After all the sadness of the week, I think we need this….




Your blog is sponsored by PIERSON FORD in ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA….Well, here it is….Fair week in Brown County!!!  Which means excellent fair food, fun and scary rides, great exhibits, 4-H achievements, great music, and…..FANTASTIC DEALS AT PIERSON FORD….


It’s our “Fair Week Sale” at PIERSON FORD….Many vehicles have been priced down, and don’t forget, the zero percent for 72 months is still going on….


I want to focus on a couple of pre-owned vehicles……..


This is one of the best deals on the lot in my opinion…..We have a 2013 FORD EDGE that has a lot of extra in it, and has only 24,000 miles on it……Great looking vehicle….




We also have a super sharp 2014 SUBARU FORESTER 2.0XT TOUR….This beauty only has 17,000 miles on it, and is LOADED…..




Why not check out our entire inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles on our website at the following address:  http://piersonford.com/


You can also call us at 1-800-627-1237, or better yet, buzz by our lot in the auto plaza, north highway 281 in ABERDEEN!!!!



Here come your midweek funnies…..


This school gets RIGHT TO THE POINT…




I sincerely hope that my voo-doo doll doesn’t get in the wrong hands…..




Hmm..I may try this next time….




And, if you add a little miracle whip……yummy……




I wish I knew the next one when I was in algebra class…Oh wait…I wasn’t smart enough to take algebra…..




And finally, one that made me laugh out loud…..





2.  They say that they go in “threes”….We lost ROBIN WILLIAMS a couple of days ago, and now, a movie legend if there ever was one, has passed away….The great LAUREN BACALL died after having a stroke Tuesday at the age of 89……LAUREN was in tons of great movies, including a couple with her then husband, HUMPHREY BOGART…..You may remember “THE BIG SLEEP”, and “KEY LARGO.” 






Here’s one of the happy couple with MARILYN MONROE….




LAUREL BACALL’S last “credited” role was one that I was happy that I got to see…She played in an episode of “FAMILY GUY” this past season….She played a friend of PETER GRIFFIN’S Mom named “EVELYN” in the episode called “MOM’S WORLD.”  LAUREN’S character was best friends with PETER’S Mom, who had died….She had a very funny role in that particular episode……




Thanks for all the memories LAUREN BACALL….May you rest in peace……Here are a couple of photos of MISS BACALL from the past few years…..







3.  Our “idiot of the day” goes to the following person…….Why in the world would you need a “tongue modification” like this?  YUCK…..




In addition to stupid, that had to be incredibly painful……I guess it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “keep your mouth zipped shut.”



4.  Did you hear the story about the man at a Burger King recently?  This is hilarious….This particular Burger King was packed, and the line this guy was in was being taken care of by a “newby” who just started, so things were slower.  Behind this gentleman was a Mom and her extremely bratty young kid…..Apparently this kid was screaming and hollering, kicking his Mother, while she was on the phone, and screaming at the top of his lungs, “I WANT A (F-WORD) APPLE PIE.”  Everybody was staring at this Mom and child, and they didn’t seem to mind……So, when this man got to the front of the line, he ordered the burgers he wanted, and then……he ordered EVERY APPLE PIE that the store had made up….HILARIOUS….He didn’t need them, but wanted to punish the boy in his own way……When the Mom got to the front, the girl announced that they didn’t have any, and then she pointed to the man who bought them all….I guess if looks could kill this guy would have fallen quicker than my grades in high school……..Great story….Hopefully lesson learned, but that’s doubtful….





5.  Speaking of snacks, I tried out a new candy bar the other day and it was excellent…..




Kit Kat EXTRA CRISPY….I am not much on candy bars, as I’m not supposed to be eating them, but I was craving chocolate so I pulled one out of the vending machine at work…it was surprisingly really really good…….Now, I just have to pace myself on having another….and another…and another…….



6.  We loved going to a local steakhouse called “MAVERICKS.”  Every time I go, I have a steak with broiled, buttered shrimp on the side….The other night I decided to try something different, and break the trend of eating the same meals…..So, I looked at the menu and tried their BBQ RIBS that the menu said “fall off the bone.”  Guess what?  THEY WERE INCREDIBLE….And as soon as they set the plate down, I grabbed my fork and banged on one of them, and yes….the meat fell off the bones……..The ribs were incredible…in fact, I told my beautiful wife that they were the SECOND best ribs I have ever had….The top ribs were at a K.C. MASTERPIECE restaurant in KANSAS CITY…..They obviously were going to be great there…….



7.  As I mentioned awhile ago, it’s BROWN COUNTY FAIR TIME…..


Tonight, we are going to see a rock and roll tribute band that is exceptional…They are called “HAIRBALL”, and they have their lead singer dressed up like dozens of rock legends…If you have never seen “HAIRBALL”, you need to sometime….




For the first time ever, we are not going to the Thursday and Friday night entertainment, because we don’t listen to new country music, and we have absolutely no idea who these people are, or what songs they sing……Thursday is KIP MOORE and CASSADEE POPE, and Friday is CHRIS YOUNG and COURTNEY COLE…….


But, we are definitely going Saturday night!!!!




That’s right, the legendary WILLIE NELSON is coming to town…I am basically dragging my wife to see him…She’s not a big fan….I’m not a SUPER huge fan of WILLIE’S, but for crying out loud, a music legend is coming to town……And he’s 81 years old…He’s not going to be around forever!!!!  Plus, there are quite a few songs I hope he sings, including the following….





I am also a huge fan of “ANGEL FLYING TO CLOSE TO THE GROUND.”



Should be fun!!!!



8.  Fair time brings the opportunity to clog your arteries with “DEEP FRIED CRAP.”  Well, it’s not actually crap, but it could be close enough…..I put together five deep fried foods that I would NEVER, may I say again, NEVER try…YUCK….


A fan favorite is “DEEP FRIED BUTTER.”  Yep, a stick of butter deep fried…..You can almost hear your heart yelling “NO!!!!!!!”




Seriously?  DEEP FRIED BEER?




OH YEAH!!!!  I’m not saying I like these, I’m just using the “KOOL AID GUY’S” catch phrase, as I show you DEEP FRIED KOOL AID…..




I like my bubblegum, but not deep fried…yep…DEEP FRIED BUBBLE GUM….




Recently for the first time, I tried a fried egg on a hamburger….not super impressed, but one thing I will never try is a  DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM CHEESEBURGER……




No thanks….I will stick to my own artery clogging TUBBY BURGERS….MMMM…YUMMY…



9.  My wife, my son TYLER and I have started something at home….We now watch “THE OFFICE” reruns on NETFLIX….I would imagine that we watch four or five episodes every couple of nights, whenever we can……We are now in the middle part of the series, when ED HELM’S character ANDY BERNARD was introduced…..Well, I hate to say it, but time hasn’t eased my contempt for this character…..Have you ever had a movie character or a TV character that just makes your skin crawl?  ANDY BERNARD is one of those for me….




I never realized how much I missed “THE OFFICE” until we fired up the old shows……





What is the difference between the MINNESOTA TWINS and a mosquito?  A mosquito eventually stops sucking…….




How many MINNESOTA TWINS players does it take to change a flat tire?  Just one, unless it’s a blowout and then they ALL SHOW UP….


















Author: jaydeanhcr

Jay Dean spent 30 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. Jay is now the host/creator of a very popular radio show called “Country Legends Jukebox.” Jay also helps out ministering at two churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, and Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.


  1. Hi– I sooo enjoy getting your Random Thoughts e-mails. I was wondering if it is possible to post your items on Facebook? I was unable to find you on Facebook or any links on your webpage.

  2. that is a WONDERFUL idea, Trisha….I am going to see if that is possible or not…..until then, you can send me a friend request under my name Jay Dean Haaland….If you want to….I will try and get a blog page set up…GREAT IDEA!!!!

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