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I think I missed “shark week”, but this is still funny…..




I am SO GLAD that my name is Jay……




Hmmm…this songwriter may be on to something……




I guess the only thing I can come up with for this one is…….DUH!!!!!




Now this is MY KIND OF WOMAN…….NOT!!!




I’m not a “rainbow chaser”, but I know a lot of people that would be if this is the case…ha ha…..





2.  So, you are probably wondering, “how was WILLIE NELSON?”  Well, I’m here to tell you that I was fairly disappointed.  Willie has always sang his songs differently than what the records sounded like.  I was prepared for that.  What I wasn’t prepared for, is WILLIE actually “speaking” the words of the songs instead of “singing.”  Not all the time, but enough that I got annoyed……Here’s the sad thing……As you know, the only song I was waiting to hear was “Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground.”  I did hear it, but we left during the song…….I love WILLIE NELSON…..I was sad that we left, but I think one of my friends summed it up the best…He said this……”You know, Jay, it’s like having to go to a funeral for someone that was really sick.  You don’t really want to go because you want to remember that person the way they were, and not how they look in the casket after being sick.”  PERFECT…..I couldn’t have said it any better!!!!




Speaking of WILLIE NELSON, a friend of mine told me a good one……It was so doggone hot last Saturday, but it wasn’t super hot when my wife and I left our house, so we had long sleeve shirts on and jeans.  After we got to the fair, it was so hot that I went and bought a t-shirt and my wife bought a new short sleeved shirt at one of the booths.  My friend Doris was manning one other booth and she said, ” Jay, it really doesn’t matter how you look.  It’s not like WILLIE will be able to see you because of his glaucoma…….right?  That’s why he smokes pot so much, right?”  I about died laughing…..ha ha….And in her defense, she was only joking…….and her little joke was the “best line heard at the fair”, by this guy……



4.  TYLER, MITCHELL and I love to watch movies….And one of our favorite ones is “SIN CITY” from 2005……….




Last night, TYLER and I watched “SIN CITY” in it’s entirety to get ready for this Friday night….That’s when the long anticipated sequel comes out called, appropriately enough, “SIN CITY 2.”


SIN CITY 2 Banner


We love the “cartoonish look” of the movie and the “comic book” style of the stories……I seriously don’t get excited about seeing too many movies on opening night….This, however, is one movie that I want to see on opening night…..And barring a disaster, we will see it…….



5.  I talked earlier in this blog about “shark week.”  People go crazy over this week of television……I don’t get into it, but apparently many others do…..Much like VERNE TROYER who played “MINI ME” on the “AUSTIN POWERS” movies…..Remember him?




well, VERNE TROYER even admits that he might have gone a bit overboard with “shark week.”  You be the judge…ha ha….




That is hilarious….and it works perfectly with his other full time job…..a loan shark…….(ooh, that was bad…even for me….)



6.  C’MON JOHNNY MANZIEL…..Mr. so called “JOHNNY FOOTBALL” was playing my WASHINGTON REDSKINS on Monday night, when he apparently couldn’t take some good natured ribbing by my SKINS players……So, he did what any immature kid would do……..GIVE THEM THE FINGER…..




Unfortunately for JOHNNY FOOTBALL, all of AMERICA saw it too….in fact, if you were watching the game, you saw a man in a suit walk up behind JOHNNY and whisper something in his ear…..And then you saw this…..




We found out later that the guy was the public relations guy for the CLEVELAND BROWNS….And he was, indeed, letting MR. MANZIEL know that his “ooopsy daisy” went over live TV……You would think people would learn…Especially high profile sports and entertainment people……You have to be careful EVERYWHERE because of modern day technology……



7.  Okay, I have a question…..WHO IN THE HECK DECIDES WHAT WORDS MEAN?  I was very annoyed the other day to read that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was being completely torn apart on Twitter and other avenues because of something he said to MADONNA……The “material girl” had a birthday the other day, and apparently JUSTIN tweeted to her, “Happy Mother ‘F’ in birthday to my NINJA.”  Okay, truthfully, I wasn’t really happy with the language part of it, but NINJA?  I was told that NINJA is another “code word” for the “N” word….Yep…someone apparently decided that NINJA means a derogatory racist term now…….WHEN WILL THIS POLITICALLY CORRECT CRAP END?



8.  Speaking of being “politically correct”, my hat is off to football legend MIKE DITKA….He went off the other day about the WASHINGTON REDSKINS and the controversy surrounding their name…..Here’s a little bit of what “IRON MIKE” said….




“What’s all the stink over the Redskin name?” Ditka said. “It’s so much [horse feces] it’s incredible. .It was said out of reverence, out of pride to the American Indian.  This is so stupid it’s appalling, and I hope that owner keeps fighting for it and never changes it, because the Redskins are part of an American football history, and it should never be anything but the Washington Redskins. That’s the way it is.

“Its been the name of the team since the beginning of football. It has nothing to do with something that happened lately, or something that somebody dreamed up. This was the name, period. Leave it alone. These people are silly — asinine, actually, in my opinion.”

(And then, MIKE DITKA issues the line of all lines….)


“It’s all the political correct idiots in America, that’s all it is,” Ditka said.


Way to go MR. DITKA….It’s about time the “other side” has their say……



9.  Sad news to report…..The voice of “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” has died…..DON PARDO has been the one delivering the opening line since the show started….He actually has only missed a handful of shows since the show started in the mid 70’s….That’s IMPRESSIVE……The legendary voice was 96 years old and was still doing “SNL” up till recently…..  Everybody knows his voice…..And everybody waited to hear those words, “IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.”  And then he would introduce the cast, musical guest and the host……..




Academy Of Televison Arts & Sciences' 19th Annual Hall Of Fame Induction


I’m sure a lot of you remember what I remember…That DON PARDO was the original announcer for the original “JEOPARDY” back in the 60’s and 70’s……Remember when the show was hosted by ART FLEMING?




ART FLEMING, by the way, died in 1995 at the age of 70…….


I also found a super cool photo of DON PARDO back in his way way way way way early broadcasting days………





10.  JOKE OF THE DAY: (perfect for school starting.)


On the first day of college, the dean addressed the students, pointing out some of the rules: “The female dormitory will be out-of-bounds for all male students, and the male dormitory will be off limits to the female students. Anybody caught breaking this rule will be fined $20 the first time. Anybody caught breaking this rule the second time will be fined $60. Being caught a third time will cost you $180. Are there any questions?”

One student raised his hand and asked, “How much for a season pass?”








After all the sadness of the week, I think we need this….




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I want to focus on a couple of pre-owned vehicles……..


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Here come your midweek funnies…..


This school gets RIGHT TO THE POINT…




I sincerely hope that my voo-doo doll doesn’t get in the wrong hands…..




Hmm..I may try this next time….




And, if you add a little miracle whip……yummy……




I wish I knew the next one when I was in algebra class…Oh wait…I wasn’t smart enough to take algebra…..




And finally, one that made me laugh out loud…..





2.  They say that they go in “threes”….We lost ROBIN WILLIAMS a couple of days ago, and now, a movie legend if there ever was one, has passed away….The great LAUREN BACALL died after having a stroke Tuesday at the age of 89……LAUREN was in tons of great movies, including a couple with her then husband, HUMPHREY BOGART…..You may remember “THE BIG SLEEP”, and “KEY LARGO.” 






Here’s one of the happy couple with MARILYN MONROE….




LAUREL BACALL’S last “credited” role was one that I was happy that I got to see…She played in an episode of “FAMILY GUY” this past season….She played a friend of PETER GRIFFIN’S Mom named “EVELYN” in the episode called “MOM’S WORLD.”  LAUREN’S character was best friends with PETER’S Mom, who had died….She had a very funny role in that particular episode……




Thanks for all the memories LAUREN BACALL….May you rest in peace……Here are a couple of photos of MISS BACALL from the past few years…..







3.  Our “idiot of the day” goes to the following person…….Why in the world would you need a “tongue modification” like this?  YUCK…..




In addition to stupid, that had to be incredibly painful……I guess it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “keep your mouth zipped shut.”



4.  Did you hear the story about the man at a Burger King recently?  This is hilarious….This particular Burger King was packed, and the line this guy was in was being taken care of by a “newby” who just started, so things were slower.  Behind this gentleman was a Mom and her extremely bratty young kid…..Apparently this kid was screaming and hollering, kicking his Mother, while she was on the phone, and screaming at the top of his lungs, “I WANT A (F-WORD) APPLE PIE.”  Everybody was staring at this Mom and child, and they didn’t seem to mind……So, when this man got to the front of the line, he ordered the burgers he wanted, and then……he ordered EVERY APPLE PIE that the store had made up….HILARIOUS….He didn’t need them, but wanted to punish the boy in his own way……When the Mom got to the front, the girl announced that they didn’t have any, and then she pointed to the man who bought them all….I guess if looks could kill this guy would have fallen quicker than my grades in high school……..Great story….Hopefully lesson learned, but that’s doubtful….





5.  Speaking of snacks, I tried out a new candy bar the other day and it was excellent…..




Kit Kat EXTRA CRISPY….I am not much on candy bars, as I’m not supposed to be eating them, but I was craving chocolate so I pulled one out of the vending machine at work…it was surprisingly really really good…….Now, I just have to pace myself on having another….and another…and another…….



6.  We loved going to a local steakhouse called “MAVERICKS.”  Every time I go, I have a steak with broiled, buttered shrimp on the side….The other night I decided to try something different, and break the trend of eating the same meals…..So, I looked at the menu and tried their BBQ RIBS that the menu said “fall off the bone.”  Guess what?  THEY WERE INCREDIBLE….And as soon as they set the plate down, I grabbed my fork and banged on one of them, and yes….the meat fell off the bones……..The ribs were incredible…in fact, I told my beautiful wife that they were the SECOND best ribs I have ever had….The top ribs were at a K.C. MASTERPIECE restaurant in KANSAS CITY…..They obviously were going to be great there…….



7.  As I mentioned awhile ago, it’s BROWN COUNTY FAIR TIME…..


Tonight, we are going to see a rock and roll tribute band that is exceptional…They are called “HAIRBALL”, and they have their lead singer dressed up like dozens of rock legends…If you have never seen “HAIRBALL”, you need to sometime….




For the first time ever, we are not going to the Thursday and Friday night entertainment, because we don’t listen to new country music, and we have absolutely no idea who these people are, or what songs they sing……Thursday is KIP MOORE and CASSADEE POPE, and Friday is CHRIS YOUNG and COURTNEY COLE…….


But, we are definitely going Saturday night!!!!




That’s right, the legendary WILLIE NELSON is coming to town…I am basically dragging my wife to see him…She’s not a big fan….I’m not a SUPER huge fan of WILLIE’S, but for crying out loud, a music legend is coming to town……And he’s 81 years old…He’s not going to be around forever!!!!  Plus, there are quite a few songs I hope he sings, including the following….





I am also a huge fan of “ANGEL FLYING TO CLOSE TO THE GROUND.”



Should be fun!!!!



8.  Fair time brings the opportunity to clog your arteries with “DEEP FRIED CRAP.”  Well, it’s not actually crap, but it could be close enough…..I put together five deep fried foods that I would NEVER, may I say again, NEVER try…YUCK….


A fan favorite is “DEEP FRIED BUTTER.”  Yep, a stick of butter deep fried…..You can almost hear your heart yelling “NO!!!!!!!”




Seriously?  DEEP FRIED BEER?




OH YEAH!!!!  I’m not saying I like these, I’m just using the “KOOL AID GUY’S” catch phrase, as I show you DEEP FRIED KOOL AID…..




I like my bubblegum, but not deep fried…yep…DEEP FRIED BUBBLE GUM….




Recently for the first time, I tried a fried egg on a hamburger….not super impressed, but one thing I will never try is a  DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM CHEESEBURGER……




No thanks….I will stick to my own artery clogging TUBBY BURGERS….MMMM…YUMMY…



9.  My wife, my son TYLER and I have started something at home….We now watch “THE OFFICE” reruns on NETFLIX….I would imagine that we watch four or five episodes every couple of nights, whenever we can……We are now in the middle part of the series, when ED HELM’S character ANDY BERNARD was introduced…..Well, I hate to say it, but time hasn’t eased my contempt for this character…..Have you ever had a movie character or a TV character that just makes your skin crawl?  ANDY BERNARD is one of those for me….




I never realized how much I missed “THE OFFICE” until we fired up the old shows……





What is the difference between the MINNESOTA TWINS and a mosquito?  A mosquito eventually stops sucking…….




How many MINNESOTA TWINS players does it take to change a flat tire?  Just one, unless it’s a blowout and then they ALL SHOW UP….


















I was no different than anybody else yesterday. I was in shock after hearing the news that ROBIN WILLIAMS was gone…….The comedic genius is gone at 63, after, from what we hear, a tremendously bad bout with depression.

First of all, let me say this. As someone who battled depression and suicidal thoughts for a great part of my life, I sympathize with people that are going thru this horrible disease. If you have never suffered from depression, you have no idea how it feels being down in that dark dark hole that you think you will never come out of. Because of a miracle from GOD and JESUS, I am free of that suffering, and have been for over three years. But millions of others struggle. I just ask that when you hear of someone ending their life after a bout with depression, please realize that they suffered from a disease that is sometimes incurable. We, as a society, need to take a better and harder look at depression, and realize that it needs to be treated passionately, and that we cannot forget those who are sick with this horrible pain. I am one of the lucky ones. I received an ultimate blessing that let me rise above what I used to be. But millions of others are not so lucky. Maybe some of you reading this blog are suffering from depression. It’s okay….It’s nothing to be ashamed of. This world is a tough world to live in, and we all have different situations in our lives that bring us down.

What I am trying to say is this….We as a society, CANNOT continue to judge people when we have no idea what their inner struggles are. EVERY ONE OF US IS FIGHTING OUR OWN BATTLES INTERNALLY. We need to realize this and stop being such a judging, uncaring society.

With that soapbox over, I will now salute the artist/actor/comedian/humanitarian that was ROBIN WILLIAMS….We all have different movies that were our favorites, and I want to share mine.


It’s an easy one for me……


With a cast including one of my all time favorite actors, GENE HACKMAN, this movie couldn’t lose……..Hilarious movie…..


A movie about a character that is my favorite movie character of all time…PETER PAN….


DUSTIN HOFFMAN as CAPTAIN HOOK was sheer genius…and nobody else could play an adult PETER PAN like ROBIN WILLIAMS…..


This one was tougher to pick, but I went with one that makes me laugh everytime I see it……


This was another wacky character that ROBIN WILLIAMS was destined to play……


There needs to be a few of these, and one of them was sheer genius…..


ROBIN WILLIAMS cross dressing as a woman and falling deep into that role had to be tough and challenging…but he made it look SO EASY……

ROBIN WILLIAMS voiced the “GENIE” in this classic movie….Even without seeing his face, he made us roar with laughter……


And, one of ROBIN WILLIAM’S earlier movies was a pretty big box office hit, but not one he’s quite remembered for. He co-starred with KURT RUSSELL in a movie where he wants one more shot at football stardom……


And finally, I think the most UNDERRATED movie from ROBIN WILLIAMS was a tender tale of life, pain, death, and the afterlife……


This movie had me crying at the loss of family members, rejoicing in what heaven could look like, and left me totally amazed at the color schemes used in the scenes….I think this is by far a movie that should have been a classic, but never was…..

MAY GOD BLESS YOU, ROBIN WILLIAMS…and thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us, even for a short time………







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UMMM…..NO WAY IN H@#$…..


I wonder if a taxi driver ever thought of this!!


Oh, so THAT’S why a couple of my friends are rich….


Mmmm….just seeing these two together makes my mouth water…..


This next one is getting rave reviews on my Facebook page…….AND MY WIFE WOULD AGREE WITH THIS….I make up words periodically……


There’s something fishy about this next one…..


2. Congratulations are in order for rock legend PETER FRAMPTON…..There was this fan at a recent concert for MR. FRAMPTON, and this unruly fan was video recording the concert on his phone…PETER FRAMPTON asked him repeatedly to stop doing it…..This idiot not only kept recording, but gave PETER the finger a couple of times…..PETER then asked, with a smile on his face, if he could see how the pictures turned out……When this idiot fan turned the phone over, PETER FRAMPTON threw it up in the air and let it come crashing to the ground…..PROBLEM SOLVED…..Here’s a recent picture of PETER FRAMPTON, and, of course, how we remember him from his heyday….


And, of course, I’m not going to talk about PETER FRAMPTON without playing his most famous song…..a song that I still love to crank up in my car…..Here’s “SHOW ME THE WAY.”

4. I think ESPN got a little crazy this week with the two day suspension of DAN LE BETARD from their afternoon lineup….DAN is based in MIAMI, and of course, is kind of miffed about LEBRON JAMES going back to CLEVELAND….So, DAN bought a billboard in CLEVELAND….I don’t see what’s so offensive about this….I actually find it humorous……



It’s just another case of our “TOUCHY” society…if one person disagrees or is slightly offended, then all heck breaks loose…I’m personally getting tired of it…..

5. Which brings me to my next point….My WASHINGTON REDSKINS are under fire again, this time by our neighbors in MINNEAPOLIS, specifically the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA….The MINNESOTA VIKINGS are, of course, playing at the U OF M football field the next two years while their stadium is being built….Well, at the urging of another U.S. Congresswoman, the President of the U OF M has written a letter to the VIKINGS officials asking them to NOT use the word “REDSKINS” when my team comes to town in November……They don’t want the word used over the loud speaker, on the scoreboard, in the programs or anywhere on the campus…..GIVE ME A BREAK…..Well, that settles it….I’m dressing in my favorite gear from head to toe when the game hits……

6. I have also decided that when I watch my favorite team play in WASHINGTON and MINNESOTA, I am going to approach those who are protesting and give my two cents worth…Here’s my deal….They can be splattered all over the media giving their point of view, why can’t they listen to mine? I know it’s going to be a touchy subject, but I don’t care anymore…..This stupid argument needs to go away…….

7. And to our Congressmen and Congresswomen who are spending so much time on this matter, I have a couple of words…..GET YOUR BUTTS BACK TO WORK…..GET WORKING ON THE IMPORTANT STUFF….If I was a voter in the states of these clowns that keep bringing this matter up, I would VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE….I would be so angry that they’re not taking seriously the work they have in front of them for their state, rather than worrying about a football team’s nickname…..and one more thing….REDSKINS……I LOVE MY REDSKINS….Even if they change their name, which I don’t think they will, they will ALWAYS be the WASHINGTON REDSKINS to me…….

8. They are telling us that the KEVIN LOVE to CLEVELAND deal is done….Apparently this spoiled brat is going to play with LEBRON JAMES, but I think the TIMBERWOLVES come out WAY ahead…..We get the number one picks in the draft the past two years…..ANDREW WIGGINS and ANTHONY BENNETT…..plus a 2015 first round draft pick……SO LONG KEVIN….I HOPE MY TIMBERWOLVES WIN A TITLE BEFORE YOU DO…..

BREAKING NEWS: New reports are coming out that the TIMBERWOLVES are trading ANTHONY BENNETT to the PHILADELPHIA 76’ERS for THADDEUS YOUNG….That is another brilliant move for my favorite NBA team…..YOUNG will help my T-WOLVES out immediately…he averaged 17.6 points a game last year……

9. Sad news…..Former RONALD REAGAN press secretary JAMES BRADY has died…..He was 73….He is mostly remembered for being shot when JOHN HINCKLEY tried to take PRESIDENT REAGAN’S life….BRADY went on to take on gun issues the rest of his life……..



10. OK, one more sports story and then back to music…..

REDDIT has again created maps of the most hated sports teams in AMERICA….I think they are dead on for our area in these categories….

First of all….COLLEGE BASKETBALL….Michigan gets drilled in our area…..


And in the NHL, they nailed it…..


11. LET’S PLAY SOME MUSIC…..There is a song from the 70’s, that I seriously cannot listen to enough….Remember this one?


“NICE TO BE WITH YOU” was by a group called “GALLERY” and was a huge hit back in 1972….The band was led by JIM GOLD, who is now 67 years old….The group disbanded for decades, but JIM GOLD has again recreated the band…..


Here’s JIM GOLD today at 67 hanging out with a fan……and get ready to sing along!!! I LOVE THIS SONG….



A mechanic noticed his co-worker drinking brake fluid at lunch.

“What are you doing, man? You can’t drink that stuff!”

“Relax,” replied his co-worker, “this stuff tastes pretty good, and I don’t drink it all the time.”

“Seriously,” the mechanic exclaimed, “that brake fluid is poison!”

“Hey, man” yelled the co-worker, “back off! I can stop any time I want.”

WOW…THAT’S BAD, EVEN FOR ME..HA HA….here’s another one….

A guy is in the hospital with two broken legs. The nurse comes in and tells him that there’s good news and bad news.

The guy asks for the bad news first.

The nurse says, “We’re going to have to remove your legs.”

Then the guy asks for the good news.

The nurse says, “The guy beside you wants to buy your sneakers.”



OK…Granted, It’s HOT today…..But just keep this in mind!!!!


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Here’s the deal, thought…FORD continues to blow away the competition with incredible incentives to buy new vehicles!!! Just because our sale has ended, doesn’t mean the incredible prices will end….

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This one actually cracked me up this morning….


so, ladies kind of do like sports, huh?


Tony likes humans because….”THEY’RE GREAT!!!”


hmm…wonder if I have anybody that could be in this group…YEP..I DO….


This joke just keeps coming back to me all the time….


And finally, if ever there was a joke that had the JAY DEAN stamp of what my humor is…THIS IS IT….



Australian born singer, and “American Idol” finalist MICHAEL JOHNS has died suddenly at the age of 35……Back when I was on Sunny 97.7 radio, I played the heck out of his hit “HEART ON MY SLEEVE.”




Good looking man….Great singer….Tragic day for his family and fans………The media circus is saying a possible “blood clot in the ankle.” No official word on how he died….



In one word? ABSOLUTELY!!! There is no doubt in my mind that I could pull this off….First of all, I would LOVE to not carry around a cell phone……And for THREE MILLION DOLLARS? I could do just about anything…..OK, I said JUST ABOUT ANYTHING….be careful with that……



Get this….A burger joint in Philadelphia has come up with the…..are you ready for this? DONUT CHEESESTEAK BURGER…..Yeah, DONUTS!!!

Two comments…..First of all, each sandwich comes with it’s own defibrillator….(or should)…and secondly….WHAT THE HECK? NO BACON?

5. Who is your most hated, or most “disliked” NBA team? Well, Reddit has conducted a survey to find out which team is despised by which states……They completely nailed South Dakota, as far as I’m concerned, because the “LAKERS” are, by far, my most disliked NBA team….Here are the rest…..

Notice how it’s most two teams? HHMMM…..


6. MUSIC TIME!!!!!

I thought it would be fun to see what happened to a couple of “instrumental” hit makers in the 70’s….Let’s check them out….and play some great music!!!

FRANK MILLS had a huge huge hit in 1979…….



Here’s what FRANK MILLS looked like back then….


And, I am happy to report that FRANK MILLS is still with us…he is now 72 years old…..


And here’s the great song…”MUSIC BOX DANCER.”

Funny story….The ice cream truck that comes around our towns plays this song on their loudspeaker…I don’t buy ice cream but I stand out in my yard dancing….Maybe…..

7. My brother TROY and I used to play the grooves off of the next instrumental hit……..It was performed in 1978 by CHUCK MANGIONE……



I am also happy to report that CHUCK MANGIONE is still with us as well…CHUCK is now 73 years old…..



AND, here’s that great song…”FEELS SO GOOD.”

8. Guess who’s having a birthday tomorrow? Actor JAY NORTH will turn 63 on Sunday…..Don’t know the name? Well, you will know his famous character…..


That’s right, JAY NORTH played “DENNIS THE MENACE” on TV from 1959-1963….The show was based on the cartoon strip created by HANK KETCHAM….


JAY NORTH will be 63 tomorrow…here’s what he looks like today….That’s him on the left…OBVIOUSLY…..

Jay North

And, just in case you’re wondering about the actors who played his parents, HERBERT ANDERSON who played his dad, “HENRY MITCHELL” died in 1994 at the age of 77…..

HOWEVER, actress GLORIA HENRY who played his mama “ALICE MITCHELL” is still around…She is now 91 years old…..



A farmhand is driving ’round the farm, checking the fences. After a few minutes he radios his boss and says, “Boss, I’ve got a problem. I hit a pig on the road and he’s stuck in the bull-bars of my truck. He’s still wriggling — what should I do?”

“In the back of your truck there’s a shotgun. Shoot the pig in the head and when it stops wriggling you can pull it out and throw it in a bush.”

The farm worker agrees and signs off. About 10 minutes later he radios back. “Boss I did what you said, I shot the pig and dragged it out and threw it in a bush.”

“So what’s the problem now?” his Boss snapped.

“The blue light on his bike is still flashing!”