random thoughts for Tuesday April 22nd, 2014


By the way, THIS is what I looked like when I found out it was only TUESDAY….


I saw a t-shirt that I MUST GET…. It has some pretty powerful words on it, HOWEVER, they are words that PRETTY MUCH NOBODY LISTENS TO….


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I completely agree with this one…how frustrating…….


Here’s one couple that need to listen to each other more…..




You have to feel for this guy…NOT….


I thought this one was pretty funny…..


Is this what you call “MAD COW DISEASE?”


2. first of all, and most importantly….


Last night’s playoff win over the COLORADO AVALANCE in ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, was probably the best hockey game I have EVER watched in my life…..The game goes to overtime….and then MIKAEL GRANLUND makes one of the most incredible shots I have ever seen!!!


Colorado Avalanche v Minnesota Wild - Game Three

And the place went WILD!!! (pardon the pun)…….


I will have to say this….I have nothing but respect for AVALANCHE goalie SEMYON VARLAMOV….He was incredible….he stopped 46 shots that the WILD made……COLORADO only had 22 shots on goal….Which means, the MINNESOTA WILD had numerous opportunities to win this game….That’s how good that goalie is…….

Anyway, the MINNESOTA WILD now trail the COLORADO AVALANCHE 2 games to 1…..It should be 2-1 in favor of MINNESOTA, because the WILD totally screwed up game one when they were ahead 4-2 and let COLORADO tie the game with 13 seconds left in the game…….Game four is Thursday night in ST. PAUL….I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

3. Sad news in country music…..Singer KEVIN SHARP died this past weekend at the young age of 43….KEVIN SHARP had two or three decent hits in the 90’s….I used to play his stuff on the radio when I did my morning show….KEVIN died from complications from past stomach surgeries and digestive issues, however, he had battled cancer for many many years….Don’t know if you knew this or not, but KEVIN SHARP is a brother-in-law to singer NEAL MCCOY…….




In tribute to KEVIN SHARP, I would like to play his three big hits in country music…..

He did a country version of TONY RICH’S big hit “NOBODY KNOWS.” It was KEVIN’S biggest hit…..

Another big hit for KEVIN SHARP was called “IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY.”

And, here’s a song that I really enjoyed by him…”SHE’S SURE TAKING IT WELL.”

Rest in peace, KEVIN…You fought a hard battle….Now relax and enjoy heaven…You deserve it…..

4. Well, I made it thru my ELEVEN church services last week….By the time that Easter evening came around, I was exhausted……Here are a couple of great comments made in church Sunday…

***We had 160 people at our service in HECLA, and it got SUPER DUPER HOT in there…..One of my confirmation students was doing the candle lighting and offering for me, and he was sitting across from me by the altar….About two thirds of the way thru the service he motions for me to come over there…I walk over to him during a hymn, and he says, “how much longer is this going to be? I’m dying over here.” HILARIOUS….

***We had a tremendous amount of kids in church Sunday, and when I called them up for the children’s sermon, they all came flocking forward…Probably about thirty or so…..One of the young young boys walked up to me and said, “Pastor Jay, this is for you.” it was a bottle of DIET PEPSI…ha ha….I had given up DIET PEPSI for Lent, and that was the first day I could drink it again….ISN’T THAT CUTE? The congregation really laughed at that……

5. There was a story on the news a few days ago that blew my mind…..A manager from KROGER’S grocery stores was FIRED after he went after and tackled someone who had shoplifted from his store…..The 51 year old thief had a long history of robbery and theft convictions……So, the manager runs after him and brings him to the ground…..and? HE GETS FIRED….Here is what the company said…

“His actions were not a reflection of our company’s fraud prevention, protocol, procedures or training.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Okay, I will admit that it was probably silly for him to go after this guy…I might have done the same thing…BUT FIRING HIM? How about suspending him or something like that? Some companies are just so ungrateful……..

6. Here is another weird story…..Singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has been dating tennis supermodel/beauty ANNA KOURNIKOVA for about twelve years now….and guess what? ENRIQUE’S dad, JULIO IGLESIAS HAS NEVER MET HER…..seriously? After a dozen years, he has never met her…..Trust me on this….If ANNA KOURNIKOVA was dating my son, they would be over at the house ALL THE TIME…ha ha……


By the way, did you know that JULIO IGLESIAS is now 70 years old? Yep…Here he is today…..


7. Actor CHARLES GRODIN turns 79 today….That seems unreal…..You probably remember him as the Dad in the movie “BEETHOVEN,” plus he starred in “ROSEMARY’S BABY, ” “MIDNIGHT RUN”, “CLIFFORD” and many more movies……You may not recognize the name, but you will SURELY recognize his face……



Here’s CHARLES GRODIN just a few months ago….Happy 79th sir!!!


8. Eternal young guy, TONY DANZA turns 63 years old today……He still looks great, by the way….TONY DANZA had funny roles in “TAXI”, and, of course, “WHO’S THE BOSS.”



Here’s the ever youthful TONY DANZA today at 63…..


9. Check out these new shot glasses…….A couple of these and YOU’LL BE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT…..WIPED OUT…GET IT?



A man is walking down the beach one day when he stumbles across a lamp…He rubs the lamp and out pops a GENIE…The Genie says that he has three wishes, but whatever he asks for, his ex-wife will get double….The man agrees and asks for ten million dollars…POOF…he gets it, but his wife gets 20 million…..The man’s second wish was a mansion in Hollywood….POOF..He gets a mansion, but his ex-wife gets TWO mansions……The GENIE says, “what is your third wish?” To which the man says, “beat me half to death.”



Author: jaydeanhcr

Jay Dean spent 30 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. Jay is now the host/creator of a very popular radio show called “Country Legends Jukebox.” Jay also helps out ministering at two churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, and Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.

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