It is so hard to believe…..I turned 50 today….FIFTY…..I know that age is “just a number”, and it really is….Because if the truth be known, I ACT 12…..So, there’s that……Anyway, I just wanted to stop by today and let you know about my birthday party, my family and my friends…..

I am overwhelmed at the greetings and wishes being sent my way today…….Honestly, I am…..Hundreds of Facebook posts, calls, texts, e-mails…You name it I’ve been getting it….

I made the comment last night in church that the biggest surprise of the weekend was that over TWELVE people like me!!! Ha ha…We all had a good laugh….

Anyway, my beautiful wife and boys threw me a party Saturday night at the Ramada in Aberdeen……We had a TON of people there…..My darling wife was busy cooking and baking for three days before the party….She did an incredible job!!!

I had a few surprises, but none like this……When I was a sophomore in high school, I took a picture on my Grandparent’s sidewalk in Britton, South Dakota…..It’s the place I hung out the most…….


DIG THE SHORTS AND SOCKS!!! I tell people that my shorts came from the male ‘daisy duke’ section……

Anyway, at my party the other night, my siblings and sons made me a t-shirt of the one I was wearing back then that said “NORWEGIAN POWER.” You see, I’m 100 percent Norske…..

I put my shirt on, and guess what comes around the corner from the other room?


Yep, that’s right…My entire family had “NORWEGIAN POWER” t-shirts made up for my birthday….I was so tickled about that…..What a great show of support and love…..

I have had a wonderful 50th today…….I will be doing another blog probably tomorrow…..Keep checking back…..

And now, it’s time to sit around the Warner Post Office in my hometown……I need to keep watching for my A.A.R.P. card……


4 thoughts on “CRAZY….50 YEARS HAVE GONE BY…..

  1. It sounds like you are gracefully turning 50! I am glad that you are having such a happy birthday. I turn 48 on Mother’s day. We are also celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. At 4:30 pm on Sunday, we are setting sail from Baltimore, MD, on our first cruise. We never had a honeymoon. My husband was in the Army and we were young and poor. What a way to celebrate! I plan to be just as happy about turning another year older, as you seem to be…and how exciting to have a honeymoon that was 30 years in the making! Happy Birthday, Jay!

  2. Tillykke med fødselsdagen Jay.liv kan ikke begynde på 40,det begynder nu. den danske fan, Duane

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