random thoughts for Thursday January 16th, 2014



this is one of the rare times I’m looking forward to the weekend….of course, you know from the previous blog that we’re going to see “AMERICA” Friday night….well, I have Saturday off, so, BRING ON THE PARTY….hee hee

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okay, i’ll admit it…THIS ONE CRACKED ME UP THIS MORNING…..


another reason why you LOOK at your spouse when they’re talking to you……


hmmm….I used to lick the beaters, too……


being a “WIZARD OF OZ” fanatic, I completely loved this one…….AND I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS…..


how about this one?


and finally, we have become such a crazy society, that if this happened today, it would probably be like this!!!


2. WHAT CRAZY WEATHER….another BLIZZARD WARNING today for our area…..a couple of inches of snow and winds up to 65-70 miles per hour have been reported…..honestly, I thought my house was going to come down last night after midnight……..my good buddy DENNIS, whom I work with, came up with some cool results…..winds that are sustained from 39-45 miles an hour are considered a “tropical storm.” winds starting out at 75 miles per house are considered “hurricane winds” or an “f-1 tornado.” so, we for sure are having the tropical storm winds, with some surges up to hurricane or f-1 tornado…….I have heard reports this morning of wind gusts from 60mph to 73 miles per hour in our state last night….NOW THAT’S WINDY……

3. the MINNESOTA VIKINGS have made their coaching hire….and I think it’s A GOOD ONE….yesterday, the VIKES hired MIKE ZIMMER, the former defensive coordinator for the CINCINNATI BENGALS…why do I think this is a good hire? the man is smart….the man is in control….and he’s not afraid to put whiney players in their place if they act up….that’s what MINNESOTA needs……I honestly believe that ZIMMER should have been an NFL coach ten years ago!!! I think the VIKINGS will have great success under him……


and, there are reports today that NORV TURNER is going to be the VIKINGS offensive coordinator…okay, here’s the deal….NORV TURNER was the head coach of my WASHINGTON REDSKINS….he didn’t fare so well…….BUT, some guys are meant to be coordinators and not head coaches….NORV TURNER is one of them…he’s a BRILLIANT coordinator that will really help the MINNESOTA VIKINGS offense blossom……


I think the VIKINGS are in good hands right now…..hopefully the great assistant coach hirings continue……they are going to have to have a good coaching staff on board, because they will be playing outdoors for a couple of season…….and then…NEW STADIUM, BABY!!!

4. I heard the name KATE GOSSELIN on the tv the other day….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t heard her name for awhile and I LIKED IT….please go back to where you came from….

5. in case you can’t tell by my blogs, I HATE reality shows…I always tell people that “reality is hard enough without watching someone else’s reality.” and we make so called “celebrities” out of some of the biggest dopes in the world……and I don’t think it will slow down either…….YUCK….

6. JUSTIN BIEBER is in the news again, and it’s not good news….apparently he’s being investigated for an “egging” of a neighbor’s house….and not a normal egging….AN EGGING WITH DAMAGE TO THE TUNE OF $20,000 DOLLARS….I heard a lawyer say that in a WORSE CASE scenario, BIEBER could be jailed or DEPORTED back to CANADA if felony charges are filed…that of course, is worst case scenario………apparently there could be some drug issues as well……..another sad case of “child stars gone bad.” some people just cannot handle the fame and the money so early in life……I say now that I could….but, truthfully, I don’t know if I would have when I was younger……but, I was broke all the time and didn’t have to worry about that….apparently, I will NEVER have to worry about that…….

7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes are going out to the great singer RONNIE MILSAP…are you ready for this? RONNIE MILSAP IS 70 TODAY!!! SEVENTY!! that doesn’t seem right, but as I’ve said before, we’re ALL aging……RONNIE MILSAP is an incredible entertainer……

RONNIE MILSAP was born with very limited vision, and as a child lost all of his vision…to make matters worse, RONNIE was abandoned by his own mother when he was small, and was, luckily, raised by his Grandparents……RONNIE started out his piano playing career by playing classical music…he, in fact, is a brilliant classical musician…..but, it was country music that he loved, and he embraced the 70’s and 80’s with fantastic music…RONNIE MILSAP is known to be the very first successful blind singer in country music history!!! check out this early photo of RONNIE MILSAP….


and, the music is FANTASTIC….OVER 40 NUMBER ONE HITS….WOW….here are some of my faves……


and you’ll notice his 1974 hit “PURE LOVE” was written by EDDIE RABBITT…..





Luckily for us, RONNIE MILSAP is still on the road performing…I have seen him, probably around 5-7 times…and I loved him every time…..

Here’s RONNIE MILSAP today at 70……



8. here’s my favorite part…RONNIE MILSAP MUSIC!!!

here’s one of his first huge hits…”PURE LOVE.” and I have the lyrics so you can sing along!!!!

back around 1977 there was no better song than “IT WAS ALMOST LIKE A SONG.”

and here’s another classic…”WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOU MADE IN MY LIFE.”

9. Here are a few new movies coming out this weekend…..I don’t know if I’ll see any of them, even though one is a horror movie…..

“DEVIL’S DUE” comes out this weekend…chances are I will see it with my son Tyler….but, I’m not a fan of “devil” movies…..I saw the plot and without seeing it, I will say that this story has been done before…I think it was called “ROSEMARY’S BABY.” anyway, I really don’t like the line on the top of the movie poster…..


CHRIS PINE from the new “STAR TREK” movies stars with KEVIN COSTNER in a movie called “JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT.” I don’t know…it looks good, but maybe not good enough to entice me into the theater….however, there is buttered popcorn……..so…maybe i’ll go….


and, finally, I will say that I really like some of the cartoons movies that have come out…I don’t know if I will see this one, but it looks pretty good….



Jim, the not-so-bright new hire, was sent out for coffee. At the neighborhood coffee shop, Jim showed the barista a large thermos and asked if it was large enough to hold six cups of coffee…. the barista said, “yeah, it looks like it should hold six cups.” and Jim said, “GREAT, give me two cups with cream and sugar, two cups black and two cups of decaf.”




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