random thoughts for Saturday December 21st, 2013



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uh-oh….that doggone FACEBOOK….


this one cracked me up!!!


hmmm…I always wondered if they needed counseling….

group therapy

I hope that I’m never in this position….ha ha….


and finally, this is HILARIOUS….


2. CHRISTMAS…I love this season….I wasn’t so crazy about it when I was in radio, because we started playing CHRISTMAS music the day after THANKSGIVING…I was sick of the season until about December 23rd…..but, being out of radio has given me that spirit back a lot earlier…..

CHRISTMAS is about memories…..it’s about giving and not receiving…..I spent some time this morning thinking about some of the great gifts I received from MOM and DAD when I was a kid…hopefully these will bring back some memories……

music has always been a part of my life…this was my very first record player….


my brother TROY and I wore this game out…do you understand the name? it’s “PING PONG” backwards….


the boys in our family, three of us, received a couple of fun football games….remember this first one? it was fun back then, but seems so stupid today…..I mean, vibrating football field? you would set the players up and turn the vibration on, HOPING that your guy would do something….


however, my parents redeemed themselves, when we received this gift for CHRISTMAS….we absolutely wore this game out, too…


okay, I have to admit something to you…my brother and I used to use the next gift and put naughty words on the screen to see them lit up…….I would imagine most kids did that….

vintage lite brite 3

remember seeing the GRAND CANYON in spectacular view? remember seeing your favorite cartoons seem like real life? it happened with this gift…..


this next one had us spending countless hours at the dining room table….


and finally, this one could be the best CHRISTMAS present we received as kids…..


3. here are some great CHRISTMAS memories….

****my favorite CHRISTMAS memory is going to my GRANDPA and GRANDMA RAMSEY’S house in BRITTON….all of the cousins were there…..we would play downstairs until we heard that familiar voice at the back door…”HO HO HO”…that’s right, SANTA came to visit us every year on CHRISTMAS EVE…we were some of the lucky kids who got to see SANTA before he took his incredible journey that night…..

****I spent two CHRISTMAS days in the hospital when I was a kid….I suffered from asthma and I had it bad when I was younger…..I remember being in the hospital in BRITTON while my family was home opening gifts and having fun…of course, I got to open my gifts in the hospital, but it wasn’t the same…..

****KUMLA….nummy…it’s a Norwegian food consisting of potatoes and flour…and then you boil them in water that had a ham bone in it for most of the day……when you eat it, you put a pound of butter and salt on each ball…ha ha…..seriously, it’s my favorite food of CHRISTMAS….and luckily, it’s become a staple of CHRISTMAS EVE in our house……


****I loved the CHRISTMAS movies at the STRAND THEATER in BRITTON….they were cheap and it was fun to go to the movies on a Saturday afternoon while MOM went shopping….and, you know who was sitting out in the lobby when the movie got out…yep…SANTA!!

****by the way, just to let you know, I WAS TERRIFIED OF SANTA when I was a kid…..he freaked me out big time……did the same thing to my kids when they were young…..

****as kids, we knew it was getting super close to CHRISTMAS when our favorite CHRISTMAS tv shows started on tv……






4. how about some good old CHRISTMAS MUSIC?

this is by far my favorite of the new CHRISTMAS songs…this song makes me cry…it’s by ALAN JACKSON and it’s called “LET IT BE CHRISTMAS.”

GEORGE STRAIT has a beautiful song called “THERE’S A NEW KID IN TOWN.”

and there’s a song that I actually got in trouble for when I was in radio…because I played it so many times….it’s the brother group “HANSON” with a CHRISTMAS medley…gives me goose bumps…

and we have to have one fun one….DWIGHT YOAKAM does an incredible job with “SILVER BELLS”….and you can’t go wrong when there’s an accordion in the song…

5. and finally, a message from me…..

I want to thank each and every one of you for making my life better by reading this blog….this blog has given me the opportunity to talk to people from ALL OVER THE WORLD….seriously….it thrills me…..you people make the blog fun…..this blog takes some time to make, but knowing that you love it makes me keep doing it……..

and on a CHRISTMAS note…..I wish you all the joy and peace this season brings……I hope that you are warm and secure and with family during CHRISTMAS…but most of all, I hope that you remember and think about what this season is all about……a baby born in a manger…he’s so incredible that his name is even in CHRISTMAS…..



remember, you can always contact me at: jayhaaland64@yahoo.com


4 thoughts on “random thoughts for Saturday December 21st, 2013

  1. Hi Jay,

    I enjoyed the Christmas blog. As always, thanks for the entertainment. I was just telling somebody about how I was traumatized by some of the Christmas specials on TV as a kid:

    • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: OK, Rudolph was bullied, there’s a huge monster with large fangs (abominable snowman) that’s pretty terrifying for a kid. On top of that, one of the elves wants to be a dentist and ends up crippling the monster after having pulled out all its teeth. I am still scared to go to the dentist and I just went this week. I was nervous about the visit starting a whole week before. Luckily, all went well.

    • The Grinch: The most evil looking cartoon character ever drawn from the perspective of a five-year old. Utterly terrifying. The Grinch tortures his poor dog, slithers through the homes of others, and displays an x-ray of his heart that shows it is defective. Wow, chilling to think about even now.

    • Frosty the Snowman: Don’t get me started on Frosty…not Frosty, but the evil magician. In my old age, I now think that character was probably some sort of pedophile.

    Anyhoo, I think I’ve rebounded from these TV show traumas. Merry Christmas from Santa Fe, New Mexico.



    1. Greg,

      I could not agree with you more!!!! those shows did freak me out for the most part…..and on non Christmas shows, those doggone flying monkeys on “The Wizard Of Oz” still scare the heck out of me….but the only villain that scared me the most when I was a child was the “children catcher” on “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” I seriously use to have NIGHTMARES about this guy…I will be 50 in May, and I still shutter thinking about that creep walking around offering candy to little kids and then waiting to snatch them up…YIKES…

      Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


  2. Merry Christmas from Virginia Beach, VA, where yesterday was 78 degrees and tonight is 24 degrees! Whatever happened to CBS running the original Walton’s movie, the Homecoming with Patricia Neal?

    Kerry Jordan

    1. oh…I used to LOVE that “Walton’s movie.” that would be a blast to watch again…..I haven’t heard the name Patricia Neal in a long time…ha ha…happy new year to you and your family!!!

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