There are not too many left of the cast of “GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.”


Today we received word that the final male character on the show is gone….


that’s right, “THE PROFESSOR” is gone… RUSSELL JOHNSON died today at the age of 89 due to kidney failure……the guy looked pretty darn good up until the end…….here he is in recent months….


that only leaves TWO cast members who are still alive……

TINA LOUISE, who played the sexy “GINGER” is now 79 years old…she will be EIGHTY in February…….here she is today….


and, the little cutie on the island is still around….actress DAWN WELLS played “MARY ANNE”…..she, of course, was every man’s favorite of all the women on the show…MARY ANNE was the kind of girl you wanted to bring home to Mom……DAWN WELLS is now 75 years old….and still a little cutie….


here is a last of the other characters, and when they left this earth:

BOB DENVER played, of course, “GILLIGAN”…he died in 2005 at the age of 70……

ALAN HALE, JR. played “THE SKIPPER”…he died in 1990 at the age of 68…..

NATALIE SCHAFER played “MRS. HOWELL”, or “LOVEY” on the show…she lived to be 90 before dying in 1991….

and JIM BACKUS played “THURSTON HOWELL III” he also was the voice of “MR. MAGOO” on all of those cartoons….JIM BACKUS was 76 when he died in 1989….

and so it goes…….let’s watch the tv theme one more time, shall we?


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