random thoughts for Tuesday February 18th, 2014



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okay, these parents are SERIOUS…..


I’m a guy….THIS WOULD BE FUN….


I have gone to “DISNEY ON ICE” quite a few times….this would have been disturbing…ha ha


all I can say about the next one is…KEEP THE BACON COMING!!!


living in a winter wonderland all my life, I can honestly say…THIS WOULD SUCK BADLY….


and finally, this wife is ready…..I’m glad I don’t do the late night thing……


2. Well, by all accounts, “THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON” is going to be a hit….I recorded it to watch it this week, but I did see a big of it this morning on Facebook……WHAT A CAVALCADE OF STARS…if you have time, check this out…….

JIMMY FALLON is a funny guy…I would have never thought he would host the “TONIGHT SHOW”, but it sounds like he will bring a different kind of comedy to late night…..his other late night show was very creative, and I think “TONIGHT SHOW” fans will embrace JIMMY FALLON….however, I think the best late night host is CRAIG FERGUSON….love his style of smart-alek comedy…


3. HOCKEY TIME…wow…the USA men’s and women’s hockey teams are kicking butt and taking names in the OLYMPICS…..I’ve only watched a few minutes of the women’s team because I’ve been working during those times…however, I have watched a bunch of the men’s team……the game this past Saturday morning was INCREDIBLE….the USA team beat RUSSIA in SEVEN SHOOTOUT ROUNDS….yeah…SEVEN…I was supposed to be at work, but couldn’t leave my tv at home…ha ha…..

The team that most impresses me, though, is SLOVENIA….they are rolling toward the gold medal round, but LISTEN TO THIS…if this doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will……

***SLOVENIA has NEVER appeared before in the men’s OLYMPIC hockey tournament….

***SLOVENIA came into the tournament as the lowest ranked team in the OLYMPICS….

***SLOVENIA only had 150 players to choose their OLYMPIC team from…and only one NHL player on their team….

***SLOVENIA has only SEVEN pro rinks in their country, and TWO don’t have roofs on them…….

It’s kind of hard not to cheer for this team…..unless they play the USA….

4. we missed a birthday yesterday…actor HAL HOLBROOK turned 89 yesterday…yep…he’s still rolling along……check out this early picture of HAL….

2 book holbrook 2

I remember HAL HOLBROOK doing a fantastic performance as ABRAHAM LINCOLN in the 1974 miniseries “LINCOLN.”


and he does a tremendous MARK TWAIN….


and did you know that HAL HOLBROOK was married to DIXIE CARTER of the tv show “DESIGNING WOMEN?” yep….unfortunately DIXIE died in 2010 at the age of 70…..


happy 89th to a great actor……here’s HAL HOLBROOK in the recent times……looking great for 89…..



5. another great actor is also 89….GEORGE KENNEDY turns 89 today…..you probably remember him from numerous roles including the “AIRPORT” movies back in the 70’s including “AIRPORT 77.”


remember the 1975 tv show “THE BLUE KNIGHT?” I used to really like that show…….


a lot of the younger generation will remember GEORGE KENNEDY from the “NAKED GUN” movie series starring LESLIE NIELSEN….


here’s GEORGE KENNEDY today at 89….happy birthday sir…..


eric braeden star 200707

GEORGE KENNEDY has appeared in dozens and dozens of other projects way too numerous to mention….

6. An ageless beauty is celebrating a birthday today….CYBILL SHEPHERD turns 64 today…..CYBILL started out as a beauty queen and a model…..GORGEOUS….



CYBILL SHEPHERD has appeared in many projects including the movie “THE LAST PICTURE SHOW”, and of course, the tv show “MOONLIGHTING” with BRUCE WILLIS….


CYBILL SHEPHERD still makes appearances in the tv show “PSYCH”…..here’s CYBILL SHEPHERD today at 64……



7. Well, another Valentine’s Day is history….I hope you had a great time with your lover!!! my beautiful wife and I went to see a movie that night….She let me pick, so I picked a love story because of the special day….I chose “LABOR DAY” starring JOSH BROLIN and KATE WINSLET…..



you will notice a December 25th release date…yeah, that didn’t happen…..

8. we are going to start a new featured called “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO?” should be fun…I am going to pick some really obscure celebrities……today? NIPSEY RUSSELL….

NIPSEY RUSSELL was known for his trademark “rhymes”…..he also was a game show guest all over the place including “MATCH GAME”, “HOLLYWOOD SQUARES”, and of course, the numerous “PYRAMID” game shows…..


NIPSEY also played the “TIN MAN” in the movie “THE WIZ” with MICHAEL JACKSON, DIANA ROSS and more….

Wiz Nipsey Russell

NIPSEY RUSSELL died October 2nd, 2005 at the age of 87….he sure didn’t look 87….here’s NIPSEY RUSSELL late in life, including a picture with SOUPY SALES….by the way, NIPSEY’S ashes were scattered in the ATLANTIC OCEAN….



9. The weather has been cooperating the last couple of days….we approached 40 in the area yesterday, with some areas passing 40…..today is supposed to be nice, with, of course, a chance of sleet, snow and rain…and windy, naturally…..They are saying tomorrow is supposed to be the best day by far…..SUNNY AND 45…and guess what? I’M OFF TOMORROW TO DO CHURCH WORK…..

***I heard on TV the other day that 49 states had snow on the ground the other day…..INCREDIBLE….you would guess that HAWAII was the state with no snow? WRONG…HAWAII had snow in the upper mountains, which seems unheard of…..the one state with no snow? FLORIDA…..


a young man didn’t know what to do with his life so he prayed…He felt that the answer he got was to go to the local monastery to become a monk….so, this gentleman heads in to talk to the “head monk.” also, I believe, called “THE ABBOTT”…..the head monk tells him that each person receives a vow they must do, and he has chosen the vow of silence for this young man…the bossman told him “you will be able to say TWO WORDS on the anniversary of the day you started….so, a year from now, you get TWO WORDS…choose them wisely.” So, a year passes and the man is brought into the office and told that he can utter his two words…the man say, “BED HARD.” the head monk says, “oh, I’m sorry about that, i’ll check into that.” The second year rolls around and the man is brought in for his two words…this time he says “FOOD COLD.” and the head monk says “I didn’t know that…i’ll check into that.” And so, the third year rolls around and the man is brought into the office for his two words….this time he utters, “I QUIT.” and the head monk says, “I’m not surprised, you’ve been complaining since you got here.”




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