I was no different than anybody else yesterday. I was in shock after hearing the news that ROBIN WILLIAMS was gone…….The comedic genius is gone at 63, after, from what we hear, a tremendously bad bout with depression.

First of all, let me say this. As someone who battled depression and suicidal thoughts for a great part of my life, I sympathize with people that are going thru this horrible disease. If you have never suffered from depression, you have no idea how it feels being down in that dark dark hole that you think you will never come out of. Because of a miracle from GOD and JESUS, I am free of that suffering, and have been for over three years. But millions of others struggle. I just ask that when you hear of someone ending their life after a bout with depression, please realize that they suffered from a disease that is sometimes incurable. We, as a society, need to take a better and harder look at depression, and realize that it needs to be treated passionately, and that we cannot forget those who are sick with this horrible pain. I am one of the lucky ones. I received an ultimate blessing that let me rise above what I used to be. But millions of others are not so lucky. Maybe some of you reading this blog are suffering from depression. It’s okay….It’s nothing to be ashamed of. This world is a tough world to live in, and we all have different situations in our lives that bring us down.

What I am trying to say is this….We as a society, CANNOT continue to judge people when we have no idea what their inner struggles are. EVERY ONE OF US IS FIGHTING OUR OWN BATTLES INTERNALLY. We need to realize this and stop being such a judging, uncaring society.

With that soapbox over, I will now salute the artist/actor/comedian/humanitarian that was ROBIN WILLIAMS….We all have different movies that were our favorites, and I want to share mine.


It’s an easy one for me……


With a cast including one of my all time favorite actors, GENE HACKMAN, this movie couldn’t lose……..Hilarious movie…..


A movie about a character that is my favorite movie character of all time…PETER PAN….


DUSTIN HOFFMAN as CAPTAIN HOOK was sheer genius…and nobody else could play an adult PETER PAN like ROBIN WILLIAMS…..


This one was tougher to pick, but I went with one that makes me laugh everytime I see it……


This was another wacky character that ROBIN WILLIAMS was destined to play……


There needs to be a few of these, and one of them was sheer genius…..


ROBIN WILLIAMS cross dressing as a woman and falling deep into that role had to be tough and challenging…but he made it look SO EASY……

ROBIN WILLIAMS voiced the “GENIE” in this classic movie….Even without seeing his face, he made us roar with laughter……


And, one of ROBIN WILLIAM’S earlier movies was a pretty big box office hit, but not one he’s quite remembered for. He co-starred with KURT RUSSELL in a movie where he wants one more shot at football stardom……


And finally, I think the most UNDERRATED movie from ROBIN WILLIAMS was a tender tale of life, pain, death, and the afterlife……


This movie had me crying at the loss of family members, rejoicing in what heaven could look like, and left me totally amazed at the color schemes used in the scenes….I think this is by far a movie that should have been a classic, but never was…..

MAY GOD BLESS YOU, ROBIN WILLIAMS…and thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us, even for a short time………





  1. You said it beautifully. First time I’ve read your blog…sorry to admit…but, today, I’m glad I did. thank you.

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