random thoughts for FRIDAY july 12th, 2013




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this next house could either be a drug house, or my plumber’s house….



this next one is funny…but unfortunately TRUE….



ahhh, yes…here’s a guy who has his priorities in order…ha ha….



a little winter fun to cool you off during our hot july days….



and finally, i HOPE AND PRAY that i never find out if the next one is true…..the first half is true…i don’t want to know about the second half…..



2.  I LOVE CAKE….you probably do too……and i’m particular on my frosting…i love the super sweet frosting that embraced all of our cakes back in the 70’s…i do not like that “whipped up” crap that some stores put on the cakes…that fluffy stuff……

anyway speaking of cakes…….i present to you, the TOP FIVE CAKE SAYINGS…..these are so good….


NUMBER FIVE:  seriously?



NUMBER FOUR:  i just about gagged thinking about this….YUCK…



THREE:  wow…..you get a cake for this?



NUMBER TWO:  this seems a bit harsh….



NUMBER ONE:  this is BY FAR my favorite cake saying ever…if you don’t understand it at first, keep saying it over and over……..i  can’t believe some idiot actually did this…..



3.  happy birthday wishes are going out to super gorgeous and super sexy actress CHERYL LADD…she turns 62 today……did you know that CHERYL LADD was born in HURON, SOUTH DAKOTA?  it’s true….in fact, i had a friend in college who had CHERYL LADD as their babysitter when they were younger……HOW ABOUT THAT ONE?  wow……anyway, CHERYL LADD is best known for playing “KRIS MUNROE” on “CHARLIE’S ANGELS.”  she replaced FARRAH FAWCETT….


Lan 733


here’s something i did not know….CHERYL LADD was the voice of the dingy blonde MELODY on the 1970’s saturday morning cartoon “JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS.”



here’s SOUTH DAKOTA’S own, CHERYL LADD today at 62…still looking great!!!




4.  here’s your RANDY TRAVIS update…..as we mentioned before, country superstar RANDY TRAVIS is in critical condition at a hospital in TEXAS suffering from congestive heart failure and other heart issues…well, to make matters worse, RANDY TRAVIS suffered a STROKE wednesday night….he was immediately taken into surgery to relieve the pressure on the brain….he is still in critical condition….prayers are still needed…he is certainly not out of the woods yet….


5.  i hear there was a movie on the SYFY network last night that’s creating lots of buzz…i missed it, and i think, thankfully so….it is called “SHARKNADO.”  it’s about killer sharks who FALL FROM THE SKY and end up killing people…yes, out of water, i guess….anyway, TARA REID and others star in this movie….some guys on a MINNEAPOLIS radio station this morning were raving about it, and how stupid it was, but how good and campy it turned out to be…..




i have to admit it…i will probably watch it the next time it comes on…i like those silly, goofy horror movies…..this one is so far fetched, but most “B” movies are…..”SHARKNADO.”  what the hell were these people smoking while they were writing this?


6.  BETTY WHITE has an incredibly funny show on NBC called “OFF THIER ROCKERS.”  it’s a “CANDID CAMERA” type show, where the older generation play tricks on the younger generation….we laughed our behinds off watching some episodes….well, in typical tv fashion, NBC has CANCELLED the show…..i’m sure they found some stupid show that they want to cram down people’s throats…it’s too bad….BETTY WHITE is an AMERICAN TREASURE…and this show was pretty good……..of course, my wife and i are still mad at NBC for cancelling one of our favorite shows a couple of years ago…..”OUTSOURCED.”



7.  i take fish oil pills every morning…they are supposedly good for reducing blood pressure and preventing clotting…..they smell horrible, but supposedly work…anyway, a new study is out now that says that fish oil pills could possibly be linked to prostrate cancer….wow….it seems like anything can cause cancer nowdays…..


8.  well, to NO ONE’S suprise, the hit song “BLINDED BY THE LIGHT” is the number one misquoted song in music history……

the correct way to say the line is:   “blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.”

the misquoted line, which by the way, i used to sing this way is:  “blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche, when you’re rolling in the night.”


here’s the song….



didn’t know if you knew this, but it was written by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN…performed by MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND….great tune….




A helicopter carrying passengers suddenly looses engine power and the aircraft begins to decent. The pilot safely performs an emergency landing in water, and tells the passengers to remain seated and to keep the doors closed, stating that in emergency situations, the aircraft is designed to stay afloat for 30 minutes, giving rescuers time to get to them. Just then a man gets out if his seat and runs over to open the door.
The pilots screams at him, “Didn’t you hear what I said, the aircraft is designed to stay afloat as long as the doors remain closed?!”.
“Of course I heard you”, the man replied, “but it’s also designed to fly, and look how good that one worked out!!”








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