random thoughts for Wednesday January 29th, 2014

YEP...I CAN TOTALLY SEE THIS NEXT ONE..... your favorite blog is sponsored by PIERSON FORD IN ABERDEEN....wow...hard to believe that January is just about gone.....seems like New Year's Eve was just days ago.....as we leave January and head into February, we begin "tax season." Pierson Ford has a great promotion called "double your tax refund." [...]



Last night, my wife and I saw one of the best movies that I have seen in months, if not in the last couple of years..... "AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY", was REMARKABLE....an absolute all star cast......a fantastic story.......high emotions thru the movie....HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.... MERYL STREEP once again proves that she is, most likely, the [...]

random thoughts for FRIDAY January 24th, 2014

HEY, THIS SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!! your favorite blog is sponsored by PIERSON FORD IN ABERDEEN.... 37 years...that's a long time....FORD TRUCKS have been the best selling truck in AMERICA for 37 years straight...which mean.....FORD STARTED THIS INCREDIBLE RUN WHEN I WAS 12 YEARS OLD!!! wow...that puts it into perspective!!! seriously, though, my question would [...]

random thoughts for Monday January 20th, 2014

YES...FINALLY A SIGN THAT I CAN AGREE WITH!!!! your favorite blog is sponsored by PIERSON FORD IN ABERDEEN..... alright, everybody knows that I KNOW that there is ONLY ONE REAL BRAND OUT THERE.... FORD BABY!!!! yep, I've been excited about FORD'S product for years, and now I'm even MORE EXCITED!!!! introducing...THE 2014 FORD F-150 STX [...]


sadly, after today there is only ONE MUNCHKIN left in this world.....everybody knows that by far my favorite movie of all time is "THE WIZARD OF OZ." So, i have spent a long time watching the movie and catching up on where the actors are....well, as you would expect, most of them have gone on [...]


first "THE PROFESSOR" and now "REUBEN KINCAID." today we found out that actor DAVE MADDEN has died at the age of 82...he played the manager of "THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY" on the long running show.... DAVE MADDEN has had many other roles in film and television, but it's his portrayal of the strong yet bumbling manager [...]