Here is a “serious” salute to Wednesday.  And, it’s true!!


And, of course, if you know me, I have to give you a silly one as well!


Your blog is sponsored by your friends at Pierson Ford in Aberdeen, SD.  The 2015’s continue to roll in.  Practically every day we see a truck coming around the corner.  It only makes sense that if we need room for the 2015’s, then the 2014’s will be priced incredibly lower to sell them.  That’s the case at Pierson Ford.

Stop by today and check out the savings on the 2014 Ford Fusions, 2014 Ford Escapes, 2014 Ford focus, 2014 Ford Fiestas, and, of course, the 2014 Ford F-150’S.  These babies are priced between $9,000 and $12,000 dollars BELOW MSRP.  Some dealers are running low on the 2014 F-150’S, but we’re proud to announce that we have over 60 left and ready to move!

Give us a call at Pierson Ford in Aberdeen, by calling 1-800-627-1237.  Better yet, stop by and see us in the auto plaza, north highway 281 in Aberdeen.  You can also see our entire lineup online at http://piersonford.com/


Our weather is starting to warm up.  Thank goodness we don’t have this…..SO FAR!


Unfortunately, this next one can pretty much describe me.


This next one LITERALLY made me bust out laughing.


I am supposed to be watching what I eat….This one impacts me greatly!


I love this old lady!  I’m sorry, I mean “seasoned veteran.”


This is why we don’t have a pet.


And finally!!!


2.  In case you don’t live in this area, we had a very bad situation last week in Aberdeen.  A young lady was stabbed repeatedly and left for dead.  By the time she was found, she had lost a lot of blood, and was rushed to Sioux Falls.  This wonderful young lady lost her battle with the injuries and died a couple of days ago.  This story impacts me personally for a couple of reason.  Number one, this stuff just doesn’t happen in our city.  Rarely.  Secondly, this young lady was from my hometown of Langford, SD.  I went to school with her Mom, and her aunts and uncles, and I even graduated with one of her aunts.  You see this crap in the news all the time, but until it hits close to home, you don’t think about it.  I cannot imagine being my friends and having to say goodbye to your daughter, your sister, your niece, or so on.  This is a death that DID NOT have to happen.  Jessica, I hope that God is pouring out immeasurable blessings on you.  And, to the guy that did it, your time is coming, buddy.  You are damn lucky that a bunch of her family and friends didn’t find you before the cops did.

3.  A great actress turns 74 today.  Faye Dunaway has been in a lot of movies, but I haven’t heard much about her in recent years.  Faye appeared in such classics as “Bonnie And Clyde” with Warren Beatty.



She also appeared in the 70’s award winning movie “Network.”


Faye Dunaway is 74, and LOOKING GREAT!!



4.  We lost a celebrity the other day.  You probably won’t know his name, but you might remember his characters.  Actor Taylor Negron was only 57 when he died from liver cancer.  You might remember him as the pizza delivery guy in  “Fast Times At Ridgemont High.”  He delivered a pizza to Spicoli, played by Sean Penn.  It was right during Mr. Hand’s class. 


He also appeared in the movie “Punchline” and many other movies and TV roles.  Here is what he looked like in recent years. 


5.  Recently a Caribou Coffee came to Aberdeen.  I didn’t care, because I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life…SERIOUSLY…NEVER!!!


The other day, my beautiful wife wanted to go there.  Being the good husband that I am, I said “yes.”  I was glad I did.  They had the most delicious  sausage, egg and cheese biscuit that I have tasted in recent memory.  They gained me as a customer.  For their breakfast, not their coffee.

6.  OKAY.  You didn’t really think that I would do this blog and not talk about the Dez Bryant “catch” debate from this past weekend, did you?  Let’s get it out there first.  Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are my most despised team in sports, and yes, Dez Bryant is one of my least favorite players in the NFL.  With that said, I DO NOT believe that it was a catch. 



If you go by the letter of the rule, he did not make the catch.  Calvin Johnson of the Lions got screwed by this rule a few years ago, and my own Redskin’s team got a touchdown reversed this season because of this rule. 

****Besides that, I thought it was great KARMA for this to happen to Dallas, after the horrible call against Detroit the week before while playing Dallas. 

7.  I saw something on Facebook that peaked my interest the other day.  But after checking into it, it looks like it was from 2013, and not now.  It said that NASA was paying people $18,000 dollars to stay in bed for 70 days.  SEVENTY DAYS.  Could you do it?  It sounds great when you are at work and tired and don’t want to be at your job.  But, I think that 70 days would probably end up being horrible.  I would think you would lose your muscle tone, and probably be more tired when you get done.  But then again, it’s $18,000 dollars for a little over two months of work.  I seriously doubt that I’ve ever made $9,000 dollars a month before.  SIGN ME UP….maybe…possibly….eh, probably not.

8.  I know you don’t want this image in your head, but I have to talk about when I was showering the other day.  YUCK, RIGHT?  Anyway, I have my I-POD blaring in my bathroom when I get ready.  One of the songs that played yesterday was Bobby Vinton’s “Mr. Lonely”.  I found myself singing out loud, and even playing it over again.  Then when I got upstairs, my wife told me that she really liked that song.  Yes, she can be getting ready and hear my music perfectly because of the loudness.  (Radio made me deaf, you know…ha ha)

So, I thought that we would feature Bobby Vinton today!  Bobby Vinton and Bobby Vee were my Mama’s two favorite singers while she was growing up.  I think she had crushes on both of them.  Bobby Vinton was one good looking man, if I do say so myself.



And, here’s my favorite album of all from Bobby Vinton.


Believe it or not, Bobby Vinton will turn 80 on April 16th.  EIGHTY.  That just doesn’t sound right.  Bobby is still performing in Branson, Missouri, and all over the country.  I had the pleasure of seeing him “live” in Branson a few years back.  I LOVED his show.  Here he is today, just short of birthday number 80.

Bobby Vinton Headlines the State Theatre Valentine's Day Concert



9.  And, now, sit back and enjoy some incredible music from Mr. Bobby Vinton!!

This first one is my favorite song by him.  “Please Love Me Forever.”

Here’s the beautiful ballad “Mr. Lonely.”

And, here’s one final song.  “Blue Velvet.”


A Pastor is walking down the street and he sees a man who apparently is down on his luck.  The man was unshaven, had torn clothes on, and looks like he was completely lost in the world.  The Pastor walked up to him and visited with him and finally asked him, “Do you know God? Do you know Jesus?”  The guy answered, “No, I’ve never been to church in my life.”  The Pastor asked the man if he would like to be baptized and the guy agreed.  So, the pastor takes the man down to the riverbank and they go about neck deep in water.  The Pastor grabs the man by the head and plunges him under water.  He pulls him up and says, “Have you found Jesus?”  The guy answers “No.”  So, he gets plunged down again, and the Pastor asks, “Have you found Jesus?”  The man again says “No.”  So, the Pastor sends him under water one more time.  He pulls him up and asks “have you found Jesus?”  The man, gasping for air says, “are you sure this is where he went under?”



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