLIDGE had a well publicized marriage to KRIS KRISTOFFERSON…






here’s RITA COOLIDGE recently….




5.  here come some RITA COOLIDGE hits….here’s “I’D RATHER LEAVE WHILE I’M IN LOVE.”






and here’s my fave…”WE’RE ALL ALONE.”



6.  this is an exciting time for my wife and i…we’re so proud of both of our boys…our son TYLER graduates from NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY in ABERDEEN this weekend…..and our son MITCHELL finishes his first year at MINNESOTA STATE MOORHEAD…and he is moving home shortly…..they both already know that their dad is a big “softie” and “cry baby”, so i’m sure tears will flow both ways….


7.  well, last night my MINNESOTA WILD opened thier playoff season in CHICAGO against the BLACKHAWKS…lots of hard hard hard hitting….




the game went into overtime and the…DOGGONE IT…




the BLACKHAWKS scored a goal late in overtime to win…..the WILD had numerous chances to win, but couldn’t get the puck in the net…oh well…now we get ready for game two on friday night…..


8.  the saga of my “WASHINGTON REDSKINS” continues….some people want their name changed because they thing it’s offensive…i’ve said many times that i hold that name in highest regard and respect….well, now some cornball WASHINGTON, D.C. councilman wants the REDSKINS to change thier name to the “WASHINGTON REDTAILS.”  that way they “could keep the feather” for their helmets and uniforms…..BE QUIET DUDE….this is just stupid….and i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again…if the REDSKINS bow to pressure and change, I’M DONE WITH THEM…as much as i love them, i would cheer for someone else…..but, current owner DANIEL SNYDER isn’t going to budge…he’s made that very very very clear…..


9.  i can think of many horrible ways to die, but this has to be up there as one of the worst that i have ever heard….. a man in OREGON was cleaning an industrial size blender at a meat processing plant, when, you guessed it, HE FELL IN….authorities said he died of “chopping wounds.”  GEE, YA THINK?  they had to tear the machine apart to get him out of there…..wow…our prayers are going out to his family…that has to be a horrible death to deal with….


10.  we are just a hair over a month away from our COLORADO vacation….some days i wonder if i’m going to make it…i’m sure i will, but wow, sometimes it makes me think…i haven’t had a full week off since last september, and that was when dad died…not really a happy vacation to take……i cannot wait until my bride and i are on the road heading west…..




A man frantically calls the hotel desk from his room on the 11th floor.

“Please come quick I’m having an arguement with my wife and she says she’s going to jump out the hotel window.”

The hotel manager replies, “Sir I’m afraid that’s a domestic matter and the hotel and it’s staff are obligated to not interfere.”

The husband responds, “Like hell it’s a domestic matter! This damn window won’t open, and that sir is a hotel maintenance problem.”






One thought on “random thoughts for wednesday may 1st, 2013

  1. i could NOT agree with you more Jay!the skins should NOT bend topolitical correctness what so ever!! i agree with ya bud!!

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