I thought I would just stop by and wish all of you a very enjoyable and happy Thanksgiving…..and I thought I would share a little fun with you….

Let’s enjoy some Turkey Day fun…..

I find this one funny, but it completely shows my “demented” side…ha ha


Now, this is one CREATIVE bird….


another “twisted” one that I love….


So, that’s when our Turkey Day fun started!!!


You’ll love this one….


And finally….



But, on a very serious note….


Please take some time during this joyous time of the year to think about how much you have, and to give thanks for all that you do have….There are many people in this world who do not have NEAR what we have, and we should feel blessed for that……Giving thanks for all we have should be done DAILY and not just on Thanksgiving….

The first Thanksgiving after my Papa died, we did what the above cartoon did….We left his chair open….It was very emotional and very hard, but it made the statement that we were blessed to have him and we miss him greatly….But, those of us with strong faith know that we are never ever alone….that they are always with us….

God’s blessings to all of you, and may you be found safe and warm and with loved ones during this Thanksgiving weekend….



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