Yep, this is EXACTLY how I feel today…..


Your blog is sponsored by PIERSON FORD in ABERDEEN!!!  Guess what just rolled onto our lot?


It’s the 2015 FORD MUSTANG “ECOBOOST.”  Yeah, you heard right…ECOBOOST…..And, it’s in this bright beautiful yellow color too…..


You really need to stop and see this beauty today…..You can find PIERSON FORD in the auto plaza, north highway 281 in ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA…..call us at 1-800-627-1237, or just hop onto the worldwide web and find us at http://piersonford.com/


God help me if I ever do this…..


This one seems purrrrrr fect……


The older I get, this seems to be more correct….


and speaking of getting older…….


2.  Well, we haven’t spoken for awhile, in fact, we haven’t spoken since my families big “Minneapolis weekend.”  I thought I would give you a quick rundown of the fun……..

We started out the weekend by seeing our beloved MINNESOTA WILD pound the DALLAS STARS into the ice by a score of 4-1……….In case you don’t know the story here, Minnesota’s hockey team used to be called the MINNESOTA NORTH STARS…..However, a bad guy named Norm Green took them to Dallas…Yeah, the same Dallas where the cow-pukes play……Anyway, Minnesota fans have never forgiven Norm for taking them away….Even though we have the MINNESOTA WILD right now…..We saw a couple of signs at the game that read “NORM STILL SUCKS.”   And, you can’t go wrong with this t-shirt either…..


But, this time the home team put away the away team pretty early…..Seriously, there is nothing quite as cool as hearing the “GOAL HORN” go off at the X-cel Energy Center…….Here is a picture of my beautiful family at the game……And, YES, I am wearing MINNESOTA NORTH STAR gear…..


You almost have to feel sorry for the beautiful girl trapped between three big lugs……..

3.  After a night of hockey, we went to bed and remembered to set our clocks back one hour, so we wouldn’t miss the MINNESOTA VIKINGS taking on my WASHINGTON REDSKINS…..First things first….We had the world’s coolest cab driver ever….He told us that he had just gotten home at 5AM from drinking all night…..He woke up in a bed with a girl he didn’t know…….He drank and partied with Minnesota Timberwolves star Andrew Wiggins…and he had to take a few “taxi runs” during the day, because he spent every dollar he had the night before….I have never laughed so hard as we did in the cab….The guy seriously should be a comedian…..

Now onto the game……I may have mentioned that my boys and I had front row seats in the end zone…..Well, guess what?  People all over the area saw us….One of my friends named Brad, posted it on Facebook….(Actually, Brad is the only friend I have…and he probably wouldn’t claim me.)

You can see my son Mitchell in the yellow jersey and me in my split jersey in the front row….My other son, Tyler, is sitting down…..not excited about either team…ha ha….


How did the game go?  Pretty much like this….


RG3 made his “less than triumphant” return to the field….Many of us thought that Colt McCoy earned a start after his great game in Dallas….But, the brainiacs in D.C. thought otherwise…..It was a very good game…I really thought that my Redskins had the game under control, but then our defense decided that it should head for the airport before the game was finished……..Results?  WE LOST….But, it wasn’t all lost….I cheer for the Vikings every week unless they play my SKINS……So, even though it hurt that my team lost, it made it feel a bit better being a team that i can cheer for……..

4.  JAMES TAYLOR……WOW….What can I say about this class act?  If you have never seen JAMES TAYLOR in concert, you have been missing out……He was terrific….He talked about different songs and how they came about……I had no idea that JAMES TAYLOR was in the studio in England when the Beatles recorded their “White Album.”  That’s something pretty cool to tell your kids…….He sang all the hits….”Handy Man”, “Fire And Rain”, “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You”, and dozens of other songs……It was the PERFECT close to a PERFECT family weekend……..



5.  Alright…on to the less than impressive part of the weekend……There were maybe 3,000-4,000 protesters at the Redskins and Vikings game protesting the name of my favorite team……I don’t have an actual number, but this is what some people are predicting…..I have a few things to say about this, but what sucks, is that in today’s world, I can’t really comment on it, because anything I say will be turned around to be “racist comments.”  But, I do want to say a few things………

****I was called a “racist” a few dozen times….I AM NOT A RACIST….Just because i wear the jersey of my favorite football team since 1972, doesn’t make me a racist……….

****There was a lady taking photographs of us with her camera….She told us that she wanted pictures to “show her kids and grandkids what true racists look like..”   SERIOUSLY? 

****One protester walked in front of us yelling, “I am not a mascot…My sons are not mascots…”  I just said, “good for you…I never said you were.”  

****One young protester, maybe all of 15 or 16 years old, wanted to fight me…..He called me a “racist”, and I told him that I am not one, and he said, “Come over here and say it to my face and see what happens.”  He had his fists pumped in the air as to engage in a fight……

All of this stuff was absolutely mind numbing to me….I am all for “free speech” and “right to protest”….I have no problems with that…I think that we live in the greatest country in the world, and we’re the greatest because of the different beliefs we have and for the freedom we have to believe in what we want to……But that particular Sunday got out of hand……More cops were needed to make a walkway for the football fans to get into the stadium, instead of having to be hounded constantly on the way in….I didn’t spend oodles of money to be yelled and screamed at…….

By the way, on a related note…….An ESPN series show the other day took a poll of thousands and thousands of people, and 91 PERCENT said “leave the name alone.”   Maybe that’s what we need to have happen….There are certainly bigger problems in the world than a football team’s name……

6.  OKAY…BACK INTO THE FUN……Well, not fun…..We had our first snowfall today……We were under a winter storm warning, and were expecting up to a foot……They are saying anywhere from 5-7 inches in our immediate area so far, with a couple more inches coming tonight………I will say this….The older I get, the less fun snow is…..We have plans to move to Colorado sometime in the next few years…If i get my way, we’re going to be moving that up a bit….I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t do winter anymore…..I know that Colorado still has winter…Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an idiot……But there snow doesn’t last from October to May…..In fact, their snow may be gone in 24 hours…..THAT’S WHAT I LIKE….


7.  My wife and I are having split decisions on the season four of “American Horror Story” called “Freak Show.”  I am getting into it quite a bit, and she’s starting to lose her taste for the show……There have been a few things happening in recent weeks that have made both of us scratch our heads….However, it is fun to watch the cast they put together….And, I am having more fun finding out about the stars OUTSIDE of this TV show….

For instance, there is an actress by the name of NAOMI GROSSMAN who plays a creepy little character called “PEPPER.”  “PEPPER” actually was also in the second season called “Asylum.”….Here’s the deal…It’s amazing what they can do with makeup….the actress who plays “PEPPER” is actually very beautiful….Check this out….



8.  One of my favorite characters on “American Horror Story-Freak show” is “MA PETITE” played by JYOTI AMGE….Get this…She is known as the world’s smallest living woman…..She is only 2 foot 6 inches…yeah, TWO AND A HALF FEET TALL….And, she is ADORABLE…..


Here she is with “PEPPER.”


And here she is with ERIKA ERVIN, who plays “AMAZON EVE” on the show….


I also have a picture of her with the world’s smallest man….


9.  I can’t wait for Friday night…Why?  Because my wife and I are going to do something we don’t normally do….We are going to the “opening night” of a major motion picture….Which one?  You might be surprised…


That’s right, we have been waiting patiently for the JIM CARREY and JEFF DANIEL’S movie that brings back our two favorite nerdy people……I have to hand it to the promotion team who are creating impressive ways to promote the picture…….

Remember the movie poster for the SCARLETT JOHANSSON movie “LUCY” that was out recently?

Lucy Movie POster

Well, our team of “Dumb and Dumber” promoters did one better…..

dumb_and_dumber_to_spoof-poster (1)

dumb_and_dumber_to_spoof-poster (2)

Being in the promotions business for the past 25 years, I have this to say….BRAVO….WELL PLAYED!!!!

10.  One of the men that I admire most in this world turned 96 the other day…..The Reverend BILLY GRAHAM is still kicking, and still speaking up about the Lord…….I have always enjoyed listening to him speak…He has such a way with his voice……And, i love his conviction…….


This next one is probably how most people remember him….


And, here is BILLY GRAHAM today at 96….Including one with PRESIDENT OBAMA….



Guess how many Presidents that BILLY GRAHAM has counseled?  TWELVE….YEAH…TWELVE…His first President that he guided was HARRY TRUMAN…..Here he is with President KENNEDY….


What a tremendous man……What a blessing from God…….


A lady was in her local grocery store stocking up on items for Thanksgiving.  She notices a freezer full of turkeys, but they didn’t have one the size she needed.  So, she asks the clerk, “say, don’t these turkey’s get any bigger?”  To which the clerk responded, “No maam….THEY’RE DEAD.”  




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Jay Dean spent 25 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. He then turned his attention to working at Pierson Ford in Aberdeen in vehicle sales. Jay also helps out ministering at three different churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD, and Grace Covenant Lutheran in Aberdeen, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.

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