random thoughts for FRIDAY augusty 2nd, 2013

OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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your favorite blog is brought to you by PIERSON FORD IN ABERDEEN…hey, truthfully, without PIERSON FORD there wouldn’t be a blog anymore….so, I think they need a pat on the back for that!!!  wow, I can’t believe the new vehicles rolling into our lot…during out “MEGA SALE”, we were down to like two FORD FOCUSES…now we’re back up….PLUS, we have a tremendous selection of FORD EDGE’S….if you have never driven an EDGE, you don’t know what you’re missing……and the F-150’S keep coming in…and we found out in our meeting today that dozens more are coming…..AND FORD HAS INCREDIBLE REBATES RIGHT NOW…SOME UP TO ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS OFF!!!   and the great news is?  FORD F-150’S ARE THE NUMBER ONE SELLING TRUCK IN AMERICA….AGAIN!!!  year after year they do it…..all you have to do is drive one and you’ll find out why…..stop in to PIERSON FORD in the auto plaza in ABERDEEN….call us at:  1-800-627-1237…….or check us out online at:  http://piersonford.com/





it takes people a couple of minutes to figure out the next one….but if you do you’ll laugh out loud…..if you can’t figure it out, e-mail me and i’ll tell you…….  jayhaaland64@yahoo.com



hey, here’s a great “WAYNE’S WORLD” spinoff…..






this next one might take you a minute……or maybe not….



hmm…always wondered about the next one….






2.  seriously, my hat is off to actress VALERIE HARPER….and my heart is with her….what a trooper…..you probably know that the “RHODA” star was diagnosed quite a few months ago with brain cancer. in fact, apparently her doctor gave her three months to live……A FEW MONTHS AGO….and guess what?  SHE’S GOING BACK TO WORK….I couldn’t believe it when I heard it……VALERIE HARPER is working on a tv movie that’s being called “an uplifting romance movie.”  i’m so proud of her……she’s such an inspiration to people who are suffering from that horrible horrible disease……GOD BLESS YOU VALERIE HARPER….here she is a few weeks back….LOOKING GREAT!!!! 


she sure doesn’t look it, but birthday number 74 is coming up in three weeks!!!!!




3.  okay…we have had some fun with “graduation pics of the stars.”  let’s do some “BABY PICS OF THE STARS.”  see if you can guess these…..


contestant number one:






how about this beautiful baby?



it’s the person, I think, is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time…BROOKE SHIELDS…

Only Make Believe Presents 'Make Believe On Broadway'


do you know this funnyman?






I wasn’t sure whether the next one was a boy or girl…I assumed it was A BOY…nonetheless, a beautiful child…..







a player from the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES football team made a racial slur recently at a KENNY CHESNEY concert….his name is RILEY COOPER…I will not tell you what the slur is…IT’S OFFENSIVE…IT’S WRONG…..but is it forgivable?  IT SHOULD BE….people need to watch what they say…this world has become so “politically correct” that we jump on people for the slightest mistakes….this one wasn’t a slight mistake…it was a heavy duty mistake….incredibly stupid…….

so, here’s the dilemma…..a new article at profootballtalk.com says that RILEY COOPER’S football career may be a short one because of his comment….seriously?  are you kidding me?  he apologized….he atoned for his sins and even apologized to his teammates…….here’s my point…..if we are all judged and remembered for our mistakes, WE’RE ALL SCREWED…..that’s why we have the word “FORGIVE.”  I have said and done very stupid things….i’m sure that EVERYBODY has said and done stupid things…..

I made this point to my confirmation class a couple of years ago….if you are ten years old and throw a rock thru the school window and are caught, you, UNFORTUNATELY, are labeled as “that kid that broke the window.”  and even when you come back home for your 20 year class reunion, there are some that will only remember you as “the kid who broke the school window.” 

PEOPLE NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES….we all screw up….we all say stupid things…we all DO dumb things……we’re human…..we need to forgive…we need to heal….WE NEED SECOND CHANCES……

like I said…I do not agree one bit with what he said…it’s very offensive…..but let’s forgive and forget….let’s get on with life….there’s a hell of lot more pressings things out there than one man not filtering his brain before speaking…….


5.  we have one weekend a year where my brothers and our wives and a cousin of ours and his wife get together at RICHMOND LAKE and have a lot of fun……you may remember last year when I talked about the girls going “carp surfing.”  they would hold onto the fishing rod that that had a carp on it, and it would pull them around the lake…..pretty crazy stuff…plus we go out on the pontoon and just hang out on the water….well, unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t let me be out there very much this weekend…..kind of disappointing, but DUTY CALLS….everyone else is there, and i’ll go after work today and Saturday…..I just hope they save a couple of burgers for me…..and a carp…although, I doubt a carp can pull my fat butt around the lake!!!


6.  I was just reading an article about going to school and getting jobs…the article talked about “JOBS THAT ARE WORTH IT AND NOT WORTH IT.”  it’s based on cost of schooling and what you make when you finally get that job….here are the stats…

***THREE CAREERS THAT ARE LONG ON SCHOOLING AND SHORT ON PAY?  mental health counselor, news reporter, recreational therapist…….(unless you are my mental health counselor…you’ll make a fortune trying to figure me out.)

***THREE CAREERS THAT ARE SHORT ON SCHOOLING AND BIG ON PAY?  diagnostic medical sonographer…(whatever that is)…plus, police officer and computer programmer….(I don’t doubt the police officer…especially if they keep picking me up for speeding.)


7.  speaking of speeding…got another doggone ticket a couple of weeks ago….I told friends of mine that I thought that “speeding signs were suggestions and not laws.”  I was teasing of course….however, highway patrolmen don’t find that so amusing….I find out quite often that some people don’t have the same sense of humor I have…..and usually I find out the hard way…ha ha….




Three vampire bats live in a cave surrounded by three castles. One night, the bats bet on who can drink the most blood.

The first bat comes home with blood dripping off his fangs. He says, “See that castle over there? I drank the blood of three people.”

The second bat returns with blood around his mouth. He says, “See that castle over there? I drank the blood of five people.”

The third bat comes back covered in blood. He says, “See that castle over there?” The other bats nod. “Well,” says the third bat, “I didn’t.”







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