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1.  LET’S START OUT THE BLOG WITH SOME HILARITY! I have to admit.  I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this one. Funny-bulletin-board-notes06


Sounds like someone is having a RUFF day. 62208_404816512924822_762703206_n


This next one may come back to haunt me…ha ha! 1536525_10153028421998605_3426259744060393103_n

And, one more “musical funny.” 10945630_10152979858153605_5690007575648492705_n

2.  We, unfortunately begin our blog with some sad entertainment news. First of all, the singer of one of the most popular songs of the 1960’s has died.  Lesley Gore died at the age of 68 from cancer.  You will remember her from a million selling record from 1963. lesley-gore-its-my-party-mercury-4 13586344_ori

Here is Lesley Gore in recent years. 4e6c8cf9911cfcdbccaa7adce1013f5c4a8c688f MTE1ODA0OTcxOTA4MDQwMjA1 And now, sing along with the song that made her a household name!  “It’s My Party”. http://youtu.be/mIsnIt1p978

3.  Also, that wonderful voice from “Laugh-In” has died.  Gary Owens was 80 when he passed away a few days ago.  Did you know this trivia bit?  Gary Owens was born in…..MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA…That’s right.   His name was Gary Altman.  His father was the county sheriff, and his mother was the county auditor.     14owens-obit-blog427

On the hit TV show, “Laugh-In”, you would hear Gary Owens utter such phrases as “You bet your sweet bippy”, “sock it to me”, and many many more.  Many celebrities said the words “sock it to me” as well, including then Presidential candidate Richard Nixon!! Gary Owens went on to voice dozens and dozens of cartoons and other narrations.  He was the voice of “Space Ghost.” batman-bold-beginnings-space-ghost

He was also the voice of “Powdered Toast Man” on the show “Ren And Stimpy.”  You can see his character in the upper right of this photo. the_ren_and_stimpy_show_by_stingroll-d4ohscv

Here are a couple of later year photos of the great Gary Owens.  As a former radio guy myself, I will say this.  He had an INCREDIBLE voice!!  Here he is doing his famous “cupping of the ear.”  That’s a radio thing to hear ourselves better. tv memories stamp 120809 54e25177ce0d6_image

4.  The movie “Fifty Shades Of Gray” is out in theaters.  It’s a movie that I WILL NEVER SEE!  My wife doesn’t want to go either.  If you know the plot, it’s a very sexual movie about bondage and other fantasies. David Letterman had a great line last night. “Fifty Shades Of Gray dominated the box office over the weekend.  And the box office LIKED IT.” I’m going to miss Dave when he’s gone.

5.  Since we last talked, we saw the Grammy’s and the “SNL 40th Anniversary Show.”  I will begin by talking about the Grammy’s. FIVE THINGS I LEARNED FROM THE GRAMMY’S!!

1.  Jeff Lynne and the “Electric Light Orchestra” can still BRING IT, BABY!!!  I have wanted to see these guys “live” for decades, and come hell and high water, I will do it when they tour this summer.  ELO was incredible on the Grammy’s. I couldn’t find a clean video of the Grammy performance. But here is Jeff Lynne and ELO last year performing the song that they did on the Grammy’s with Ed Sheeran. http://youtu.be/LMY5xe36cfE

2.  AC/DC was the PERFECT way to open the show.  MAN, DID THEY ROCK!! They are another band who has gone thru a lot and still KICKS BUTT. http://youtu.be/g-DeEaL9_BM

3.  Kanye West needs to sit down and SHUT UP.  This guys antics are getting so ridiculous.  You may remember that Kanye upstaged Taylor Swift a couple of years back because he thing Beyonce should have won the award.  Well, the idiot did it again this year to singer Beck.  09KANYEWEB-tmagArticle

And then the next day he griped about artistry in music.  He seems to think that only he and Beyonce have talent in the business.  And then there’s poor Beck.  From what I hear, he played every single instrument on his album.  Hmm…That sounds fairly talented!

4.  If I would have heard “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith one more time, I may have thrown something at the TV.  Do I like that song?  YES…The first 1,000 times that I heard it!

5.  Probably the most unlikely duo in music kicked tail pretty well.  I would have NEVER put Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett together, but they did a bang up job!  They even have an album together. cheektocheek-standard

6.  And now onto the masterpiece that was “Saturday Night Live’s 40TH Anniversary Special.” snl-40th-thumb   I didn’t know how this show would do, but it was AMAZING.  Here are a few of the highlights that I loved. ****The entire cast from that night saluted Lorne Michaels, the creator of the show. And they should.  Forty years is an incredibly long time to do anything, including a TV show.  There are only a couple of years that Lorne didn’t take care of the show in the current capacity. 25B90E9700000578-2951083-image-a-2_1424087699655

****I loved how they implemented some of the big stars in some “live” sketches that night.  Especially “The Californians.”  I love that skit.  My wife doesn’t care for it.  Betty White making an appearance was hilarious.  Also Jane Curtin was welcomed back to the news desk with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. nup-167413-1727-jpg

****I absolutely loved Dan Aykroyd coming back and doing his “Super Bass-O-Matic” ad “LIVE” on the show. 25B8772B00000578-2951083-Fishy_Veteran_comic_Dan_Aykroyd_was_in_the_first_sketch_of_the_n-a-11_1424082163988

****Eddie Murphy was HORRIBLE.  I didn’t quite get why Chris Rock did what felt like a 10 minute ego boosting interview for Eddie.  And then Eddie came out and BOMBED for 73 seconds.  Didn’t make sense to me.  I realize that he hadn’t been on the show for 32 years or so.  But, if I was some of the older cast members, I would have been torked at the way they glorified Eddie.

****Emma Stone did a hilarious take on Gilda Radner’s character “Roseanne Rosedannadanna.”  Some critics are dissing her, but I liked it.  Also Edward Norton did a bang up job as “Stefan.”  Overall the show was great!!!   I am not buying too many more DVD’S anymore, but this one will absolutely become a part of my collection.

7.  This ISIS and other terrorist crap has to be stopped!!  Just like you, my stomach turns every time I turn on the news and see new “beheadings” taking place.  And they do it all in the name of religion.  Hmmm…My religion doesn’t order me to kill people.  My religion suggests that I love everybody!  That’s quite a difference between the two.  I am hoping that quite a few countries band together and end this threat.  Otherwise, I hate to even think how this thing could end up.

8.  I can’t believe that Ash Wednesday is tomorrow already!  The Lenten season is upon us.  I just can’t believe how fast times flies as you get older.  My parents always said it and we made fun of them for saying that.  it’s not so funny anymore.


Bobby was sitting on the porch talking to his Grandpa when he innocently asked, “Grandpa, do you know how to make animal sounds?” “I sure do” Grandpa replied. “What sort of animal sound would you like to hear?” “How about a toad? Do you know how to sound like a toad?” “Sure”, said Grandpa, cupping his hand to his mouth, “croaaak croaaak, how did you like that?!” “Yipee!” screamed Bobby jumping up and down, “We are going to Miami!” “Huh?” Questioned Grandpa. “Why’s that?” “Because Grandma said so,” Bobby patiently explained, “she said that after you croak we’ll all go to Miami!”


Little Bob went with his mom to church every Sunday. One morning in the middle of the service Bob complained that he was feeling a bit queasy and was afraid he was going to puke. “No problem dear,” whispered his Mom in his ear, “just head on over to the bathroom on the other side of the Church, and take care of it there.” Thirty seconds later Bob came back. “Did you go to the bathroom?” question his Mom. “No need” responded Bob. “Right outside the door was a big box with a sign next to it ‘for the sick’, so I just did it in there!”




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