random thoughts for friday june 21st, 2013

IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND, BABY……well, doesn’t mean a lot when you work saturday….WAIT…I’M NOT WORKING THIS SATURDAY….going to a weddin’…as they say down south…hee hee

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well, i guess this one makes sense…sort of….


DAMN…i just ate there today…is this what will happen tonight?


i read a statement that somebody thought the next one was the “grossest” thing they have seen…sorry, dude, i think it’s the FUNNIEST thing i’ve seen recently…..


what kind of an idiot developed this elevator button pad?  wow….


hmmm…i’ve always wondered about the next one…..


and finally, i laughed out loud when i found the next one….


2.  WOW…sad news out of HOLLYWOOD…actor JAMES GANDOLFINI, who played “TONY SOPRANO” on “THE SOPRANOS” collapsed and died at the age of 51……it’s shocking….but it’s also shocking to me, that he was only 51……i thought he was a whole bunch more than two years older than me….check out his cool high school picture….


my personal favorite role of his was in the 2011 movie “CINEMA VERITE.”


but, of course, he will always be known as “TONY SOPRANO” on “THE SOPRANO’S.”  guess what…i’ve never seen A MINUTE of that show…hear it’s pretty awesome though….



here are a couple of fairly recent photos of JAMES GANDOLFINI…may he rest in peace…..



3.  some more sad news too…SLIM WHITMAN, the singer that could sing three octaves and yodel, too, has died at the age of 90….


most people remember SLIM WHITMAN as the guy who had that tv album back in the 80’s…by the way, “that tv album” sold millions and millions and millions…..remember the album?


however, LONG before that album, SLIM WHITMAN was a musical icon…mostly in EUROPE…in fact, his 1955 hit “ROSE MARIE” was the biggest song ever in EUROPE until a song by BRYAN ADAMS came along in the 80’s……he’s a legend across the waters……

in recent years, though, SLIM WHITMAN is known for the cult favorite movie “MARS ATTACKS!!!”….the first time my wife and i saw this movie we hated it….now, however, we watch it every time it comes on tv….in the movie, SLIM WHITMAN’S hit song “INDIAN LOVE CALL” is used to kill the aliens…..when the aliens heard his yodeling, their heads would explode….very funny, except rumor has it, SLIM wasn’t very impressed with the idea….but, it brought his song back and gave him more years of popularity…..


there aren’t a lot of recent pictures of SLIM WHITMAN, but we’ll post one  anyhow….rest in peace SLIM….


4.  for those of you who would like to remember some SLIM WHITMAN hits, let’s do it….here’s the song made popular in the movie “MARS ATTACKS!!!”  this is “INDIAN LOVE CALL.”  a monster number one for him….


and here’s the hit “ROSE MARIE.”


5.  there’s a former NFL football star named STEVE GLEASON…he was a member of the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS…but, recently has been making news for having ALS…..he is in a wheelchair, and has to use a computer voice to speak….well, recently some idiotic, moronic radio announcers in ATLANTA, GEORGIA, decided to make fun of STEVE and the machine he uses to speak…but, justice was served….they were all fired…..announcers like that give radio a bad name…and after being in radio for 25 years, i’m ashamed at what some people will do for ratings……i don’t wish bad on these guys, but i hope their days in big city radio are over…i would like to see them stuck in a small town in the midwest, with their radio career in jeopardy….that would serve them right……and, the classy STEVE GLEASON took the high road, of course…what a guy…..

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints



6.  you probably don’t know the name GEORGE ZIMMER…but you do know his face and his famous line from the “MEN’S WEARHOUSE” commercials….he says the line “you’re going to like the way you look…i guarantee it.”  well, the only thing he can’t be guaranteed is his job…..ZIMMER, even though he FOUNDED the company, was FIRED this week…FIRED….he started the doggone company and was fired….he was the spokesperson and the voice and face of the company, and was FIRED….he said that he brought up concerns about the direction of the company and they let him go….that’s unreal….but, it’s THE AMERICAN WAY….sadly…..


7.  apparently, one of the KARDASHIANS had a baby….don’t care…

8.  one of my favorite comedy movies is “DUMB AND DUMBER.”  for years, they have been talking about bringing JEFF DANIELS and JIM CARREY back to do a sequel…..it’s been on…it’s been off….just recently it was on, and off again….well, today the stars are saying it’s back on…..i’m not getting excited yet……i don’t want my dreams dashed….


this guy goes to the doctor and says, “doc, you have to help me…all day long i walk around singing “what’s new pussycat.”  i can’t think of anything else but that darn song….i sing “what’s new pussycat” during the day, the night, all the time…”  the doctor says, “hmm..sounds like you have TOM JONES disease…”  the guy said, “TOM JONES disease…is it common?”  and the doctor says, “well…it’s not unusual…”  




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