Well, if it wasn’t BAD ENOUGH that it’s a MONDAY, now I have to put up with this…..


I’m used to people telling me that “you’re not as funny as you think.” ha ha….But, looks aren’t everything I guess…….

Here we go again…..Almost the end of yet another month…..Where in the world does time go? Anywho, all of us at PIERSON FORD invite you in to take advantage of, not only GREAT lease specials, but great prices on pre-owned vehicles……If you have someone graduating from high school in the near future, why not come on in and find an affordable vehicle for your child. One that gets great gas mileage…..Plus, the service techs at PIERSON FORD go thru our vehicles front to back BEFORE THEY HIT THE LOT…..And, if you’re looking for a new car for your school bound child, check out the FORD FIESTA and the FORD FOCUS…..Both are extremely affordable, and are very nice inside and out…..I actually drive a FORD FIESTA, and I get right around 40 miles per gallon on the highway…Not bad….

***Plus, I have YET to spend 40 bucks on gas at one time….Even today, I was down to 7 miles to empty, so I went to fillup…..$37 dollars…..not bad……



Call us today at PIERSON FORD….1-800-627-1237…….Stop and visit us in the auto plaza, north highway 281 in ABERDEEN, SD….or check us out online at http://piersonford.com/

1. I cannot believe that one week from today I will turn 50….FIFTY….I can’t understand how I got to this age already……Seriously, I bet that all of you who are fifty and older feel that way…….How in the world did I get to this stage of my life already? I feel like I should be 30…..and, unfortunately for my wife, I act like I’m 14…..ha ha…..

I decided to get myself a 50th birthday gift…….something to remember turning 50……This should do it……..


That’s right, on May 13th at noon, I will be sitting down to get this put on my left leg…..As painful as it is, I want to have this as a reminder to me what Jesus went thru….And hopefully a reminder to others to GET TO CHURCH…..


WOW…these people are SERIOUS….


I’m glad they have the next one, because GRANDMA was getting FILTHY…..


Or, make signs when you DRINK….


Ummm….I think men would be lining up for this job…..

hilarious sign1

I wonder if this church will convert anybody…ha ha…


3. It is so hard for me to believe, but the legendary GEORGE JONES has been gone for ONE YEAR ALREADY….yeah, one year….GEORGE JONES was in my top five all time country singers, and he was many people’s number one……..I was blown away this weekend to see the memorial that was put up for “THE POSSUM.” GEORGE was known as “NO SHOW JONES” because of missing concert dates in his early years….In fact, he even sang a song in concert making fun of himself…….But, I’m sure that GEORGE JONES wasn’t a “no show” for heaven…….Check out this memorial….


Are you wondering what my favorite GEORGE JONES song is? Well, it is actually MY number one or two favorite song of all time…..The other one is “MANSION ON A HILL” by HANK WILLIAMS, SR…..My favorite JONES song is “WALK THRU THIS WORLD WITH ME.” check out this AMAZING video of GEORGE JONES…..

4. Sad news from the sporting world today….DR. JACK RAMSAY has died at the age of 89……He was battling cancer……JACK RAMSAY was the head coach of the PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS when they won the NBA title back in 1977…..He actually coached in the NBA for 21 seasons….Most recently, you probably knew him as a NBA analyst with ESPN……Good good man…he will be missed….


5. Speaking of the NBA, our “MORON OF THE DECADE” goes to the owner of the LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS…His name is DONALD STERLING…..His, probably now “former girlfriend” taped a phone conversation with him where he came off as very racist……Which shouldn’t be a surprise to many people after hearing horror stories about his past…..I wonder if charges could come up against this woman because of illegal taping….We will have to see…..Here she is with him in, umm….HAPPIER times……


Not that my opinion matters, but I think he should be forced to sell the team….There is no room for this kind of racism in a sport that has many different nationalities playing in it…..

His team, THE LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS staged a mini “revolt” against him….Yesterday they wore their warm up uniforms inside out……


Rumors were swirling that the team was contemplating forfeiting their game yesterday….I think that would have been a horrible decision….First of all, IT’S THE NBA PLAYOFFS…..Second of all, you’re playing the game to win for yourselves, not some idiot owner……….

6. My favorite hockey team, THE MINNESOTA WILD, were HOSED on Saturday night in DENVER against the COLORADO AVALANCHE…..Why? Because the refs made a couple of seriously bad calls…And they missed a few “obvious” calls….Heck, I don’t know a lot about the “rules” of hockey, and even I SAW THEM….. The AVALANCHE now lead 3-2, with game six tonight in ST. PAUL…..Here’s my revelation…..The WILD will crush COLORADO tonight, and will force game seven…..I really don’t see THE MINNESOTA WILD losing game seven if they can get there…..They have actually outplayed COLORADO on their home ice!!! Time will tell…..

7. Yesterday was the 55th birthday of beautiful pop singer SHEENA EASTON…..I’m sure you remember her and her awesome hit songs……




Front Cover


SHEENA EASTON is still a knockout at 55…..



8. How about some birthday music from the birthday girl?

This one happens to be my fave from SHEENA EASTON….Great tune called “YOU COULD HAVE BEEN WITH ME.”

Her very first hit “MORNING TRAIN”, was originally just called “9-5.” However, there was this little movie and hit song by DOLLY PARTON with the same name……”9-5.”…ha ha…So, SHEENA’S people made the change….It didn’t matter….It was still a MASSIVE number one……

The third song I want to play is the theme from a JAMES BOND movie called “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.” SHEENA put so much emotion into this beautiful song…….Plus, it’s a pretty cool video…..

9. We have another birthday of note coming up on Wednesday….The hilarious actress CLORIS LEACHMAN turns 88….yeah, EIGHTY EIGHT and still acting…..CLORIS LEACHMAN got her start way before the “MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW” but, it’s that show she’s mostly remembered for……



CLORIS LEACHMAN would receive a TV show that was a spinoff of “MARY TYLER MOORE.” On “MTM” she played a character named PHYLLIS…..Well, for two seasons from 1975-1977 she starred in a TV show of the same name…”PHYLLIS.”


I do believe that my favorite CLORIS LEACHMAN role was on the MEL BROOKS classic film “YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.” She played a character called “FRAU BLUCKER.”


Honestly, CLORIS LEACHMAN looks INCREDIBLE at 88….And she’s still hitting the acting roles….amazing….The pictures are from a couple of months ago!!!!




A man was walking in the city, when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking bum who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner.

The man took out his wallet, extracted two dollars and asked, “If I gave you this money, will you take it and buy whiskey?”

“No, I stopped drinking years ago,” the bum said.

“Will you use it to gamble?”

“I don’t gamble. I need everything I can get just to stay alive.”

“Will you spend the money on greens fees at a golf course?”

“Are you NUTS! I haven’t played golf in 20 years!”

The man said, “Well, I’m not going to give you two dollars.

Instead, I’m going to take you to my home for a terrific dinner cooked by my wife.”

The bum was astounded.

“Won’t your wife be furious with you for doing that? I know I’m dirty, and I probably smell pretty bad.”

The man replied, “That’s OK. I just want her to see what a man looks like who’s given up drinking, gambling, and golf.”




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