Well, if it wasn’t BAD ENOUGH that it’s a MONDAY, now I have to put up with this…..


I’m used to people telling me that “you’re not as funny as you think.” ha ha….But, looks aren’t everything I guess…….

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1. I cannot believe that one week from today I will turn 50….FIFTY….I can’t understand how I got to this age already……Seriously, I bet that all of you who are fifty and older feel that way…….How in the world did I get to this stage of my life already? I feel like I should be 30…..and, unfortunately for my wife, I act like I’m 14…..ha ha…..

I decided to get myself a 50th birthday gift…….something to remember turning 50……This should do it……..


That’s right, on May 13th at noon, I will be sitting down to get this put on my left leg…..As painful as it is, I want to have this as a reminder to me what Jesus went thru….And hopefully a reminder to others to GET TO CHURCH…..


WOW…these people are SERIOUS….


I’m glad they have the next one, because GRANDMA was getting FILTHY…..


Or, make signs when you DRINK….


Ummm….I think men would be lining up for this job…..

hilarious sign1

I wonder if this church will convert anybody…ha ha…


3. It is so hard for me to believe, but the legendary GEORGE JONES has been gone for ONE YEAR ALREADY….yeah, one year….GEORGE JONES was in my top five all time country singers, and he was many people’s number one……..I was blown away this weekend to see the memorial that was put up for “THE POSSUM.” GEORGE was known as “NO SHOW JONES” because of missing concert dates in his early years….In fact, he even sang a song in concert making fun of himself…….But, I’m sure that GEORGE JONES wasn’t a “no show” for heaven…….Check out this memorial….


Are you wondering what my favorite GEORGE JONES song is? Well, it is actually MY number one or two favorite song of all time…..The other one is “MANSION ON A HILL” by HANK WILLIAMS, SR…..My favorite JONES song is “WALK THRU THIS WORLD WITH ME.” check out this AMAZING video of GEORGE JONES…..

4. Sad news from the sporting world today….DR. JACK RAMSAY has died at the age of 89……He was battling cancer……JACK RAMSAY was the head coach of the PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS when they won the NBA title back in 1977…..He actually coached in the NBA for 21 seasons….Most recently, you probably knew him as a NBA analyst with ESPN……Good good man…he will be missed….


5. Speaking of the NBA, our “MORON OF THE DECADE” goes to the owner of the LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS…His name is DONALD STERLING…..His, probably now “former girlfriend” taped a phone conversation with him where he came off as very racist……Which shouldn’t be a surprise to many people after hearing horror stories about his past…..I wonder if charges could come up against this woman because of illegal taping….We will have to see…..Here she is with him in, umm….HAPPIER times……


Not that my opinion matters, but I think he should be forced to sell the team….There is no room for this kind of racism in a sport that has many different nationalities playing in it…..

His team, THE LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS staged a mini “revolt” against him….Yesterday they wore their warm up uniforms inside out……


Rumors were swirling that the team was contemplating forfeiting their game yesterday….I think that would have been a horrible decision….First of all, IT’S THE NBA PLAYOFFS…..Second of all, you’re playing the game to win for yourselves, not some idiot owner……….

6. My favorite hockey team, THE MINNESOTA WILD, were HOSED on Saturday night in DENVER against the COLORADO AVALANCHE…..Why? Because the refs made a couple of seriously bad calls…And they missed a few “obvious” calls….Heck, I don’t know a lot about the “rules” of hockey, and even I SAW THEM….. The AVALANCHE now lead 3-2, with game six tonight in ST. PAUL…..Here’s my revelation…..The WILD will crush COLORADO tonight, and will force game seven…..I really don’t see THE MINNESOTA WILD losing game seven if they can get there…..They have actually outplayed COLORADO on their home ice!!! Time will tell…..

7. Yesterday was the 55th birthday of beautiful pop singer SHEENA EASTON…..I’m sure you remember her and her awesome hit songs……




Front Cover


SHEENA EASTON is still a knockout at 55…..



8. How about some birthday music from the birthday girl?

This one happens to be my fave from SHEENA EASTON….Great tune called “YOU COULD HAVE BEEN WITH ME.”

Her very first hit “MORNING TRAIN”, was originally just called “9-5.” However, there was this little movie and hit song by DOLLY PARTON with the same name……”9-5.”…ha ha…So, SHEENA’S people made the change….It didn’t matter….It was still a MASSIVE number one……

The third song I want to play is the theme from a JAMES BOND movie called “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.” SHEENA put so much emotion into this beautiful song…….Plus, it’s a pretty cool video…..

9. We have another birthday of note coming up on Wednesday….The hilarious actress CLORIS LEACHMAN turns 88….yeah, EIGHTY EIGHT and still acting…..CLORIS LEACHMAN got her start way before the “MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW” but, it’s that show she’s mostly remembered for……



CLORIS LEACHMAN would receive a TV show that was a spinoff of “MARY TYLER MOORE.” On “MTM” she played a character named PHYLLIS…..Well, for two seasons from 1975-1977 she starred in a TV show of the same name…”PHYLLIS.”


I do believe that my favorite CLORIS LEACHMAN role was on the MEL BROOKS classic film “YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.” She played a character called “FRAU BLUCKER.”


Honestly, CLORIS LEACHMAN looks INCREDIBLE at 88….And she’s still hitting the acting roles….amazing….The pictures are from a couple of months ago!!!!




A man was walking in the city, when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking bum who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner.

The man took out his wallet, extracted two dollars and asked, “If I gave you this money, will you take it and buy whiskey?”

“No, I stopped drinking years ago,” the bum said.

“Will you use it to gamble?”

“I don’t gamble. I need everything I can get just to stay alive.”

“Will you spend the money on greens fees at a golf course?”

“Are you NUTS! I haven’t played golf in 20 years!”

The man said, “Well, I’m not going to give you two dollars.

Instead, I’m going to take you to my home for a terrific dinner cooked by my wife.”

The bum was astounded.

“Won’t your wife be furious with you for doing that? I know I’m dirty, and I probably smell pretty bad.”

The man replied, “That’s OK. I just want her to see what a man looks like who’s given up drinking, gambling, and golf.”




By the way, THIS is what I looked like when I found out it was only TUESDAY….


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I completely agree with this one…how frustrating…….


Here’s one couple that need to listen to each other more…..




You have to feel for this guy…NOT….


I thought this one was pretty funny…..


Is this what you call “MAD COW DISEASE?”


2. first of all, and most importantly….


Last night’s playoff win over the COLORADO AVALANCE in ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, was probably the best hockey game I have EVER watched in my life…..The game goes to overtime….and then MIKAEL GRANLUND makes one of the most incredible shots I have ever seen!!!


Colorado Avalanche v Minnesota Wild - Game Three

And the place went WILD!!! (pardon the pun)…….


I will have to say this….I have nothing but respect for AVALANCHE goalie SEMYON VARLAMOV….He was incredible….he stopped 46 shots that the WILD made……COLORADO only had 22 shots on goal….Which means, the MINNESOTA WILD had numerous opportunities to win this game….That’s how good that goalie is…….

Anyway, the MINNESOTA WILD now trail the COLORADO AVALANCHE 2 games to 1…..It should be 2-1 in favor of MINNESOTA, because the WILD totally screwed up game one when they were ahead 4-2 and let COLORADO tie the game with 13 seconds left in the game…….Game four is Thursday night in ST. PAUL….I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

3. Sad news in country music…..Singer KEVIN SHARP died this past weekend at the young age of 43….KEVIN SHARP had two or three decent hits in the 90’s….I used to play his stuff on the radio when I did my morning show….KEVIN died from complications from past stomach surgeries and digestive issues, however, he had battled cancer for many many years….Don’t know if you knew this or not, but KEVIN SHARP is a brother-in-law to singer NEAL MCCOY…….




In tribute to KEVIN SHARP, I would like to play his three big hits in country music…..

He did a country version of TONY RICH’S big hit “NOBODY KNOWS.” It was KEVIN’S biggest hit…..

Another big hit for KEVIN SHARP was called “IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY.”

And, here’s a song that I really enjoyed by him…”SHE’S SURE TAKING IT WELL.”

Rest in peace, KEVIN…You fought a hard battle….Now relax and enjoy heaven…You deserve it…..

4. Well, I made it thru my ELEVEN church services last week….By the time that Easter evening came around, I was exhausted……Here are a couple of great comments made in church Sunday…

***We had 160 people at our service in HECLA, and it got SUPER DUPER HOT in there…..One of my confirmation students was doing the candle lighting and offering for me, and he was sitting across from me by the altar….About two thirds of the way thru the service he motions for me to come over there…I walk over to him during a hymn, and he says, “how much longer is this going to be? I’m dying over here.” HILARIOUS….

***We had a tremendous amount of kids in church Sunday, and when I called them up for the children’s sermon, they all came flocking forward…Probably about thirty or so…..One of the young young boys walked up to me and said, “Pastor Jay, this is for you.” it was a bottle of DIET PEPSI…ha ha….I had given up DIET PEPSI for Lent, and that was the first day I could drink it again….ISN’T THAT CUTE? The congregation really laughed at that……

5. There was a story on the news a few days ago that blew my mind…..A manager from KROGER’S grocery stores was FIRED after he went after and tackled someone who had shoplifted from his store…..The 51 year old thief had a long history of robbery and theft convictions……So, the manager runs after him and brings him to the ground…..and? HE GETS FIRED….Here is what the company said…

“His actions were not a reflection of our company’s fraud prevention, protocol, procedures or training.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Okay, I will admit that it was probably silly for him to go after this guy…I might have done the same thing…BUT FIRING HIM? How about suspending him or something like that? Some companies are just so ungrateful……..

6. Here is another weird story…..Singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has been dating tennis supermodel/beauty ANNA KOURNIKOVA for about twelve years now….and guess what? ENRIQUE’S dad, JULIO IGLESIAS HAS NEVER MET HER…..seriously? After a dozen years, he has never met her…..Trust me on this….If ANNA KOURNIKOVA was dating my son, they would be over at the house ALL THE TIME…ha ha……


By the way, did you know that JULIO IGLESIAS is now 70 years old? Yep…Here he is today…..


7. Actor CHARLES GRODIN turns 79 today….That seems unreal…..You probably remember him as the Dad in the movie “BEETHOVEN,” plus he starred in “ROSEMARY’S BABY, ” “MIDNIGHT RUN”, “CLIFFORD” and many more movies……You may not recognize the name, but you will SURELY recognize his face……



Here’s CHARLES GRODIN just a few months ago….Happy 79th sir!!!


8. Eternal young guy, TONY DANZA turns 63 years old today……He still looks great, by the way….TONY DANZA had funny roles in “TAXI”, and, of course, “WHO’S THE BOSS.”



Here’s the ever youthful TONY DANZA today at 63…..


9. Check out these new shot glasses…….A couple of these and YOU’LL BE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT…..WIPED OUT…GET IT?



A man is walking down the beach one day when he stumbles across a lamp…He rubs the lamp and out pops a GENIE…The Genie says that he has three wishes, but whatever he asks for, his ex-wife will get double….The man agrees and asks for ten million dollars…POOF…he gets it, but his wife gets 20 million…..The man’s second wish was a mansion in Hollywood….POOF..He gets a mansion, but his ex-wife gets TWO mansions……The GENIE says, “what is your third wish?” To which the man says, “beat me half to death.”



I apologize that I have not had a new blog all this week. There are actually two reasons for that. Number one I have not been able to get into the computer room this week because there have been meetings in there all week long. And number two I have had 11 church services scheduled this week due to holy week and a funeral. So I have been extremely busy this week. I will get a new blog done early next week and I want to take this time to wish each and everyone of you a very blessed Easter weekend!!!!!!!!

I’M BACK!!!!! (Please obey the following rules….)


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After a few days off, I am SO ready for one of these……


Well, at least someone is FINALLY HONEST about these……..


I know a few guys who could fit into this next category…….not me, however….ha ha…..


I hope I never get to this stage……for my wife’s sake, and, of course, for my own LIFE…..


I think that sometimes we ALL feel like this……


Okay, now that I’m three weeks away from 50, I am taking this next one SERIOUSLY…..


2. Okay, I am going to start out taking about country music….If you know me, or read this blog a lot, you know that I am NOT A FAN of “new country music.” Other than about three or four leftovers from the 90’s and 2000’s, I think there’s a lot of very “mediocre” talent out there…….With that said, the ACM award show was this past weekend…..I really didn’t care about any of the categories, except for ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR….I was hoping and praying that KING GEORGE, GEORGE STRAIT would win it….and guess what? HE DID….It is my humble opinion that GEORGE STRAIT should automatically be given that award EVERY SINGLE YEAR until he retires….There is seriously NOBODY out there who touches him…….


Have you ever seen GEORGE STRAIT with a baseball cap on? And not a cowboy hat?


As you probably know, I met GEORGE STRAIT a few years ago…I have actually personally met with him THREE TIMES….He is as genuine and kind in person as he looks on stage…Very unassuming….Extremely polite……Here we are many many years ago….We both look like kids…….


I think when all is said and done, GEORGE STRAIT will go down in history as the biggest country music star of all time….Not only for the hits, but for everything else around it….The concert tours….The incredible fan base….George Strait IS the king…….

3. Have you ever taken a picture at the perfect time? I have never had that opportunity, but for some, they just snap the picture, check out the picture and notice that they have taken the PERFECT picture……




4. As you probably know, I had the opportunity to be with my boys for FOUR DAYS in Minneapolis this past weekend……I was absolutely in heaven….I seriously could NEVER EVER spend ENOUGH time with my boys……We had a blast too….Here are some of the highpoints…….(luckily there weren’t any low points…..)

THE WEATHER: When we were packing to leave Thursday night, the Twin Cities were under a “winter storm warning” with the possibility of up to 15 inches of snow…..We were grudgingly setting up “alternate plans” for the way down….Luckily for us, on Friday morning, they had the warning expiring at 1pm instead of 7pm that night…..And so, we ventured out and seriously didn’t hit ANY kind of adverse weather all the way down…And by the time we arrived in the cities, the roads were clear…..They received seven and a half inches of snow, but it sure didn’t look like it….UNTIL WE GOT DOWNTOWN….What a mess….Those downtown streets were not meant for snow……But the good news was, by Sunday there wasn’t hardly ANY snow to be seen anywhere….I like those kind of storms……..

THE FOOD: We made a pact on the way down that we were not going to eat at any places in the Twin Cities that we can eat at in Aberdeen……(only on the way down and way home.)….We did it…..The first place we wandered into was a steakhouse in downtown MINNEAPOLIS…..


We were WAY out of our element in that establishment…..Plus we were wearing jeans, hats, and sports jerseys……We got a few looks, but we stayed anyway…..I am so glad we did….We had the BEST STEAKS we have EVER EVER EVER HAD……However, it was very very expensive….I have never spent 40-50 dollars per person on a meal…..And it will probably be a long time until we do it again…..But, I am glad we did it once…….TERRIFIC FOOD……

Next, we visited one of our favorite places……..BUBBA GUMP’S in the MALL OF AMERICA…..


We have always enjoyed this place, and we made it known to each other on the way down, that we WERE absolutely going to eat there……They didn’t disappoint….By the way, that bucket that you saw in the previous picture? That’s what my son MITCHELL’S food came in……Yep, a bucket of food…….

On the way home we stopped in ST. CLOUD for lunch……We went to a place that I had the opportunity to try down in the NASHVILLE area……


Seriously, one of the best burgers you will EVER EAT….


It is kind of cool, because when you walk in, they have a sign as to where their potatoes came from for that particular day……We, of course, had IDAHO…..ha ha…..But, they give you WAY TOO MANY FRIES….They are super delicious, but we ended up putting most of ours in a paper bag to take home….Which we promptly dumped into a garbage can in ALEXANDRIA, MN. when we stopped for gas….They were filling the pickup with too much greasy smells……..GREAT BURGERS…GREAT SCENERY…TREMENDOUS SERVICE…….

The only disappointment when it comes to food was that we “forgot” to go to MATT’S BAR in MINNEAPOLIS for their “JUCY LUCY”….This is the burger that has been sampled on different eating shows on national television…This burger is well known across most of the country, from what I have heard…….



We had good intentions of going there, but we honestly forgot….And then on Sunday afternoon, we are trying to find a certain record store, and accidentally drive by MATT’S BAR….We looked at each other and said, “DANG IT.” (or something to that effect.)…..Well, maybe next time……

THE GAME: As you know, the main purpose of our trip was to watch MY MINNESOTA WILD against TYLER’S PITTSBURGH PENGUINS…..My son MITCHELL wore a MINNESOTA WILD jersey, even though he cheers for the DETROIT RED WINGS……

***This is the honest to GOD truth…..While we were sitting eating lunch in downtown ST. PAUL before the game, I told the boys that my favorite thing about MINNESOTA WILD hockey at home, is the horns going off signifying that the WILD have scored a goal….I told them that I love that sound and the sound of the roaring crowd….My son TYLER says, “Well, too bad you’re not going to hear that horn ONE TIME tonight.” To which I replied, “That’s right, we’re not going to hear it ONCE…we’re going to hear it FOUR TIMES….”…..We didn’t realize how right I was….THE MINNESOTA WILD WON 4-0…..We heard the horns FOUR TIMES…..Crazy, huh?

My favorite team is within ONE POINT of making the playoffs this year, and by the time you read this, we may have gotten that point tonight against the much hated BOSTON BRUINS…..But back to this game….My MINNESOTA WILD scored almost right away in the first period, and it set the pace for the night…TYLER’S favorite team acted like they weren’t even there…..But, don’t take anything away from my favorite team…THEY DOMINATED THAT NIGHT…….



Three of the four goals were right in front of us…Including one from a brilliant new player, ERIK HAULA….


My boys and I are “HOCKEY CRAZY”, and this postseason is going to be awesome!!!!


5. Here is a picture of my two boys….Ummm..I mean, MEN…..I love being a parent……I don’t think you truly know what “love” is until you have kids……And, it is so satisfying watching them grow up and realizing that you did a pretty darn good job raising them……LOVE MY BOYS…..


We were in a store in the MALL OF AMERICA, and my son TYLER said, “here, put this one and stand still.” And so I did….And this is what happened…….



6. This about drove me crazy….I can’t believe that a warning sign is needed for this……

So, let me get this straight……With my baby, DOGS are okay, but FISH ARE NOT? GOOD GRIEF…..


7. While I was gone, we lost a goodie…..The legendary MICKEY ROONEY died at the age of 93…..I know we use the word “legendary” probably too much, but in this case it is well deserved…MICKEY ROONEY has been in show business practically all of his life….Ever since he was very little…..Here’s a younger picture of him…….


I loved MICKEY ROONEY, not just for his acting skills, but for his skills of picking leading ladies……To which I mean one of my all time favorites, the beautiful JUDY GARLAND…..


Most of the younger generation will remember MICKEY ROONEY from the BEN STILLER movie “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM.” He played a cranky old man opposite DICK VAN DYKE and BILL COBBS…..This is the movie where MICKEY ROONEY delivered one of his most famous lines…..Talking to BEN STILLER’S character he says, “YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE WEIRDEES AREN’T YOU?” Weirdees….very funny……..


Sadly, in his later life, MICKEY ROONEY had to deal with elderly abuse….A situation that he even went to CONGRESS to speak about…..But, today we focus on the positive…..We focus on the legacy that this great man has left us……Here are a couple of pictures of MICKEY ROONEY lately……

The second one was actually taken like three weeks ago……..



“HOLLYWOOD HEAVEN” is getting to be an awfully cool place……..

8. When I arrived home Monday night, I spent the night alone, because my wife is in COLORADO….So, I did something that I love to do…..I watched a “live” concert DVD…..who was it?



This was her concert from a few years ago in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA…..It is an incredible DVD…….

***I find it amazing that someone can make me fall in love all over again after 35-40 years……Her voice just mesmerizes me……And she is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen……

***I told my wife one time that she only had one woman to worry about in this world who would steal me from her….OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN….She said, “I’M NOT TOO WORRIED.” And, of course, she’s right……….

OLIVIA still looks fantastic at 65!!!! YEAH…SIXTY FIVE!!!! UNREAL…..



Do you want to see a couple of my favorite photos of OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN? it’s the front and back cover of her “COME ON OVER” album….




Love this woman….I would give about anything to be able to have a nice close front row seat in LAS VEGAS to see her…Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen……..

9. CHECK OUT A COUPLE OF VIDEOS FROM THAT CONCERT….She still has the voice!!!!

Here’s how she starts her show….and one of my favorite songs, “HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW.”

Here’s an incredibly cool version of her hit “DON’T STOP BELIEVING.”

That’s it….I am going to watch it again tonight……During the hockey 20 minute intermissions……..


Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “And what starting salary are you looking for?” The engineer replies, “In the region of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package.” The interviewer inquires, “Well, what would you say to a package of five weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every two years, say, a red Corvette?” The engineer sits up straight and says, “Wow! Are you kidding?” The interviewer replies, “Yeah, but you started it.”



Apparently my April Fool’s joke backfired on me….Ha ha….Yesterday I talked about ending the blog….Check out the last line….It talks about April Fools Day…..I should have made that clearer and actually said “APRIL FOOLS”….my bad…ha ha…

Anyway, I love the fact that quite a few people were concerned!!! That makes me feel good that you love the blog that much!!!



Unfortunately my blog is going to be ending next week after all of these years of doing it. I no longer have the time to do it anymore, and, frankly, I have become bored doing it, and that’s not a good sign. I take this time to thank all of you for the years of reading the blog, and maybe we’ll meet another day…possibly next April Fools Day….hee hee hee



More on the weather in just a bit….

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I was never good at science, but even I understood this one…ha ha….


Sounds like these two old folks are in for a good fight…..


Hmmm….I never thought of this next one before…..




2. Okay, I just talked about the weather a little bit ago….Just in case you’re not from this area, YESTERDAY SUCKED….Just when we think we’ve turned the corner to plunge into Spring, crap happens like yesterday….We were under a BLIZZARD WARNING all day long, and we had snow and 40-55 mph winds…..For those of you who don’t like in that kind of climate, those two are NOT a good combination…….Here is a picture from the storm yesterday…Yes, that is a stop sign in the picture….Do you see it?


We ended up with only 3.3 inches of snow in ABERDEEN, but there were many area of our region that got around a FOOT of new snow. My wife and I live about ten miles from ABERDEEN, and the ride home yesterday was HORRIBLE….There were points of the trip where you couldn’t see the front of the car….Horrible….And to make matters worse, I walked outside this morning to drifts in my driveway that went up past my knee!!! Many driveways in our town were empty…But, no, not ours…..By the way, the wind blew so hard that I figured most of our snow ended up in OKLAHOMA!!!!

3. As I am writing this, my WASHINGTON REDSKINS are talking with the agent of former EAGLE’S wide receiver DESEAN JACKSON….You have probably heard some stories on the sports about how he may be involved in gang relationships and such….Well, I will tell you this….I WELCOME him to our team, if we can sign him….He is an incredible talent….And you have DESEAN JACKSON running down one side of the field and PIERRE GARCON running down the other side? I SAY, “YES PLEASE.” Time will tell…..I hope we can pull this off……

4. Did you hear about the horrible fans at a TEXAS RANGER’S game? Baseball is getting in full swing, so fans are showing up, drinking and having fun….Well, the TEXAS RANGERS dedicated a statue to their fan, SHANNON STONE and his son COOPER….You may remember that SHANNON STONE fell to his death at a RANGER’S game in recent times…..And so, the TEXAS RANGER’S dedicate a statue to him memory, and fans apparently can’t tell the difference between a statue and a garbage can…THIS IS DISGUSTING…..


This is pathetic…..Fans should know better……And the disrespect to the late fan is almost unbearable……

5. Speaking of baseball, did you hear what happened to legendary baseball player DON BAYLOR? He was catching the ceremonial first pitch yesterday, and BROKE HIS LEG….I was going to post the video, but it is way too gruesome to show….You will have to look it up on youtube.com if you want to see it….It literally turned my stomach when I saw it!!!

6. One more sporting story……my MINNESOTA WILD won last night against the LOS ANGELES KINGS….The exciting part of it is, that the WILD must continue to win to get into the playoffs…They currently are in, but have to stay ahead of the two teams behind them….If they would lose a couple in a row, they may not make the playoffs…….Great game last night….


Minnesota Wild v Phoenix Coyotes

The MINNESOTA WILD have a couple of tough games this week…..They play the world champion CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS in CHICAGO Thursday night, and then they host the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS in ST. PAUL….I am so pumped, because my boys and I will be at that game!!! KEEP PLUGGIN AWAY WILD!!!!





Here are the stats……CHICK-FIL-A has about 1,775 stores nationwide….KFC has 4491 stores…..Way more KFC stores……Who sold the most last year?

CHICK-FIL-A…..yep….They had five billion dollars in sales, KFC had 4.2 billion….And to add to that story? CHICK-FIL-A are closed on Sundays because of religious reasons…..I ate at a CHICK-FIL-A one time…It was pretty good stuff……But, I’m still a freak for KFC’S extra crispy chicken, and I go crazy for their coleslaw…..AND WHO DOESN’T LOVE THEIR SPORKS…..


8. Last night I watched one of my favorite movies of the 80’s…..It was from 1986, and was the story of a talking, feeling robot….remember the movie?


That’s right, it’s “SHORT CIRCUIT.” it’s the movie that brought us great lines like “JOHNNY FIVE ALIVE,” “NO DISASEMBLE” and “I AM STANDING HERE BESIDE MYSELF.” Love that movie….Let’s find out what the stars look like today…..

First of all, we have to feature the robot, “JOHNNY FIVE.” Here is the original robot…..


And here he is today….



STEVE GUTTENBERG played “NEWTON CROSBY” the guy that helped create the robot….You probably will also remember him from the “POLICE ACADEMY” movies…..


STEVE GUTTENBERG is now 55 years old…Here he is today….


I used to have a crush on ALLY SHEEDY…She starred in “THE BREAKFAST CLUB”, among other movies….In “SHORT CIRCUIT” she played STEPHANIE….


ALLY SHEEDY is still beautiful at 51…..


I think the guy who steals the movie is actor FISHER STEVENS…He played “BEN JABITUYA.” He has a great accent and absolutely murders classic phrases that we use everyday….Good stuff….

Short Circuit cowboy

Hmm…FISHER STEVENS is my age…He just turned 50…….




He doesn’t have a very recognizable name, but we’ve seen him in numerous movies…..He is now 74 years old…..


And finally, G.W. BAILEY played the character of “CAPTAIN SKROEDER.” He was an annoying policeman type character…G.W. plays that kind of character superbly….Like in the “POLICE ACADEMY” movies with STEVE GUTTENBERG…


G.W. BAILEY is now 69 years old….


Voice actor TIM BLANEY did the incredible voice of the robot “JOHNNY FIVE.” BLANEY has also done many other famous voices, including the PUG dog on one of the “MEN IN BLACK” movies….


It’s fun to sit down and watch a great movie from years ago…..Many movies don’t seem as good today as they did back then…”SHORT CIRCUIT” didn’t fit that mold….That movie is still hilarious and entertaining…….

9. I am a big fan of ferris wheels…….HOWEVER, I think I would avoid the new one in LAS VEGAS….


it is now the biggest ferris wheel in the WORLD….it stands 550 feet tall and has 28 different cabins for people to sit in…My wife would be first in line for this…I would go with her, but it would take some serious begging and negotiating with her….ha ha….


Two geeks are talking over lunch. The first guy says, “You wouldn’t believe what happened this morning. A girl rode up to me on her bike, took off all her clothes, and said ‘Take whatever you want!’ … So I took the bike” The second guy says, “Good choice, her clothes probably wouldn’t have fit you.”


A blonde girl enters a store that sells curtains. She tells the salesman, “I would like to buy a pink curtain in the size of my computer screen.” The surprised salesman replies, “But, madam, computers do not have curtains.” And the blonde said, “Helloooo…. I’ve got Windows!”