Even though it’s Saturday and it’s supposedly a “three day weekend”, I am still DOG TIRED…..


I had the three day weekend in parentheses because, for yours truly, it is NOT a three day weekend……I, of course, have my three church services on Sunday, and I’m helping out with the MEMORIAL DAY service in HECLA on Monday….Oh well, I will use the other extra hours this weekend wisely….(NAPS)

PIERSON FORD in ABERDEEN, and FORD are offering you some incredible lease specials right now on the quality FORD vehicles that you love…..We have had a number of people come in to lease a FORD FOCUS or FORD FUSION or FORD FIESTA for their kids who just graduated from high school and are going off to college…..WHY? Because you will be sending your child off in a brand new vehicle with FULL WARRANTY, just in case something happens….That’s piece of mind for everyone involved, especially if your child is going a number of miles away…….Plus, with the low lease payments, it just makes sense so you don’t strap your child with incredible car payments when they are trying to go to college and study…….


PIERSON FORD has an incredible selection of FORD FOCUSES, FORD FIESTAS and FORD FUSIONS…..Plus, we have great lease specials on the F-150’S, the FORD ESCAPES and more…..And, if you come to our lot and drive thru the front of the lot and see a couple dozen FORD F-150’S, please don’t think that’s all we have….On our back lot, we have around 75 more F-150’S…..

Give us a call for more information at 1-800-627-1237, check us out online at http://piersonford.com/ or come and see us in person at PIERSON FORD, in the auto plaza, north highway 281 in ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA….We are just across from SHOPKO……


Isn’t this true? You kind of hold your breath waiting for the “POP.”


This one cracked me up….


Here’s one complete with a line that I use quite often in my “punny world.”


I have always said that I need a “filter” between my brain and my mouth….Because, the next one ALWAYS happens to me…..


A little “WIZARD OF OZ” humor…..


This one actually made me laugh out loud this morning…..


2. Yep, I’m dragging a bit today….But is a GOOD DRAG…. Last night my beautiful wife and I met our son MITCHELL at the DAKOTA MAGIC CASINO near HANKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA to see the great 70’s band “FIREFALL.” We had a great time sitting straight dead center in the front row….We could have reached out and touched the singer’s feet…..The only disappointment of the night was that there couldn’t have been over 150 people there….Probably because of MEMORIAL DAY weekend….The other disappointment was that security let a few people stand in front of the stage for a few songs….They NEVER let them do that…..And, of course, one of the guys was a big big guy, both tall and wide, and had to stand right smack dab in front of MITCHELL….Dad had to tell the guy to move, and he politely did……We were taking a “selfie” of all three of us to post on Facebook before the show and we told to put the phones away…..So, let me get this straight…You CAN’T take a picture of yourself, but you CAN stand in front of people who paid good money to sit up front…..OK, THAT MAKES SENSE…..

“FIREFALL” was incredibly good…..We got to hear the classics “YOU ARE THE WOMAN”, “JUST REMEMBER I LOVE YOU” “CINDERELLA”, “STRANGE WAY”, “GOODBYE I LOVE YOU” and many others…..This is the second time I have seen the guys in concert in the last three years and they haven’t disappointed yet…..And they have been together for FORTY YEARS this year….How about that?

I talked to a guy at the first concert I went to, and he said that he graduated with some of the guys from “FIREFALL” in BOULDER, COLORADO….The guy told me that “FIREFALL” was their PROM BAND his senior year in BOULDER, which was, obviously, before they hit it big……

3. How about some awesome “FIREFALL” music for you to listen to?


Here’s the great 70’s ballad “JUST REMEMBER I LOVE YOU.”

Here is the song that people were yelling that they wanted to hear last night…”CINDERELLA”….

And, here is one of those songs that you kind of forget about, but you remember instantly when “FIREFALL” plays it….”STRANGE WAY”….

4. Seldom do you get great advice from water, but today you will…ha ha…..Without further hesitation, here is some great advice from OCEANS…Yeah, OCEANS……You will understand when you read it…..


5. OK, let me get this straight? The CLEVELAND CAVALIERS “luckily” get the first pick in the NBA draft THREE out of the last FOUR years? SERIOUSLY? We all know that CLEVELAND was screwed over when LEBRON JAMES held his “egomaniac” TV press conference to announce that he was leaving CLEVELAND to go to MIAMI to play for the HEAT….As you can see, I’m not a “KING JAMES” fan at all…..Yes, CLEVELAND got the raw end of the deal, but THREE out of the last FOUR? I am not a “conspiracy guy,” but you have to wonder even a little bit when you see this…..if I heard right, CLEVELAND only had a 1.7 percent chance to get the number one pick….Obviously luck was on their side…….GOOD FOR THEM….Rumor has it that LEBRON JAMES might go back to CLEVELAND to finish off his career after another championship with MIAMI, which I hope he doesn’t get…..GO PACERS!!!! If I was in the management for the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS, it would be a cold day in you know where before I let him suit up again……….

6. Speaking of sports, this past week FIFTY Congressional members wrote a letter to NFL commissioner ROGER GOODELL to make the WASHINGTON REDSKINS change their name…SERIOUSLY? You idiots can’t look around you and see that there are five hundred other pressing matters in front of you besides this? GOOD GRAVY….In case you didn’t know, this issue gets me going every time….SENATOR HARRY REID is behind all of this, and I would like nothing more than to see these Congressional boobs not get re-elected next time…It’s time for the voters to tell our Congressional members that we’re fed up with the “crap” that they want to deal with when they don’t take on important issues like “military pay and benefits”, “social security”, “homelessness”, and literally hundreds of other issues……..GIVE ME A BREAK…..And here’s one more thing, and I may have said this before……If you senators who signed the letter want complimentary tickets to a REDSKINS game this year to “impress” your friends and lobbyists, you can stick it where the sun don’t shine….I hope that my WASHINGTON REDSKINS officials are keeping a list of those who are causing the ruckus…..

You cannot even imagine what kind of money the REDSKINS put into the economy of WASHINGTON, D.C. and other surrounding areas…..We have one of the most successful organizations in sports, and the message here should be “DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.” And that goes for you, too, MR. WASHINGTON D.C. MAYOR…..

My advice is this….if we lose the “REDSKINS” name, then every other name should be gone…”BRAVES,” “WARRIORS”, etc..etc….To me, you can’t pick and choose…You lose one, you lose them all…….

7. Happy birthday wishes are going out to TOMMY CHONG of “CHEECH AND CHONG.” OK, I have to admit, I never quite got their humor….Of course, I’ve never tried drugs, so I wouldn’t know…ha ha…..But, these two guys, TOMMY CHONG and CHEECH MARIN have probably made millions off of their characters…….



Back in high school I did go to their movie “NICE DREAMS”, and I have to admit, I laughed quite a bit……

TOMMY CHONG is 76 today…wow…pushing 80…hard to believe…..Just in case you’re wondering, CHEECH MARIN is only 67…..

Here is TOMMY CHONG today at 76, and one of “CHEECH AND CHONG” together recently……..



8. The new “fad” in ABERDEEN is for people to post pictures on Facebook of vehicles that park crazily in parking lots…You know the ones….They take up two spots, they park crooked…things like that…Well, thanks to this new “fad”, I have become a nervous parker…..in other words, I park, then get out and make sure I’m within the lines so I don’t find my picture on Facebook…Ha ha ha…..Is that neurotic or what?

9. Hey, today’s the big day….KANYE WEST and KIM KARDASHIAN are getting married……I have two words for this…”WHO CARES?” Seriously, all today is is “TMZ HEAVEN” for the paparazzi…..They shouldn’t get all the press they get, but yes, I know what you are thinking…I just talked about them and gave them more press….Shame on me……

10. “RADAR O’REILLY” is having a birthday on Sunday….Actor GARY BURGHOFF will turn 71 tomorrow…..Yeah, he has passed the seventy mark…..GARY played “RADAR” on one of the biggest TV shows in the history of television, “M*A*S*H.” Here he is back on the show, including one with “COLONEL POTTER”, played by veteran actor HARRY MORGAN….



Here is GARY BURGHOFF today at 71……


11. JOKE OF THE DAY….(one of my faves)

A guy walks in for his interview.
The interviewer asks, “Whats the first thing you notice about me?”

The guy responds, “Why, You don’t have any ears.”

Interviewer: “Get out! Send in the next guy.”

2nd guy walks in for his interview.

The interviewer asks, “Whats the first thing you notice about me?”

The guy responds, “Why, You don’t have any ears.”

Interviewer: “Get out! Send in the next guy.”

This guy on the way out says to the 3rd guy “What ever you do, don’t say anything about his not having any ears – He’ll kick you right out.”

3rd guy walks in for his interview.

The interviewer asks, “Whats the first thing you notice about me?”

The guy looks at the interviewer intently for a few seconds and responds, “Why, you wear contact lenses don’t you.”

The interviewer says, “That’s impressive that you’re so observant. How could you tell I wear contact lenses?”

3rd guy “Because you don’t have any damn ears to hang glasses on.”




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