random thoughts for Thursday January 2nd, 2014….YES, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! here we go…another month of putting the wrong year on checks, bills, and other items….


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this is gross…but, at least the person is honest….


these guys are getting way too EGG-CITED….


with my asthma, I will definitely be one of these guys!!!


and finally, a funny, but sick one from SESAME STREET…ha ha…..


2. we begin our blog with some sad news…..actor JAMES AVERY died over the NEW YEAR’S break….there’s conflicting reports of his age…most of them say 68….some say 65….that really doesn’t matter…anyway, JAMES AVERY played the uncle of WILL SMITH on the tv show “FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR.”



I have to be honest….I have never watched an entire episode of that show…I have probably seen five minutes TOTAL…anyway, it was a favorite show of millions, and he was an endearing character on that show…..

here’s something I didn’t know…JAMES AVERY also was the voice of the mean and ornery “SHREDDER” on the tv cartoon “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES”…..


and here’s JAMES AVERY in recent times…..


3. I have to be honest….NEW YEAR’S EVE is NOT the same without DICK CLARK….yeah, the music is okay….the hosting is, umm…alright…but the “spark” of NEW YEAR’S EVE was, and will always be DICK CLARK….DICK, of course, died April 18th, 2012 at the age of 82….YEAH, 82….this guy never seemed to age, that’s why we kind of thought he would live forever….but, we all know that’s not possible…every one of us will suffer the same fate someday…….WE MISS YOU DICK!!!


4. speaking of NEW YEAR’S EVE, we had a pretty uneventful night…..when you get older, things become “uneventful.” ha ha…my beautiful wife and I were joined by eight of our best friends at the DAGO in WARNER, SD, which is where we live…..we enjoyed a delicious supper with prime rib, chicken, hamburger steak…whatever you wanted…and then we went over to one of our friends house for board games and fun….we left shortly after midnight to go home and go straight to bed…older people, you know…..I will say this….it takes FOREVER to recuperate from being out so late….yeah, midnight is late for us…..we were pretty dead yesterday….I never took my jammies off all day long….and I even went to Aberdeen for pizza…..(JEANNIE hates it when I call them “jammies.”)

5. on NEW YEAR’S DAY, my wife and I spent the day on our respective couches….watching tv…watching movies…etc…..but, we also played Yahtzee and a card game called “golf.” Jeannie killed me in Yahtzee….she got three Yahtzees in one game and ended up beating me by almost 275 points…my worst loss ever….but, I rebounded and beat her in a few games of “golf.” but, under her terms, SHE was the champion of the day….and i’ll let her think that…..

6. one of the things we did yesterday was to start watching our recorded episodes of “AMERICAN HORROR STORY…COVEN.” it’s the 3rd season of “AMERICAN HORROR STORY.” the new one, “COVEN” is about witches…and to be honest, it hasn’t peaked my interest yet……we are three or four episodes into it, and I think i’ll let my wife watch the rest…to me, it’s not NEARLY as good as the first episodes………..

season one was INCREDIBLE….it was based in a haunted house, which is scary enough by itself…..


season two was based in an asylum, which is super creepy…it ended up being a super good season, but maybe not quite as good as season one…yet, a great season….


and, season three is “COVEN.” I don’t know if I’m going to continue watching or not…..my son already told me that it’s nothing close to the first two seasons….I may take his advice and not watch……


7. the NFL coaching carousel has begun…..FIVE coaches have been fired……

my team’s coach is gone…and I’m fine with it….MIKE SHANAHAN is gone from the WASHINGTON REDSKINS after four seasons….four seasons should be plenty to get things turned around….we won the division last year, and only won three games this year…..this firing was justified in my opinion…..

my second favorite team is coachless too….the MINNESOTA VIKINGS fired LESLIE FRAZIER….I think this one was justified as well…..the VIKINGS also had a good season this year, and a crappy one this year……..

the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS fired GREG SCHIANO…you could see this coming after all the drama they had this year with RICHIE INCOGNITO, JOSH FREEMAN, JOHNATHAN MARTIN and many more…..you need a new direction when this happens…I was shocked all this happened on SCHIANO’S watch…he led such intense practices and was known for his “military” like handling of his coaching job….

(correction: as most of you know from reading this blog, i am an idiot sometimes…yes, i knew that RICHIE INCOGNITO AND JOHNATHAN MARTIN play for the MIAMI DOLPHINS….i confused both FLORIDA teams…however, in my defense, BOTH OF THESE TEAMS ARE TRAINWRECKS….)

the DETOIT LIONS fired JIM SCHWARTZ….I think he is a good coach….he’s kind of fiery on the sidelines….and once again, if you don’t turn things around in 3-4 years, you have to go bye-bye. when you have the leagues best wide receiver in CALVIN JOHNSON, and a pretty good quarterback in MATTHEW STAFFORD and a pretty good defense, you should win…and this year would have been their year because the NFC NORTH is so down……I picked the LIONS to win the NFC NORTH the past two years……shame on me…….

and, the once coach I feel sorry for, and DON’T feel sorry for is CLEVELAND BROWN’S coach ROB CHUDZINSKI….this poor guy was fired after only ONE SEASON…yeah, he didn’t get a chance…and NFL voices around the league are ripping the BROWNS…..to make matters worse, one higher up in the BROWN’S organization said a few days after, “WE MAY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE.” no kidding….by the way, if you feel that way after a firing, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF…..

what I don’t feel sorry for in coach CHUDZINSKI is that he walked away from the job with, are you ready for this? TEN AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS….yeah….for being such a young coach, that’s a pretty good amount of cash……(private line to PIERSON FORD bosses…..I will let you fire me for a million dollars in pay….just letting you know…)

apparently two teams have already picked up coaches, and two good ones as well…the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEEERS wasted no time in hiring former BEARS coach LOVIE SMITH…..I had kind of hoped he would end up in WASHINGTON….and the HOUSTON TEXANS have hired former PENN STATE coach BILL O’BRIEN….I felt sorry for BILL, having to take over that program after all the JERRY SANDUSKY sex crap, and the death of a super legend, JOE PATERNO…that’s a heck of a mess to clean up…and I think BILL O’BRIEN did a commendable job……

8. actor FRANK LANGELLA was a NEW YEAR’S baby….the versatile actor turned 64 yesterday……FRANK LANGELLA has been in hundreds of films and tv shows…I’m sure you know the face…..check out this early photo of him….


I mostly remember FRANK LANGELLA from the 1979 movie “DRACULA.”


and, I thought he did a nice job as RICHARD NIXON in the movie “FROST/NIXON.” here he is with KEVIN BACON…

Frost Nixon movie image Frank Langella and Kevin Bacon

he also played a great villain in the LIAM NEESON movie “UNKNOWN.”


here’s FRANK LANGELLA in recent months…..


9. and a television cutie pie has a birthday tomorrow….VICTORIA PRINCIPAL turns 64 tomorrow….you probably remember her mostly has PAMELA EWING on the tv show “DALLAS.” she played the loveable wife of BOBBY EWING, played by PATRICK DUFFY…..


“DALLAS”, to me, had one of the dumbest tv plots ever, when PAM woke up and found her husband BOBBY taking a shower…..his death was all a dream!!! I thought it was silly……

here is VICTORIA PRINCIPAL today at 64…still gorgeous…..

The Malibu Lumber Yard Opening


10. JOKE OF THE DAY: (one of my favorites….)

this pirate walks into a bar and has a patch over his eye, a hook hand, and a peg leg…he sits down and tells the bartender, “aargh….give me a beer.” so, the bartender gives him and beer and becomes curious….he asks the pirate how he got his peg leg….the pirate says, “aaargh….I be sitting on my ship when a burst of water comes over the railing and lifts me out into the waters where a shark came and bit me leg off.” the bartender said, “wow…how horrible….so how did you get the hook hand?” the pirate said, “aaargh….I be sitting on my ship when an ornery enemy comes up and gets into a fight with me and cuts me hand off.” the bartender again was shocked….and he said, “I feel sorry for you…but how did you get the patch on your eye?” the pirate said, “aaargh…a seagull flew over and pooped in me eye.” the bartender said, “a seagull caused you to lose your eye?” and the pirate said, “AAARGH…NO…IT WAS ME FIRST DAY WITH THE NEW HOOK.”

love that one…




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