Right after I posted my blog this morning I found out that a Hollywood great passed away…….Actor, director, writer HAROLD RAMIS died at the age of 69…..He apparently had some health problems in recent months.

The ironic thing for me is that I just watched “STRIPES” last night at home….It’s a movie he not only starred in, but also co-wrote……

You want to see impressive? CHECK THIS OUT…..

HAROLD RAMIS co-wrote “GHOSTBUSTERS” and “STRIPES.” He was also one of three screenwriters for the legendary classic “NATIONAL LAMPOONS ANIMAL HOUSE.”…..if that’s not enough, here’s some more information for you……HAROLD RAMIS was a writer/director in movies such as “CADDYSHACK”, “NATIONAL LAMPOONS VACATION,” “GROUNDHOG DAY”, “ANALYZE THIS”, “MULTIPLICITY” and dozens of other movies……….

I know that you’ll remember HAROLD RAMIS…..

Here he is with his “GHOSTBUSTERS” sidekicks BILL MURRAY and DAN AYKROYD….


BILL MURRAY was a common theme with HAROLD RAMIS… they are in “STRIPES.”


and, guess what? one more with BILL MURRAY….HAROLD played a neurologist in the hit movie “GROUNDHOG DAY.”

untitled harold

And one thing I either forgot, or didn’t know is that HAROLD RAMIS was one of the original writers in the great show called “SCTV.” or “SECOND CITY TV.” The cast in this groundbreaking show included MARTIN SHORT, RICK MORANIS, DAVE THOMAS, JOHN CANDY, EUGENE LEVY, JOE FLAHERTY, ANDREA MARTIN and so many more… was a sketch comedy show that had legendary bits in it, including the origin of “BOB AND DOUG MCKENZIE” played by RICK MORANIS AND DAVE THOMAS….


Even though HAROLD RAMIS isn’t a household name, he will be remembered for writing/producing or starring in some of the greatest movies of the past few decades…….

Thank you HAROLD RAMIS for contributing so much to the entertainment business, and to our lives in general thru your movies…….



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